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Gabriela Herman

A simple approach to cooking on Beetlebung Farm.


I spent this past summer weeding, eating and photographing at Beetlebung Farm on Martha’s Vineyard. From gardening and slaughtering to harvesting and greenhouse dining, I captured all the magical phenomenon of modern day farming life. Chris Fischer, local chef and farmer, graciously welcomed me into his community. In the first week of the summer, he whipped together an impromptu lunch inside the greenhouse for the farm workers. While sitting there, eating produce that we ourselves had just harvested, looking around the table at new and old friends, I realized what a special place this was.


Yesterday night while pouring down a couple of belgian beers with a friend of mine and talking about photo projects, this set came to my mind. I asked him if he knew them but he didn’t, so I thought about tracking them down. Although they are not new anymore, they are still a great photographic insight on the people that blog to us everyday.

This set of photos comes to us through the lens of blogger/photographer Gabriela Herman. Her take on the blogger influence to our daily lives is that they connect us, that they filter and generate content that brings us closer. As a blogger and photographer myself, I couldn’t agree more… 

“ By looking at connectivity in this digital age and the ways in which we live and spend our time, this series shows how from these dark corners, bloggers are adding value to and changing the way people interact in the world. ”

Gabriela Herman

Gabi, holied.

I was lucky enough to help out (modeling and throwing color at people’s faces) my friend Adrienne with her awesome holi shoot at Phoot Camp. I grabbed this shot of Gabi shortly after. Little did she know that she’d be sporting purple hair for weeks.

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