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Destiel + Lucifer

But have you ever thought of what would’ve happened when Dean and Cas would’ve had their first kiss on camera when Lucifer was in Cas’ body (s11)? Imagine Dean reaching forward and kissing Cas (Lucifer) and like declaring his love to him and Lucifer just plays along bc he doesn’t want to get caught and on the inside he’s just like wHATTHEFUUUCK

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Characters Reactions to Ships
  • Destiel
  • Dean: Uh...
  • Cas: Dean and I do share a profound bond.
  • Sabriel
  • Sam: I... He... Wait what?
  • Gabriel: *laughs hysterically while eating a but load of candy*
  • Crobby
  • Bobby: What the... Not in a million years you sick sons of bitches!
  • Crowley: So our kiss meant nothing to you Bobby Singer?
  • Johnlock
  • John: I'm not gay.
  • Sherlock: *homosexual laughter*
  • Mystrade
  • Mycroft: I... What?
  • Lestrade: Me and Sherlock's brother?
  • Janto
  • Jack: Obviously
  • Ianto: Duh
  • Dramione
  • Draco: Me?! And that mudblood Granger? My father will hear about this!
  • Hermione: *punches him in the nose... Again*
  • Drarry
  • Draco: You've got to be shitting me! Potter?!
  • Harry: You've got to be shutting me! Malfoy?!
  • Drapple
  • Draco: Is this even real?
  • Apple: *silence*

Don’t you ever just wonder what it would be like if you could meet your favorite characters? … And then realize you’d be in a mess of trouble if you did?