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Blog Appreciation Round 1

Part 2 of 4: @lacqueluster

Not only is this lovely lady an amazing writer but she is one of those amazing individuals who goes out of their way to leave feedback for fellow writers / artists.  She’s such a positive and encouraging person and she has made this community an incredibly welcoming place.  She also  co-manages another blog @gabriel-monthly-challenge that has helped fellow Gabe lovers find inspiration and share their work.  If you’re a Gabe / Sabriel fan and haven’t checked out her fics, I highly suggest you do.  You won’t be disappointed.

@lacqueluster, thank you for being the awesome person that you are and for the amazing fics you share with us.  Your grasp of characters is spot on, I love the humor you use, and your smut is hot as hell.

As requested, here is a little sexy / fluffy Sabriel for you.  Hope you enjoy!

Title: Here to Stay

Tags: brief smut, fluff

Summary:  Gabriel has a surprise for Sam that turns out to be more than what it seems.  

Word Count: 2952

Author’s Note:  Lots of thanks to my beta, @omgreganlove.  Yours is coming hon! @girl-next-door-writes yours too!  

“You want to talk about it?”  Dean asked, catching Sam’s attention as they headed down the hallway.  Just when the youngest Winchester thought he had made it.  He had managed to dodge his brother’s looks the entire ride back, but it figured the man would wait to ambush him when he was in the homestretch.    

“Talk about what?”  Sam thought he was convincing enough.  The way his brother continued to stare at him, however, suggested he would not be winning an academy award anytime soon.  His gaze drifted down sideways, briefly falling on his door.

God he was so close.

“I mean, I could pretend not to know, but it’s hard to ignore you when you’ve been flashing your ‘brooding and pensive’ shoulders the entire ride back,” Dean continued, only half-teasing.  

One would have thought for an Almighty Creator, Chuck would have been a little more talented in the writing department.  

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Ares could barely tolerate Gabrielle. Not just because she was always winning affection from Xena while he always got rejected. But because she was always Xena’s Light and he was Xena’s Dark. It bothered him that this small town girl could win Xena over from him as a God. He couldn’t understand what she saw in Gabrielle. But it seems that every time Ares was mortal he saw Gabrielle in a different way. He could see the effect she had on Xena much better than when he was a God. And he seemed to understand her much more because of it.

I think in the end Ares appreciated Gabrielle for what she did for Xena even if it turned her away from him. I always think about that time when he actually admits Gabrielle is right for Xena knowing she could give her something he couldn’t. Unconditional love. I reckon in some small way he cared about her too and was grateful towards her for making Xena happy. He truly did love Xena.

“You saved me. I won’t forget”

“Yes you will”

*Reclaims his position on Mount Olympus as The God of War*

“Couldn’t of done it without you Xena, but as for mortality, you can have it”

“It’s your loss Ares. For awhile there you weren’t just mortal. You were human”

So yeah, as a mortal he understood humanity a lot better than he did as a God. And yet the Gods are supposed to understand everything. Just goes to show you that you can’t understand something unless you experience it for yourself.

He had a pretty amazing character development. It was almost just as groundbreaking as Gabrielle’s was. I still can’t believe the actor died so young. 

RIP Kevin Smith


Some beautiful spn fan art that I’ve picked up from Tumblr, google images, and various other places around the internet. I have no idea who the original artists are, but they are complete geniuses and absolutely all of the credit goes to them. If you know who the original is, please write it in a reblog, because I’d love to give direct credit to their talent.