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bmp2 butlers when their jealous?


Will try to restrain his anger so that he doesn’t humiliate both Hayden and himself, but ends up roasting the person MC is with and their whole entire line of ancestors.


Goes up to the both of them while they’re talking, and excuses him and MC before taking her hand and bringing her somewhere private then proceeding to admit how it hurts him to see her with another person besides him.


Breaks down like a little kid not being able to get candy at the store. When MC hears a sniffle and continuous whimpering, she immediately knows who it is and goes to comfort Hans without further questioning.


He scares off the poor guy/girl with calm words with nothing but ice behind them. When MC confronts him and asks him what that was all about, he’ll act like nothing happened, and no matter what, he is not jealous.


Strides up to them with a cheerful smile, but MC knows better. That smile is full of silent malice and shit is about to go down. He “nicely” asks the person to leave, since he has more important matters to discuss with his girlfriend. Long story short, they’re never seen with MC again.


Once he sees them together, his lips are pressed down in a firm line and his fierce glare makes everyone back away from him. Definitely makes sure to let the person know that she is his, and that they need to back the hell off. He feels a little bad afterwards once he realizes what they were talking about was far from flirting.


Ohoho, you know there’s gonna be sassy finger snaps in the face. Bitch. Snap. Back. Snap. The. Snap. Fuck. Snap. Up. Snap. He makes the biggest scene out of it and even goes as far as picking MC up like she’s Simba and being like, YO, YOU SEE THIS? THIS IS MINE. FUCK OFF PLEBS.

Notable people who haven’t been akumatized yet

Warning: spoilers abound!

  • Mayor Bourgeois
  • Alec
  • Prince Ali
  • Gabriel Agreste (…)
  • Nathalie
  • Principal Damocles
  • Mme. Bustier
  • Mme. Mendeleiev
  • Tom Dupain
  • Sabine Cheng
  • Nadja Chamack
  • The Butler
  • Gorilla (thanks, @guardianoffrost!)

That’s all I can think of for now; I’m sure there are a few important ones that I missed!


Be My Princess Season 2 - All Three Routes [Kevin Alford’s Birthday Event] Jpn GREE

「May I do as I like?」- Kevin

「I am never in perfect shape in front of you」- Gabriel

「Hey…… There’s more, come here. It’ll be nicer if we’re even closer to the fireworks」- Kevin (in Kevin and Gabriel’s Route)

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but to spice things up a bit lets have the mc (when they tie her up or sonething) trying to escape, or leaving. idk i just want some action in the yandere butlers >:)

WARNING: This shit contains violence and dark themes, so if you’re sensitive to that, don’t read below. If you’re Satan like me, go ahead.

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In case that you have been missing out on recent Teen Wolf news concerning the upcoming season 6, here is some of the news that’s been announced:

A quick flashback to 1987 involving Lydia will occur in season 6 that will feature quite a few Duran Duran hairdos according to Jeff Davis.

Holland uploaded a photo of an old and deteriorating carousel to her instagram that maybe tied into the 80s theme.

New cast members:

A call sheet of season 6 that features actors and the roles they will playing found its way on the Internet.

Here’s the name of a few:

Gabrielle Elyse will play the role of Jayden

Ross Butler as a lacrosse player named Nathan who doesn’t believe in the super natural

Marti Matulis will play the role of a Ghost Rider by the name “The Outlaw”.