My headcanon for Jas’s parents. Its the first design I came up with so I might tweak it when its not 4 am lol Shane and David were childhood best friends and Shane had feelings for him but never confessed. David and Gabriella met, got married, and had Jas. :^) I have a knack for making Shane suffer

Am I the only one who gets upset when the Dark Brotherhood compound gets raided? Festus pinned to a tree by arrows, hands up in self defense. Veezara’s stripped body in a pool of blood, Gabriella laying in the fetal position. First time I played Skyrim, I cried. Even when Arnbjorn died. Even all these years and playthroughs later, I still think “maybe I can save them if I’m fast enough!” and it kills me that you can’t. They’re my family. I failed to protect them.

Love Me Like You Do ft Thinking Out Loud
Gabriella ft Hobbie Stuart
Love Me Like You Do ft Thinking Out Loud

im thinking out loud…love me like you do, la la love me like you do, touch me like you do, what are you waiting for