Here’s my Secret Santa for ladykuroshiro !

They said”  I would love to see the characters in the 1920’s or 1950’s! Especially Wheatley, Chell or Caroline.Also, I like stained glass paintings, so if you could make something in that style it would be great. “

So what I did was have a setting like in the 1920’s/50’s area in the lower aperture, and set a lovely portrait of Caroline in a mosaic style 8) It was really interesting doing this, and i’m sorry for being a lil late! 
Merry Christmas! 


I redid my commission sheet since i need to earn some money to get things Id really like to have (a trip to momocon which is already reserved even without the money, and also a portal gun if i can get enough in time) 8”)

Each extra Character is + 50% of the price given.  (so 10 dollar price with extra character would be 15 dollars total) 
Respectively, the prices are according to the amount of detail/time put in. There are: Traditional doodle, traditional, simple shading digital, detailed digital (x’s 2)

I’ll do most things but not nsfw or particularly gorey since I need more practice with those- just send an ask for general questions!