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I’m just thinking about starting my fake fan GAC twitter shit and already exhausted by the thought of kissing his ass as much as the real fangirls do. U gotta be Thirsty to commit to that.

Anakin Skywalker & Obi-Wan Kenobi – Obikin

(Oh I do hope I got that right …) Happy Birthday @poplitealqueen! <3

I hope you like my little GaC-AU thingie I drew you … Because I somehow imagined them to be having a nice andy cozy bath but I don’t know where it would fit in GaC-Universe xD (hopefully EVERYWHERE!)

But I so LOVE GaC, because it always inspires me to draw more and more Obikin! <3 But I am so sad I wasn’t able to read all the other amazing stuff you wrote … But rest assured, I will be lurking in the background, admiring your writing silently and liking ALL your posts! *A*

I wish you the best birthday EVER! <3

anonymous asked:

i'm sorry i stole your idea and have made a cringe fake gac fan twitter account - all ready for zak's next tweet. follow me @gaclucy (i'm not even called lucy smh)

HOLY SHIT!! I really hope we all start this so one day all his fans on twitter will just be us

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Zak and Arron have a call with GA researchers to learn some thrilling news about the “Haunted Victorian Mansion!" 

Check out the clip to find out!