gabrielle meyer

My Ignoct playlist, in no particular order:

One Million Bullets; Sia

Concentrate; Demi Lovato

Wicked Game; Gemma Hayes

Falling Into You; Celine Dion

Sleep Now; Lena

Adore You Miley; Cyrus

To Be Your Honey; Gemma Hayes

Moonlight; Ariana Grande

Nobody; Selena Gomez

Alive; Gabrielle Aplin

Stand By Me; Florence + The Machine

Between Two Lungs; Florence + The Machine

I Would Die For You; Miley Cyrus

Start Of Time; Gabrielle Aplin

My Hands; Leona Lewis

I think the lyrics of “One Million Bullets” fit soo good😱


♛ The Tudors 1x09 “Look to God First” x

Look, Tom. I want you, nay, I command you, in all the things that you do to look to God first, and only then to me.



Seychelle Gabriel as Linh Cinder / Selene
Sean Michael Afable as Kai


Jane Levy as Scarlet Benoit
Tyler Hoechlin as Wolf / Ze'ev Kesley


Chloë Grace Moretz as Cress
Armie Hammer as Carswell Thorne


Keke Palmer as Winter
Garrett Hedlund as Jacin


favourite books read in 2014: cinder by marissa meyer

soon, the whole world would be searching for her - linh cinder. a deformed cyborg with a missing foot. a lunar with a stolen identity. a mechanic with no one to run to, nowhere to go. but they would be looking for a ghost.