i’m so emo about dan talking about the laundry situation again like what the FUCK

the way he described it, he said he showed up at phil’s apartment super late with a suitcase, and when phil opened the door and saw him, one of the first things he said was “did you drop out? are you moving in?” it sounds to me like phil was fully prepared for dan to want to drop out at some point and want to move in with him- almost like they had this planned the whole time.

there is already the theory that dan chose manchester uni specifically because that’s where phil was, and this whole thing just reinforces that. what if he and phil had been discussing moving in together for longer than we think? they always make it seem as though they moved in together on a whim after dan dropped out for convenience reasons. but my theory is that before dan was even at uni, he told phil his fears about going to uni and not knowing what he wanted to do with his life and not being sure about even wanting to go to uni, so phil told him that if he went to manchester uni, he would be waiting there for him with a home if he ever changed his mind about university. 

you would think that when phil saw dan with the suitcase he would assume he was just staying the night, but he asked specifically if he was dropping out, and he was moving in. 

i know that dan could have misremembered the situation, or told it completely differently than what actually happened because it’s been so long, but it’s just so cute to think about them having this entire plan for their future together for longer than we think :(

in the photo phil posted, it’s sunny, so obviously they can’t be in europe still. they wouldn’t be able to fly west with the hurricanes, so obviously they’re flying east.

in the photo, it looks like the sun is rising. so i did a google search and….

they’re going on a trip with friends. friends = duncan and mimei.

i’m not saying it’s japhan 2.0, but it might be japhan 2.0

We forget that our idea of an f/f centric episode (same amount of time straight couples get) and straight people’s idea of an f/f centric episode (more than 2 minutes) are very different.