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Happy Birthday Mayor Gabbi!!!

Two days late, I know but I’m proud that I was able to finish it before June ended and I’m even more proud of how this piece turned out. One of my bests for the month of June. Whoohoo!

Happy Belated Birthday to the best Mayor that Victubia could ask for and one of the dearest online friends I’ve had the fortune of meeting and have grown to cherish.

Happy Birthday to my friend and fellow June-baby, the fantabulous Gabrielle Nilsson. Hope you had a blessed and fun-filled birthday and may you live to be immortal like the rest of us.

If you don’t know her by now as the creator of the Victubia fan project, please make sure check her out here and you will be amazed C:

Even the best artists deserve a little break once in a while. Since Gabbi loves tea and chocolate, I decided to make her a little break screen for when she needs to take a little break during her Saturday art streams. C:

This is my b-day gift to her since she was so awesome to draw me something super awesome for my birthday (I still love and always will love my MOD Shady illustration girl *3*).  

Not sure if you’ll actually use this but nonetheless, I hope you like this little T-Gnome of yourself taking a nice dip in a cup of your favourite tea while savouring some delicious CHOC-CO-LA-TEH Gabbs <D.

Here is the original finished T-Gnomey illustration equipped with transparent .png version, some up close detail shots (I loved how the hair came out in this one *3*) and there’s even a screen sized version (720x1280). The detail shots can also be used as avatars too if you want (I came prepared *assumes super hero stance*)

Hope you enjoyed your special day to the MAX gabbiness

~LittleMissSquiggles (2014)

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