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Your Xena-episode-summaries gives me LIFE. (I watched it when it first aired on tv, when I was a teen, and was sooo sure that the fandom was dead and holy crap am I glad to see everyone!) (also: doing the Great Summer Rewatch and one the of the funniest things is to see all different roles the minor actors had! Like, the guy that played Philemon in "Warrior... Princess" playing a warlord/soldier/mercenary in "The path not taken" and characters from Xena and Hercules doing crossovers!) -H.

Xena the Warrior (still not sure what makes her a) Princess and Gabrielle, her lady love, give me life, so it’s a win-win.

And given the reaction to rumors of a reboot, the fandom is far from dead.

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Where Are You Press

I am the most ambitious person I know and I’m never satisfied with anything when it comes to work, I’m always stretched too thin and trying to make everything happen all at once. I want to run a successful, meaningful publishing house and be the best selling poet in the world, and getting there feels like a slow crawl, inch by fucking inch.

But today Where Are You Press moved into it’s first office besides my living room. Kiki and I spent the whole day on our hands and knees cleaning it out. It’s small and out of the way, but it’s ours. And we have a team of 4 incredible women, all of whom are younger than 23, making this publishing house better every day and putting out these books by amazing women writers who I fucking love. 

I built this thing with my own hands and it’s still standing. It’s only getting better. Today is a day for gratitude. Thank you, all of you, for reading our books and supporting us. And to the Where Are You Press women, your kindness and talent are astounding.