gabriel vogel

“Amsterdam! Whoo!”

Livia threw his hands up when they stepped off the airplane. It was their first stop on his Christy’s first tour outside of the UK, a European tour that would hit a number of countries and even more cities.

Jussi was here, of course, because Christian couldn’t have a tour without his guitarist. The vocalist and the bassist would be coming in tomorrow morning, but Christian had wanted to have a night in the hotel first so he could go into the concert refreshed. Jussi agreed. And Livia and Gabriel, being the gorgeous and supportive boyfriends they were, tagged along.

Yuki, of all people, was there, too, after his insistence he act as Triskaidekaphobia’s manager.

“What makes you think you can be our manager?” Jussi had asked playfully.

“Jussi, honey, I’m a self made millionaire. I sold my first manuscript when I was homeless. I know a thing or two.”

That had been enough, and so he was there, too.

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