In celebration of my gay bestie’s birthday, 4 of us participated in the epic 22 course tasting menu at Empellon Cocina last night. It ended with a lot of shots of mezcal from our generous, young chef pictured here.

It was a delicious and unique experience but by course 8, my stomach resisted. I’m surely not meant for these long, leisurely meals. But the spicy cucumber marg was refreshing, and all its name promised.

Needless to say, I am even further off paleo, ha! So it’s cardio and green smoothies all day (maybe…).

Happy birthday Jonah!

Blue Apron experiment nearly complete. #gaceats #gaccooks #blueapron

The truth? This was a pain in the ass. I have very little counter space, cooked everything alone and no dishwasher so as delicious as everything was, I won’t be getting blue apron again. Besides, each serving was at least 700 calories, so yeah it better taste good! Sheesh.
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Fooding as of late. Starting from top left, going clockwise: insalata ai fruitti di mare from Lincoln, tuna tartare from Peels, carnitas cemita from Tacos Y quesadillas truck, grandma pie from Little Italy Pizza. Pants sure are tight, but all’s been deeelish.