gaby and carlos


FANGIRL CHALLENGE → [2/15] pairing (Garlos)

“You wore a white linen sundress and you ordered this giant plate of ribs. And you ate them with such gusto - up to your elbows in barbecue sauce, meat hanging from your teeth and grease in your hair - and when it was all over, I pointed out what a mess you were. You pulled out your mirror, took a look at yourself, and just let out this huge, happy, totally unrestrained laugh. The room completely filled with it, and I thought to myself now *that* is a sound I’d like to hear the rest of my life. That’s why I proposed to you. And it had nothing to do with your looks.”

I was...

…honestly not sad when Bree and Orson broke up, I loved Orson as Bree’s husband but they didn’t truly love each other anymore and I saw them breaking up as a good thing

….a little annoyed when Gaby and Carlos broke up in season 3, but knew they would be getting back together.

….disappointed and sad when Mike and Susan broke up and Susan was dating Jackson at the start of season 5.

…balling my eyes out and drowning in my own tears when Tom and Lynette broke up at the end of Season 7.