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ladida dida, just me clicking through a few videos on tarot to answer some questions

oh, what’s this?

this sounds serious. sounds like this lady has a problem with her deck. has it been rude to her, or told her something she didn’t want to hear? let’s see what this is about

ah. it’s not a tarot thing, it’s a christian fundamentalist thing

i am SO happy that your mind is at rest, sandra. but why did you choose to adress this issue on a youtube video on how to shuffle cards, instead of just googling it?

gabi-cipher  asked:

Pass the happy along! If you get this, reply with five things that make you happy, then pass it on to ten nice people. ♥

1. Stan and Ford got their happy ending after everything they’ve been through… No matter what kinda angst I’m into or whatever disaster I read in fic I’ll always take comfort in canon letting them be happy (which makes the angst fics 20x sweeter imo bcs it’s just WELL THIS COULD’VE HAPPENED BUT IT DIDN’T)

2. Bad Yaoi ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_  my sweet sweet brand

3. Speaking of angst, the trope when character A gets hurt/trapped/kidnapped/ and B goes through hell saving them… I’m a sucker for that shit…

4. Bright colors!! I’d happily go blind by colors 


The fact this is a canon ending you can get in Mystic Messenger

starting out in tarot reminds me a lot of the way Lyra read her compass.

you get an image, a few words, and are supposed to figure out what they want to tell you. you get more hints than Lyra, but you also have multiple levels of meaning that you have to navigate and feel out in order to come to a comprehensive conclusion

Hey guys! Have any of you that live in the US that bought the limited edition signed dnp poster received it yet?? I’m about to go back to Peru in like two days and it’s not here yet and I’m freaking out :(

gabi4chan-akatsuki  asked:

mayday jj isn't letting me marry len pls help i'm crying ;_;



I’m sorry gabi, all these marriages have made Jjinomu 1000 different kinds of salty.