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Lying for Love || Colbee

The whole week, Colby had a huge smile on his face. Of course, it wasn’t questioned by his fiance, which was good. Because he felt extremely bad for lying to her this whole time. A couple of days ago, she had asked what his plans were for the 14th. And, well? Colby told her he didn’t have any plans, and acted completely oblivious to the fact that it was Valentine’s Day that day. The truth was, that he had already planned something a week in advance to her question. He was ready for this day and was actually a little happy about his re-injury. It meant he got to stay home and plan it some more. First, it was simple. They would be heading to an afternoon drive-in theater and watch the new La La Land. After that, he was taking them back home so they could get ready for dinner. It was this nice five star place he took her to before, actually. So he knew she would like it. After all that? He planned on taking her back home, and since he knew Gabriel wouldn’t be with them, and instead, with the nanny. He wanted to skinny dip in their pool. Might seem unorthodox to some. But.. this was them. He knew all of this fit their style.

4:43 P.M. on February 14th, 2017

Colby just got back from dropping Gabriel off with the nanny. Explaining to her they would be all night, and wouldn’t be back til the morning. Bianca didn’t know this. Not yet, anyways. Because Colby told her that he was just taking the child with him to pick up a few things they needed. But, obviously that was another lie. It was going to be worth it though, he was sure of that. “BeeeeeeeawwwnnnnCA.” He drew her name out, echoing through their home. “Bianca!” He hadn’t waited for a response the first time, and called for her name again. He walked into the kitchen to grab an apple from the counter plate of fruit. Peeling the sticker off and biting into it. “BEEEE!” He called a third time. Making his way down the hall towards the bedroom. But, he had stopped. He noticed the small crack in the door to her studio room. He assumed that she must be in there. Turning the knob and swinging it open, he found her. A bright smile on his face as he chewed on the fruit.


Toddlers and True Love (Part 1)

(So here it is! The long awaited Sequel to”You’re Just Good With Babies” If you haven’t read it, you’ll need to read that first before reading this series, or you will be lost.! So without further ado. Here we go!!!)

Mary Ellen Winchester: 

Samantha Deanna Winchester:

               You smiled at the man sitting in front of you, his eyes were happy; they shined like a golden ray of sunshine shining through the bright green grass onto the soft brown dirt after a fresh rain. They held a mysterious look to them, but a hint of wild fire lay just beneath the surface. They looked warm and sweet like honey. The raw, rare, thick, organic honey you’d find in a field of honey suckles. A sparkle was held in them to remind whoevers attention he’d captured in his gaze that there was something sweet about him. His hair was a color mixed between a dark blonde and a light brown, it was soft, feather like, the length of it was just long enough he could comb it back. He was such a charmer. You felt a familiarity with this man, who came in at 4:01pm every day; like clockwork.

               His name was Gabriel and he was as friendly as his honey warm eyes made him look. His nose was straight and narrow, and his mouth always had a goofy grin on it. He liked playing tricks on the other patrons in the bar where you worked. You would muffle a laugh and continue to work. How you’d known this man before…the accident you’d never know.

               Three years ago, you were in a car accident and you didn’t have any prior memories of your life. But Gabe was always there for you. There was a comfort within him that reached out to you. You smiled as he winked at you. ‘4:01pm. on the dot’ you thought to yourself. “I’ll take a whiskey today.” He said knocking on the bar top. You smiled “Hi to you too Gabe, what’s up?” you asked filling his order.

               Dean growled and stood up from the living room floor. “CAS!” he yelled as the angel came around the corner, soaked. “They’ve been in the bathroom….but they aren’t there now.” Deans walked into the kitchen; giggles filled the bunker as did a huge mess. The kitchen was covered in whatever had been in reach, the living room had been colored all over and the hallway was beginning to flood from the flooded bathroom, where Barbies were shoved into an over flowing toilet.

               “I don’t remember them being this hard to take care of as infants. What happened?” he asked as they began looking in cabinets, and drawers. “Demons are easier to handle than these little monsters” Dean muttered before hearing something break in the library. They took off running only to find a broken glass and scattered books. “We have to find and catch them before Sam gets back from the supply run” Dean said looking around. He looked at Cas who was staring off. “Someone’s coming” he said squinting slightly.

               Suddenly someone cleared their throat behind them, turning their eyes met those of Gabriel’s. “Dean, Brother” he said smiling at them. “UNCLE GABE!” two high pitched squeaky voices screamed out and the two little girls, wearing jeans and plain shirts came running up and clutching Gabriel’s legs. “Girls, girls easy now, you’ve been very busy today haven’t you?” he said laughing as he took in the messy Dean and Cas then looking around the bunker. He scooped the two girls up into his arms and smiled at them.

