gabrielle the doctor


“I’m patching you up”
~Angela & Gabe~

Reaper: Waleed Rahim
Mercy: Morgan Rose Stonelake

Fanime 2017

  • Sombra: Why are you like this?
  • Reaper: Shut up and stay here while I do this.
  • Sombra: Whatever.
  • Reaper (puts on plague doctor outfit): BRING OUT YOUR DEAD AND ELDERLY, THE RECKONING HAS ARRIVED!
  • Soldier 76: Gabe! Get off my fucking lawn!
  • Sombra: You are a sad, sad shell of a man.
Alternative to Gabriel Being Dead #1

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After pulling the best trick yet, Gabriel leaves his vessel and his insane brother and teleports out of this universe. He finds himself floating in space billions of miles from earth, which means there is not exactly a lot of vessels to pick from. But wafting around as a weird light spectrum thing is really boring now that he’s spent so long as a human…

To his shock, as he watches stars boil and burn… a solitary blue box floats past

And inside, he can sense a strangely shaped soul crushed by loss and indecision and self-loathing.

Well, whaddayaknow. Perfect.

He enters the box and flirts a bit with the adorable consciousness that controls this spaceship, but it becomes clear that the young woman is preoccupied. Her Time Lord’s ‘regeneration’ is going wrong. Huh. Hadn’t he heard of people like that? She leads him to a room filled with coral accents and an extensive control panel. And on the floor, a small form writhes in agony. A bright golden light flashes and sputters and the man screams. Then it starts all over again.

Can you help him?

What’s wrong with him? he asks the woman.

 He is fighting it.


Now the woman is distinctly peeved. He thinks he deserves to die. Because he ran away.

Wait a minute. Was this that guy?

They had only felt echoes of the Time War from their universe and Dad had blocked most of the effects. But they’d heard the stories. This was a war that rivaled Heaven’s.

And this was the man who ended it.

At least, Gabriel thought so.

And shoot, if there was ever a vessel that fit him, it was this one. Course, he could just heal the guy and leave but… what were the chances he’d find someone this compatible any time soon? Especially floating around in a nebula?

I can help him. But only if he lets me.

The woman nods quickly. She has slowed time as much as she can to preserve her charge’s life, but she can only do so much. Quickly!

Gabriel kneels (or whatever is the equivalent of a kneel for a being made of light and Grace) before the man. He closes his eyes and when he opens them again, he is inside the man’s mind.

Oh, he is different, very different from humans. This is not a soul he’d be able to distract with the telly for a few centuries. Oh no, he’d be wanting to ride shotgun.

Well, fine. As long as he had a body.

Gabriel tapped the man on the shoulder and in this blank space which was the man’s tormented mind, the fellow spun around. He was dark-eyed and quiet with brown wavy hair and a soft indecision in his movements. Probably this was what the man looked like originally. Hello, Gabriel wiggled his fingers in an obnoxious little wave.

Who are you?

Your salvation. Name’s Gabriel. Hi. Theta, yeah? Funny name.

The man creased his brow.  He didn’t seem particularly bothered by the fact that someone was in his head. What do you want?

A place to stay, Gabriel answered honestly. I’m not very quiet and some people say I'm kinda clingy, but I don’t really get that. The thing is, I don’t have anywhere else to go and you’re dying.

The man blinked. I’m dying.

Yes. Your ship is pissed.

This made him chuckle. It was the first sign of anything besides despair inside the man. I imagine so.

It took a bit of coercion, and several compromises he’d never actually bothered to make with a vessel before, but he’d do it. He did it. Time was running short.

So you’ll be just… running around… in me.

If that’s how you want it.

I want you to let me take control if I ask. If I… if I ever want to.

That would be irritating. Gabriel nodded. Okay. He couldn’t decide if it would be better for the man to ignore reality or face it…

Then… I say yes.

When Gabriel opened his eyes, he grinned and sat up and brushed down his ash and blood covered clothes, burnt from either regeneration energy or Grace or a combination of both. The Tardis crossed her arms and chewed her lip nervously. Doctor?

Gabriel, actually. Gabriel grinned at her and ran his hand over his hair. It was cut shrewdly short and his ears were absurdly large. Whatever. This guy changed faces anyway.

The Doctor sighed within him, not sadly, just with exhaustion. He curled up in a mental armchair and yawned. Wake me up when we… get… there.

The Tardis was still looking nervous. Is he okay?

He is sleeping right now. Gabriel hesitated before continuing. He wasn’t talking about the Doctor’s wounds anymore. He will recover. Everyone recovers eventually. It just takes time and it seems that time, of all things, is something he has plenty of.

And the Tardis smiles. She runs a quiet hand over some of the knobs. The ship rumbles and takes flight. Off to who knows where.

And the Doctor sleeps. He heals.

And Gabriel wonders how he came to be in such a position as this.

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