The Spellbound Magazine

I’m really proud to be part of this exciting project!

After over a half year of work The Spellbound is finally published and available! Our magazine focuses on characters in and around fashion. Whether in front or behind the curtain. We portray and interview inspiring and original people that play their part in the big fashion game.

We want to celebrate a new Cult of Personality.

As a tidbit serve our editorials in the second part of the magazine. Presenting models and fashion in a very pure and focused way. We are no trend hunters, that’s for other magazines to do, but we admire the art of analogue photography and are flying the flag for it.

The first issue features (among others): Loic Prigent, Issever Bahri, Gabrielle Greiss, Pierre Dinand and Laragh McCann.

The Spellbound is available online at

and in Berlin at Do you read me?!, motto Distribution and Pro qm.