Lost in Translation

by Gabriel Gomez

The kinship with those humans
who speak directly to me
is webbed to the ceiling.
An economy of satellites, a cosmos,
where revision we think
comes without the benefit
of our witness. A peculiar time
when stars with modest faces
sleep in enormity and mirror
death like a child’s infirmity that
despite socio-economics
is still an illness,
definitive as fading paint
grossing a distant
understanding from a stain
pooled from its center
resonant of some terrific
nucleus making sense
of its own words
with the strangest electricity.


CHESTER, PA - APRIL 28: Gabriel Gomez #6 of the Philadelphia Union with the help of teammates holds up the flag of his native Panama after scoring a goal in the second half against the San Jose Earthquakes in a Major League Soccer game on April 28, 2012 at PPL Park in Chester, Pennsylvania. San Jose defeated the Union 2-1.

To my followers in Massachusetts, did you catch the debate between Senate hopefuls Congressman Ed Markey (D-MA 5th District) and Gabriel Gomez? If not, catch it here on C-Span:

The MA Senate debate showed that this election comes down to one question: Whose side do you stand on? Gabriel Gomez proved tonight: On the issues we care about for women, seniors and the middle class, he’ll stand with Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans, not with the people of Massachusetts. Ed Markey will fight to level the playing field for working families of the Commonwealth and our country. I’m proud to support Ed’s campaign.”

- Senator Elizabeth Warren