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Day 5 - “Over the Airwaves”

Super late again, but hey, figure I might as well put it up anyway! Still got two more fics to post (day 6 and 7). As a note, this piece is set in early days of Overwatch, probably a month or so after McCree was recruited. Hope everyone enjoyed R76 week!

“Over the Airwaves”

If there was a hell, Gabriel’s version of it would be filled with paperwork. Miles and miles of it, stacks upon stacks, as far as he could see – not so different from his current situation, come to think of it. Slumped over his desk, Gabriel gave a sigh. His back had a crick; Angela would no doubt lecture him about his posture next time he visited her, when his pain-killers ran out. It wasn’t like he could help it when he kept having all this paperwork thrown at him. Every shot fired, every safe-house visited, every piece of intel retrieved – all of it had its own elaborate set of paperwork to be carefully filled out, signed, sent on to higher-ups in the U.N. and Dios, Gabriel hated it.

As his eyes scanned over the half-finished report he was currently working on – without catching a single word of it – he gave a long sigh. Idly, he wondered if Jack had to fill out as much paperwork as he had to, and the idea made him smirk; at least that was one horror they both had to face in their respective positions. His communicator gave a blip, interrupting the thought, and he looked across at it with a frown as the screen lit up, flashing the initials JMc. With a huff, he abandoned the report, reached over, and brought the device to his ear.


“Well ‘hello’ to you, too, boss.”

Gabriel’s frown deepened. “I’m writing reports, Jesse. What is it?”

“Jack’s interview just started on the radio, thought you might want to tune in.”

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((You all asked and you all shall receive part two of Gabriel finding his S/O and child. Requests are closed at the moment; help me come up with a name for this prompt which now will be a series. <3 Part one is here:

 Gabriel had finally found you at long last; you lived in a small house with only two bedrooms, a half way decent kitchen, no living room, and the smallest bathroom he’d ever seen. The elderly land lady (who lived next to you) let you live there practically for nothing, and treated you like a daughter; she’d often watch Gabriel Jr. who seemed to utterly adore the woman. He watched you live your life for weeks… He didn’t know how to approach you or come back into your life. He knew you hadn’t moved on from your many late night chats with the elderly woman who understood your grief all too well, she had lost her husband many years ago from a terror attack. He was pleased you had at least someone beside your son who was too young to understand to talk to.

Today was the day he finally decided to confront you, Gabriel could not stay away, and his heart ached to be with you and to be a father. He didn’t know how he was going to justify who he has become to you, how you’d react, or if you would even let him meet his son. He watched as you brought your son to preschool, kissing him softly on the cheek and handing him his homemade lunch; briefly you chatted with the teacher before saying your goodbyes a bit reluctantly as always. You sighed softly, going food shopping was always so boring without your son who seemed to make everything more bright and fun; he was your sunshine and you’d do anything for your baby boy.

You shivered briefly, rubbing your arms; you wanted to believe that it was the crisp autumn weather but you knew otherwise. Since you left the preschool you had been followed, you might not be an agent any longer but you never completely adjusted to life as a civilian. It was hard to, besides who knows if one of those Talon creeps were around. You knew what they did to former Overwatch agents, and well you were a skilled Captain; they’d be happy to put a bullet in your head and a knife in your back. It was obvious your stalker wasn’t a civilian; they were too professional and knew exactly what they were doing. You knew this day would come, you didn’t expect it to happen so soon but you were prepared.

You took a deep breath, deciding to confront your stalker. You acted oblivious and went down an alleyway; you knew that otherwise you’d risk innocent lives. You reached slowly into your purse, as the stalker got closer you threw a leg up and kicked the stranger into the wall. As you held your gun, you closed the distance. “Stay down. If you think you can take my son from me or hurt him you have another thing coming! I will not be killed easily, nor will he. “You yelled out, getting ready to pull the trigger.

The man slowly moved his hand, you warned him not to move. The mask was taken off his face as he dodged a bullet skillfully. You looked closer at him and realized the man wasn’t a stranger at all, your gun hit the dirty concrete and you fell to your knees, your eyes filling with tears. “W-who the hell are you, and why do you look like my Gabriel? What kind of sick and twisted game are you playing?”

He looked at you, biting his lip as he sat next to you. “You haven’t aged a day, (Y/N). Motherhood suits you.  I would’ve been there; I was told your body was never found. Yet here you are, alive and with our son.” He wrapped an arm around your stiff and shaking body, wondering if this was a mistake; perhaps your heart couldn’t handle something like this. Your hand connected to his cheek, making a loud noise as you began to squeezed him tightly. (E/C) eyes studied his face, looking at the monster he’d become yet you looked at him with such sadness, longing, and love.

“They told me you died too… they all lied to me. I can’t believe you kept me waiting all these years, I mourned you every night. Our son doesn’t understand why his Papa isn’t with us, he looks at your picture everyday and asks all these questions about you. He admires you so much; he wants to be just like you… I’m so scared, Gabriel. I don’t want to lose him. Maybe if I found out sooner, before all that happened everything might’ve been different.” You sobbed softly as you touched Gabriel’s face, praying this was real and he wouldn’t disappear. Too many times you had dreamed of this moment where Gabriel walked in the front door like he never died, you woke up every time in tears. You always felt personally responsible for all that had happened to your beloved family.

“We’re going to be a family now, I promise. I know I haven’t been there, but I will be for you and for him. No one will ever hurt either of you, whether they’re from Talon or Overwatch. I want to make up for all this time I’ve been gone and the things I’ve done. I joined Talon; they probably told you of Reaper… but not that I am him.” He began to explain all that had happened from him from the moment his body was recovered, to him finding out you were alive, and everything in between. It was hard for you to come to terms with who Gabriel was working for, and not to mention the fact he was hunting down those who you thought were your friends. You accepted it; you understood his pain and well, you’d turn a blind eye to turning him in to any authorities or Overwatch. You didn’t condone what he or Talon does, but you wanted your Gabriel back in your life no matter what. Despite him not fully being the man you first fell for all those years ago he was still Gabriel and many bits of who he used to be still remained.

You kissed his lips gently, which surprised him greatly. “What? I am not allowed to kiss my handsome love?” You laughed lightly as you wiped your tears away from your puffy red eyes.

“I thought you’d be repulsed by my face.”The Latino replied simply.

“Never. You look just as good as you always have, in fact you’re like wine. You just keep getting better with age, Gabriel Reyes.”

Gabriel smiled slightly, helping you onto your feet. “Only you would say that. Can I meet him?”

You quirked a brow at him, “Do you even have to ask? Come shopping with me, we have a lot of catching up to do.”

Shrugging, Gabriel was wearing civilian clothes anyways. He let you lead him around much like you used to; he couldn’t help but think about leaving Talon soon somehow to be with his family full-time. Perhaps it was time to leave his pain behind, and start a new future. To settle his revenge and problems without Talon’s aid, it would be hard to let go but you and Gabriel Jr. were worth it.

(( A big shout-out to the anon who helped give me an idea for the prompt. Thank you. Send them love, because they helped me get inspired. <3))

What I Got From Nashcon 2016

1) They are currently filming episode S11EP19.

2) Jared and Jensen are both feminists.

3) Rob Benedict said he’s coming back (but he may have been joking because no one else would confirm).

4) Richard said that Gabriel isn’t dead.

5) S11EP20 is Jared’s favorite episode of all time.

6) Mark Sheppard will have a baby girl sometime next week!