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sneaky 2016 playlist x

kanye west - ultralight beam
rihanna - needed me
the weeknd - secrets
frank ocean - nikes
tove lo - cool girl
gabrielle aplin - night bus
kate miller-heidke - youve underestimated me, dude
bamiyah - hero
the magician - shy (aston shuffle remix)
san cisco - slowmo
louisa johnson - so good (alex adair remix)
gibbz - oh my god
gorgon city - ready for your love
frank ocean - solo
the veronicas - on your side
tinashe - company
pnau - chameleon
katelyn tarver - hate to tell you
bruno mars - chunky
martin solveig - do it right (feat. tkay maidza)
banks - trainwreck
rihanna - work (feat. drake)
james vincent mcmorrow - get low
young franco - drop your love
drake - fake love
elk road - hanging by a thread (feat. natalie foster)
alunageorge - not above love
flume - say it (feat. tove lo)
carly rae jepsen - gimmie love
ariana grande - into you
cashmere cat - wild love (feat. the weeknd)
james arthur - can i be him
hayden james - just a lover
the veronicas - in my blood
the weeknd - starboy
ta-ku - love somebody (mr. carmack remix)
cazzette - static
sohn - conrad
carly rae jepsen - higher
gretta ray - drive
northeast house party - diamond
cashmere cat - trust nobody (feat. selena gomez & tory lanez)
jamie t - dragon bones
troye sivan - wild (feat. alessia cara)
zhu - genertionwhy
bryson tiller - dont
neiked - sexual
hayden james - embrace
terror jr - super powers
solange - weary
tkay maidza - simulation
dami im - fighting for love
betty who - i love you always forever
jarryd james - claim my love
snakehips - cruel
flume - smoke & retribution
james arthur - say you won’t let go
lady leshurr - where are you now (feat. wiley)
vancouver sleep clinic - killing me to love you
leaf - plate
poolclvb - you give me love
the xx - on hold
nicole miller - signals
kimbra - sweet relief
alunageorge - mean what i mean
astrid s - hurts so good
illy - papercuts (feat. vera blue)
drake - once dance

My thoughts during AoS 4x06


“Everything will work out fine,” LOL nope.

“Leading expert of Inhumans,” I mean if you’re going to flatter Jemma Simmons, that’s how you do it.

Shit fam the director doesn’t mess around.

Ah yes. The “White Guy Stare Off” 

“Screw you black Kojak,” that’s what he said right? I didn’t hear it right the first few times. 

“Everybody loves Han Solo,” yeah everyone except his own son

Am I the only one who finds it funny that instead of a date so far this episode they’ve just put “Back in the day,’?

Wait…the high school drop out is offering a kid in honors classes with help on his homework?

“Those Inhumans’s can be tricky bastards,” D A M N fitz is SALTY

“That’s British for a huge waste of TIME” lol same

I love the Reyes Brothers. Anyone who disagrees can FIGHT M E.

Gabe screaming “Robbie!” made me tear up man

Family opening up and telling the truth gives me warm fuzzy feelings.

“Don’t you put their blood on me,” uh oh boys lets get along

Shit the director knew he K N E W

as I once said “UH OH SPAGHETTI OHS”

my new ace kink is fitz saying “thats not possible”

the whole “Robbie! Robbie look at me, STOP!” is something straight out a teen fanfiction

tbh fitz worrying about jemma reminds me of the mission Ward and Fitz took all the way back in season 1


“Sounds a little Fox News to me,” SHOTS FIRED S H O T S F I R E D

another ‘back in the day’ i’m finding this really amusing

aye you know shit gets real when the Cavalry get called in

“less hacking more punching” F U C K FITZ REALLY IS SALTY

“You’re the only one I trust,” S A M E




Where??? Did??? They??? Go???

Also, on the doctor strange exclusive sneak peek, those eyes looked like the demon eyes the people saw.

NOVEMBER 29??? WHAT??????/???/?/???//???

Maybe this is just me but I think Iron Fist and Ghost Rider were introduced in the wrong areas of the MCU. Iron Fist should’ve been introduced in “Agents of SHIELD” while Ghost Rider should’ve been in Netflix.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with where they ended up. But personally, I think Danny fits SHIELD’s tone better while Robbie fits Netflix’s. 

Danny’s character and backstory alone makes you think of goofy, comic book shit. He’s got a glowing fist of energy, he was raised by monks in an ancient, mythical city, he’s the heir to a massive corporation, etc., etc. Plus, Danny is just the kind of character you’d see on AoS. He’s light-hearted, has a big heart, and you get the feeling that he’d be the type of person to say corny jokes here and there. One of my main problems of the Iron Fist show is that the show’s approach to the character was wrong. Going for the “grounded, realistic” approach just doesn’t work because a character like Iron Fist SHOULD be loud and goofy. He’s the one instance where it’d be fine if the show was more like SHIELD, with all of its loud, pulpy, comic book action.  

Meanwhile, Robbie Reyes would fit perfectly against guys like Daredevil and the Punisher. Yes, he also has a bizarre and colorful background. But the character in general fits the dark tone of Netflix MCU. He’s dark, brooding, has a depressing backstory, is known for being extremely violent, has questionable morals, etc., etc.. Although AoS did make it work with GR, he never truly fit on the show. You always had this feeling that he should be on a different program, one that allows him the freedom to be extremely violent and dark. And the times that he IS violent on AoS (like when he rips the Neo-Nazis apart), it sticks out like a sore thumb because the rest of the show isn’t like that. So with GR, AoS had a bit of an identity crisis. Did it want to remain a funny, quippy, cable superhero TV series or did it want to replicate the grounded, dark nature of its Netflix siblings? 

Just imagine if these two guys were switched around. Instead of GR, the first third of AoS season 4 would be titled “Iron Fist” while Robbie took over as the fourth Defender. I don’t know, I think it would’ve worked better. 

Look, I don’t wanna fuel speculation if it doesn’t exist but...

In the comics, Robbie Reyes’ love interest was this woman named Lisa. This is what she looked like: 

Now, with AOS’ cast already pretty big, it’s tough to see where the writers can insert Lisa and have her be a major character. It’d be nice to see her on the show but I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t adapt her. Gotta keep the cast at a manageable size, you know? 

But what I CAN see them doing is combining Lisa with another character. That being said, this could explain why Daisy started wearing a beanie beret and necklace all of a sudden (the necklace is a stand-in for the dog tags).

I mean, I KNOW I’m reaching and this was probably not the intention but that’s the first thought that came to mind. Now if that really was the intention, to combine Lisa and Daisy, then I gotta give it to the writers for including that change of wardrobe. 

Anyways, I’ll just leave this here. 

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