December 24, 2012

At this day, a special person to me texted me saying 

“Hey grabe thanks you sa gift mo ha. Sayang wala akong gift.:( thank you talaga. Merry Christmas. God Bless you :)”

Gab, you must not be sorry. HAHA. It’s an honor to me that you have received my gift for you! Siyempre FAN mo ako eh :“> Humble humble talaga ni Gab oh! HAHA. Thank you for appreciating my simple gift for you, alam mo naman yung address na tinext mo na hindi ko nareceive at nauna pa yung padala kesa sa text message mo na yun. OA talaga si Globe no? HAHAHAHA. 

Anyway Gabo, Merry Christmas good thing nareceive mo yung gift ko for you on the 24th day of December 2012. 

well, the short story upon receiving a message from him. HAHA.

No matter how serious I am to whatever I am doing, when my phone beeps, I check at it and when I found out that it was Gabriel Haleco, OhEm, the “KILIG FACTOR” is always there.

Gab sorry or publishing this, I will always keep your number in a secret. I swear I will not break my promise. Thank you so much Gabriel. Take care always and God Bless. I am one of the luckiest fan, even.though we haven’t meet each other in person I am still lucky. Thanks a lot Gabo! :-*