               “Now I always seem to forget…You’re Samantha and you’re Mary Ellen!” he said as the girls groaned. The blonde crossed her arms and shook her long blonde curls. “IM Mary Ellen” She said smiling proudly. The brunette seemed to roll her green eyes and shook her head. “Uncle Gabe, I’m Samantha” she said softly, but with a sweet smile. Gabe laughed and shook his head; “Silly me, how could I forget! Well! What would you girls say if I helped you out?” he said sitting them down and then squatting between them. They grinned and nodded as Dean and Castiel rolled their eyes. Dean crossed his arms over his chest. “Girls, you should clean this mess up before your dad gets home” Gabriel stood and snapped his fingers, the entire bunker spotless and everyone cleaned up. “Well look at that! Spotless! Great! Now we can get back to our surprises!” Gabriel said as the girls giggled and ran toward the library waiting for him to follow.

               Gabriel smiled at the guys, “I got news” he whispered “We’ll talk when Sam gets here and the girls are off playing” Gabe ran toward the library as the girls screamed and laughed with joy. Gabriel smiled as they each played with their new dolls, clothes and toys. Dean and Cas sat with them on the floor playing as Gabe flipped through some library books. “Uncle Gabe! Uncle Gabe! Will you play with us?” Mary Ellen asked him as she tugged on his jeans. Gabriel looked down at her before smiling and nodding “Alright, I will but just until your dad comes home and then you’ll have to go play in your toy room alright?” Gabe said as he sat with them and played dolls.

               When Sam got home, he smiled “Mary Ellen! Samantha! Where are you?” he hollered as he held the two small bags for them. Sam always spoiled his girls; they were all he had left apart from his brother. “DADDY!!!” the two girls shrieked running into the kitchen where their father stood. He laughed, squatting down and hugging them tightly. “Were you girls good for uncle Dean and uncle Cas?” he asked looked them. They grinned at each other before nodding at Sam. He chuckled as they piled into the kitchen as well. “Yeah…they were just little angels.” Dean said sarcastically and rolled his eyes. Sam sighed giving them their bags of snacks, letting them put them away themselves before walking over to Dean and Cas, “I’m sorry you guys…their going through this….” He seemed at a loss for words.

               They girls not having their mother was starting to take effect on their lives. Sam didn’t know how to tell them he didn’t know where their mom was, or if she was even alive. “Going through a phase?” Gabe said stepping into their huddle. Sam stared at him, he appreciated everything Gabriel had done for them and the girls but he was still upset over what Gabriel had done. He’d stolen the love of Sam’s life from right under his touch and there was nothing Sam could do. “So shes here, in Kansas…She works at a bar couple of towns over. Now, shes looking for new work and a new place to live” Gabe said smiling as they looked at him.

               “How does that help us?” Sam asked him crossing his arms. “Well, why not hire a nanny?” Gabriel asked. “Maybe being back here and around the girls and you guys will trigger something?” He gave a nervous smile. “Since I can’t give her, her memories back…maybe being around you guys will help trigger her memories.” He added before Dean made a face. “It couldn’t hurt Sam…and at least she’d be here where we could keep an eye on her, and at least shes alive” Sam stared at Gabriel, he wished so badly that he’d never gotten involved in their business. But if that was the case then not only would she be dead but so would the girls. He sighed “Fine. Set it up…” he hated that she’d be staying there as a guest and no longer his fiancé.

               Gabriel smiled and left, Dean looked at Cas as Sam walked down the hallway, the brown and blonde curly haired girls following him to get ready for bed. “You think she’ll remember them? They have changed a little since the last time she laid eyes on them.” Dean said as Cas looked confused. “Well yes, they have changed Dean, they were only infants and now they’re three years old.” Cas said causing Dean to sighed and roll his eyes as they went into the library to do research, hoping to find another hunt to get out of the bunker for a while.

               You were walking down the street heading toward your old apartment building when a voice caught your attention. “Y/N! Wait up!” you turned and saw Gabe jogging toward you, a smile forming on your face. “Hey Gabe what’s up?” he grinned “Well, I have some exciting news…how do you feel about working with kids?” he asked. You made a face “I don’t think I’d be very good with kids Gabe” you mumbled as he chuckled. “You’re just good with babies huh? Well come on, I’ll walk you home and tell you all about the job and house that comes with it”