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Shut Up, Dean.

Summary: You hurt your back on a hunt and Cass isn’t on the bunker to heal you. Meanwhile, Gabriel is still out of enough grace to help you, but that doesn’t mean he’ll leave your side. 
Word counting: 800
Pairing: Gabriel x Short!Reader
Characters: Short!Reader, Dean Winchester, Gabriel, Sam Winchester, Castiel.
Warnings: Gabriel has the biggest crush on your, but you’re not together. Fluff. Cussing. Reader loves displaying affection. A big thanks to @supernatural-squadd, because the idea to this drabble came from her shipping game. See the post here and go read her blog, because she’s awesome.

Y/F/C  = Your Favourite Candy

Y/N = You Name

Gabe x Short!Reader series Masterlist  

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“Argh” You moaned in pain as Dean helped you out of the Impala.

“Easy, sweetheart.” He looked down at you and passed an arm under your knees. “Let me…”

“You don’t…”

Your protests were interrupted by your friend lifting you in his arms and using a kick to close the door of the Impala.

It was supposed to be a simple hunt, salt n’ burn, but the spirit had pushed you down the stairs of the place, injuring your back during the process.

“Dean…” You protested.  “I can walk.”

“I don’t think you’re supposed to, Y/N.” Sam noticed, opening the door so Dean could walk in with you.

Before you could even answer, Gabriel appeared in front of you two with a worried expression.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” He inquired.

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in which gabe is a Good Dad ™ and backgrounds are not real

(dont tag as mcr//eaper i will Fight You)


As long as I can love you
As long as my wish is your safety
As long as my love is your home
As long as my gaze is your shelter
As long as my chest is your rest
As long as our love is beautiful to you

Day 1, How we were

fandom: gabriel reyes was probably the worst thing that ever happened to mccree!!!
me: anyway , 

(full comic under the cut!!)

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uH followup to that hat angst comic I did last week?? (see..he’s wearin….The Hat). tbh this exists because I’m a massive baby who can’t draw angst without immediately being like How Can I Fix This

had to chop this thing into two parts bc it was getting way too long, which kinda shoves all the parts I actually like into the next bit..but ah well (I’ll post that later in the week or somethin)

(originally the first three panels were supposed to have Jack’s internal monologue, which revealed that McCree told him he’d seen Reyes in Dorado. McCree likes to fuck with Jack by being like ‘HEY GRAMPS I JUST SEEN THE REAPER DOWN AT JAMBA JUICE,’ but this time Jack realized McCree was being serious when he said ‘I ain’t doin’ this for you, Morrison’)


I finished making Gabriel from loom bands, and it actually took more bands than chuck because of the wings and hair. So 2000+ rubber bands and a day later here is what I’ve come up with. So I now have my very own God and Gabe or Rob and Rich loom band dolls/figures lol. I’d send mail them to Rob and Rich if I had their fan mail addresses but they’d probably think it looks stupid anyway.

Link to more pictures of the Chuck/God one

This is fun, who or what should I make next?


i keep seeing people talk about gabriel reyes speaking spanish and jack picking up on some words but i honestly think if jack is gonna pick up on anything its gabe’s god awful californian accent. 

could you imagine?

your english is ruined forever after jack.