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Idk why but Gabi on vol 23 reminds me of Laura from Logan Wolverine. Am I the only one?

You’re definitely not alone. Logan came out a few months ago when 91/92 were fresh for me, and I couldn’t stop seeing the similarities between Reiner/Gabi and Logan/Laura. Reiner is so tired and jaded, but Gabi is able to bring out the best part of him, as is Laura for Logan. Crossover art for this has been sitting in the back of my mind for a while, but thanks for the reason to finally draw it. Please accept this sketch.


“Call Me Mother” - Top 8 and All-stars

This routine is so Mark. I love his style and I can’t believe this is only the second time he’s been back to choreograph a routine for the show. The musicality in this routine with the vogue vibe looked incredible, and the costuming was amazing. I also loved the mosaic lighting. It put the look of this routine right over the top.

All hail Queen Jasmine everybody! Woo I’m not even sure the dance started until she got pulled out on stage with the rainbow cape… She absolutely killed it and once she was there I had eyes only for her. I did also love Logan’s kick after the fan section. He nailed it and I actually loved both Lex and Logan in that part. Robert and Allison also stood out to me in the beginning of the routine and that last section where they all came together was super sharp and synchronized, and just looked down right amazing. It was my favorite part of the routine.

Now lets all take a minute and imagine if Robert Green were in this routine. I better see him doing this on tour.

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“This Time” - Top 10 + All-Stars

The visuals in the beginning of this routine are amazing. It was actually my favorite part of the piece. I loved how they created the face on the basket and used the lights in their mouths. The arm’s beating on Robert before they all came out from behind him was really interesting also. And I thought it was really cool how the contestants all “bloomed” out of their skirts and threw the All-stars back. 

An amazing return to the show for Wade Robson (along with Amanda Robson and Tony Testa!) I love and have missed his creepy quirkiness. 

Season 14 Duet Ranking

Here I have my rankings of the duets from Season 14 listed in one complete post, with links to my individual comments on them.

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