gabriel stone

The only one I can relate right now is Chloe flirting with the fucking turkey


Night unzips a black dress,
reveals the thousand
thousand freckles
brilliant on her back.

How long have small astronomers
studied these curves and parabolae?
Look for the hunters and heroes
drawing back their arrows
upon her shoulderblades,
look for lion and lyre,
look for Cassiopeia queen
and Cygnus swan

look for the favorites asleep
beneath Night’s breast:
Alpheratz and Procyon,
Regulus and Rigel,
Aldebaran, Sirius,
the wild wolf of Sirius,
look for countless other
unnamed children aglow
and clinging to
the hip of Mother Night.

How many hidden worlds
does this celestial body
carry on the black pores
of her flesh? How many


Jagged Stone/Gabriel Agreste with 10, a kiss on the shoulder for @thewonderfulwizardofass

Gabriel is the ultimate party pooper but Jagged is determined to fix that.

I had a lot of fun with this. It’s been a long time since I’ve drawn something on paper that I honestly felt good about and I’m glad it was this one!

And, as an extra added bonus, a little comic inspired by a convo me and @metawohoo had when she was trying to cheer me up a while back:

I hope my handwriting is legible. Um…

More of my art at @sorakachanart

Things I need in season 2
  • episodes where they actually patrol at night jesus christ you’d think they’d have one by now since that’s what the goddamn theme song claims
  • MOAR DJWifi MOAR. 
  • An Adrien/Chat Noir centered ep where he gets to break the akumatized object
  • Adrien meeting Master Fu 
  • Alya getting super close to figuring out who LB & CN are
  • Chat Noir bringing up the “are we ever going to reveal our identities to each other” topic again
  • Ladybug realizing Chat is actually serious about his feelings half of me thinks she thinks he’s just playing 
  • kwami swap
  • new miraculous holders for real this time hawkdaddy
  • love square kiss in any of its combinations preferably sin ships
  • marinette’s birthday
  • ball/gala/prom-like event episode
  • jelly adrien/chat noir
  • KNOWING NINO’S LAST NAME is he an orphan or what
  • akumatized natalie
  • jagged stone, professional wingman 
  • gabriel actually trying to be a father for once

these are very high expectations yes i know let me dream

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My “History of the Vietnam War” professor actually did this today.


Karl Lagerfeld presented a futuristic 3D printed version of the classic Chanel suit to an audience filled with celebrities, there to watch a rather unique runway / casino show at The Grand Palais des Champs-Élysées in Paris.

“All of the people you see here are friends,” he captioned the Chanel Graduation picture. “They all loved the idea.”