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Cradle of Hope & Gabrielle’s Hope

Some people criticised the amount of serialisation in Xena. But I loved how they often referred back to past episodes. They wouldn’t have known where the show was going back when they were working on Cradle of Hope episode, but it gave me such a buzz when I saw they had obviously remembered what Gabrielle had said back then and had Gabrielle become the woman that ‘maybe had a reason’, to put her baby in a basket in Gabrielle’s Hope.

Gabriel’s Problem. Ch, 4

A/N: The feedback for this series has been outstanding! Thank you all for liking and rebloging and telling me how you feel about it. It really makes me happy to see what you all think and when you guys send in ask about it. This chapter was supposed to be the last chapter (sad, I know) but, I left it open just in case I want to continue it. 

Request: Made by @murdochinthetardis for a Gabriel x reader where Gabriel is transformed into a Corgi. Also part of her separate request “Alright, you know how much of a Gabe girl I am so if you’ve got time, here’s a request: The reader summons a cherub to find out if it’s possible for an angel to fall in love with a human and Gabriel overhears?”

Chapter Summary: Gabriel confronts a few people and finally comes clean about why he was so scared to be with you. 

Based on this beautiful song. (I’m serious.)

Ch. 1 / Ch. 2 / Ch. 3

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 3,039 (wELP)

Warnings: Cursing, Angst, heated kissing, fluff. 

Author: @jadangelofthelord (AKA me)

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Two weeks after I left and every day gets worse.

“Well isn’t this a surprise?”  

“Lucifer?” I stepped into the room and took in the shocked faces of the angels around me. He turned and smiled all too familiarly. “Lucifer.”

It was a meeting room, same as the others. White light poured from the walls that made you feel like something on an examination table. One big table in the center, surrounded by angels.

“You got me!” He held his hands up in a faux surrender. “But, how are you? Baby brother it’s been…too long.”

“Not long enough.” I stalked into the room. An angel, Saul, shifted in his seat and looked at me with pleading eyes and shook his head. You’re way over your head here. I was. “What are you doing, Luce?”

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Mom after watching “Gabrielle’s Hope”: “That little fire starter baby riding down the river…” Me: “her name is Hope.” Mom: “yeah… HOPE she doesn’t set any fires on the way down that river… Spawn of satan… I’m totally on Xena’s side on this one…” Oh the controversy of the Dahak/Hope story arc is eternal.

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