gabriel makes a gif

When you invite your friend over that you really fancy and they are acting all sexy and cute and everything. But you’re trying not to look at them and you’re being all like, “hmm this CD cover looks interesting, I’m totally not looking at you being all sexy and cute or I’ll dive on you.”
But your mate is all like, “GOD! I wish she would just dive on me! I’m being all sexy and cute and everything!”

Lucifer: Brother, don’t make me do this.
Gabriel: No one makes us do anything.

Just had a thought.

Lucifer is clearly distraught here; there are tears in his eyes, his expression is full of loss, and his voice thick and small and wavering. He doesn’t want to kill Gabriel. But he’s indicating that Gabriel is giving him no choice, that Gabriel is making Lucifer kill him because Gabriel is trying to stop him. 

Don’t make me do this.

And then Gabriel responds:

No one makes us do anything.

Let’s talk about the word placement here. No one makes us do anything. It always struck me as odd that Gabriel chose those words to say back to Lucifer. Kind of like… he was reminding him of something?

What if Gabriel was reminding Lucifer of something he told Gabriel pre-Fall? Lucifer was the first angel to openly display his free will in Heaven prior to getting expelled. Gabriel was a brother he was extremely close with, as evidenced by what Lucifer says to Gabriel:

“Don’t forget, you learned all your tricks from me, little brother.”

Maybe this was after Lucifer discovered that he would have to fight Michael the first time, when he discovered he was leaving his home for good. Maybe he turned to Gabriel right before Michael expelled him, as heartbroken and devastated as he appears in the GIF above, and told him:

“Just remember, Gabriel… No one makes us do anything. No one can make you do anything. You are your own mind.”

And Gabriel was just reminding him of that, trying to tap into the Lucifer that he remembered from Heaven, before he was sent to Hell, before the rest of it happened?

Before Lucifer was in the position where he had to kill his own brother, twice?