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Imagine Praying to Castiel, But Instead of Castiel, Gabriel Appears

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Hunts gone wrong were a very rare occurrence for you. You had hunted alongside some of the greatest hunters in the country and knew your way around most hunts, but what you weren’t expecting was a whole clan of vampires holed up where it had been reported there was only a few. You were running as fast as your legs could go, the sound of your shoes slapping the ground echoing all around you.

‘Hey, Castiel, I could really use some of your angel mojo right now.’ You prayed hoping he was listening.

You kept running but ran into a problem, or more specifically a wall. You turned around and saw the clan closing in on you.

‘Please, Cas.’ You tried again, ‘Help.’

As the clan drew closer you got into a fighting position. You might be going down, but you were going to go down fighting. As you prepared to fight for your life, you heard the flutter of wings. A pair of strong arms wrapped around you and you closed your eyes in preparation. You felt yourself being pulled to a new location, but the arms held you closer. The arms let you go after the two of you landed. You stumbled forward into the motel room you had been residing in. You braced yourself on the bed as you let yourself get more normalized.

“Thanks, Cas,” You told the angel.

“Sorry, sweet-cheeks, wrong angel,” the voice told you.

You flipped around quickly, but before you could even see the angel, you started to feel dizzy.

“I gotcha,” the angel told you as he caught you in his arms. “You know, I always thought you would fall for me.”

You were finally able to glimpse at the supernatural being above you. His whiskey colored eyes were looking down at you with amusement.


“The one and only, well, the one and only angel.”

Gabriel helped you up so you were standing facing him.

“What are you doing here?”

“You prayed.”

“I prayed to Castiel.”

“Yeah, I feel like I should be offended that the first angel you prayed to was my dear brother.”

You raised your eyebrows at him and he smirked back.

“Cassie is kind of busy with,” he paused, “Stuff right now.”

“You’re not going to tell me what that stuff is, are you?” He smirked in response. “I thought so.”

“You’re not going to thank the dashing angel that saved you?”

“I’m good.”

“C’mon, Y/N, just a little thank you?”

“Fine. Thank you, Gabriel.”

“Anything for you, sweetie.”

You glared at the archangel, but he smiled back at you and snapped as he disappeared from your motel room.

So I decided to play a game

here we go


Also, Cass D:

Hannah deserved it… Meg&Chuch <3

Dumbass. And Rowena, baby ç_ç I don’t like this game anymore

WTF JUST HAPPENED so… Amara and Abaddon are a thing? I like it… also CHARLIE NO!



OK, so, here’s a recap

Well, this was unexpected.

Benny, you smart kid.

Well, this can mean one thing only…

Very funny Gabe, you won. Now, I need a hug.

What about an angel!reader and hunter!gabriel au?
  • Like Gabriel leaving candy wrappers at crime scenes he’s investigating
  • Or like how he’d be popping gum while questioning witnesses
  • Gabriel teams up with his little bro Castiel sometimes and Cas is all like “We need to be serious”
  • And Gabriel finds it hard sometimes to want to save some people because they are somewhat bad themselves
  • Then one hunt Gabe almost dies because he’s getting chased by a werewolf or something cause they can smell him because of the candy
  • And all of a sudden you swoop in and is his guardian angel but has been hiding
  • Gabriel flirts with you, but it goes over your head
  • Then Gabriel keeps praying to you and it annoys you…so you decide to pay him a visit and find him being all sexy with candles and flowers, but you don’t eat and don’t understand
  • Gabriel tries to understand you and figures out what you like
  • Gabriel making kinky comments when you save him when he’s all tied up
  • Gabriel almost dying so you have to come save him because he wants to see you again
  • You impressing him by poofing up candy
  • You growing protective of Gabriel and hate any girl that gets near him
  • You being sad when you see Gabriel taking another girl home from the bar
  • You and Castiel becoming friends over the fact that you have to ‘deal’ with Gabriel
  • Castiel realizing that you’re in love with Gabriel and giving you advice
  • Gabriel helping you groom your wings
  • Gabriel finding out you’re a virgin
  • Gabriel wanting to prove that he is worthy of you, but you already know he is

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Am I still dreaming?

Pairing: Dean x Chubby Reader

Word count: 1,004

Summary: You and the boys just come back from a hard hunt and have to share a room, something that you really don’t want to do.

Warning: just a little self hate

You all walked into the motel exhausted.
“That hunt must of been the hardest I have ever done.” You exclaimed, stopping when you realized that there were only two beds.
You looked over at Sam and He understood what you were trying to say.
“I’ll go and check to see if they have any other rooms for Y/N.”
“Sorry bro, already done. Sorry sweetheart but you’ll have to stay here for now.” Dean winked at you and walked off to take a shower.
You rushed over to Sam. “ Sam I can’t stay in this room. How about if I do it again?!”
Sam laughed, recalling how he heard you a few weeks ago calling out Dean’s name in your sleep.
“Not funny, Dean probably thinks I’m weird and fat. I don’t need to complicate things if he finds out.”
Sam glared at you. “ Y/N.. I hope you know that you are none of those things. You are beautiful and I can assure you if you just told-”
“No Sam. I know how it will end. I’d rather be his friend than nothing at all.”
“But Y/N-” Sam was cut off by Dean coming of the shower with only a towel around his waist.
“What are you nerds talking about?”
He walked over to a bed that he threw his bag on and started to go through it, taking out some clothes to change into as you watched the water drip off of the back of his neck.
Something that he didn’t see but the other Winchester obviously did.
You turned your gaze away, cheeks turning a bright red.
“So.. Umm who is taking the couch?”
You looked at it with such disgust, you thought it could disappear.
“What? No. No one is taking the couch. You can sleep with one of us.”
Dean pointed in between him and Sam.
“Wait.. How is that fair? Why can’t you two sleep in the same bed and I get one alone?” You were quite terrified that the one you would sleep with would feel the fat that rolled on your stomach. It wasn’t that visible through your baggy shirts but it would be if it touched them.
“Sweetheart, I think you and I both know that me and Sammy the moose here can’t share a king sized bed, let alone this little thing.” Green orbs staring at you. You couldn’t help but nod.
“Okay then, which one will you take?” Dean said with such confidence, you didn’t have the heart to say that you couldn’t sleep next to him.
“I’ll sleep with Sam, if that’s alright.”
Dean looked disappointed but that’s what you wanted to see… Right?
“Sorry Y/N, I can’t. This bed is small enough with just me. Guess you’ll be with Dean.”
Sam gave you a innocent look that you were dying to wipe off his face.
“It’s settled then. Choose which side you’d like.” Dean smirked before leaning in closer. “I’m a bit of a cuddler… Hope you don’t mind.”
As if your cheeks weren’t red enough. You walked in the bathroom to change so you could sleep. Or at least try to. You had major doubts that you would even keep you breathing at a normal state with Dean right next to you.
Changing into some sweat pants and a t shirt. You couldn’t help but see what might happen if you actually fell asleep.
Would you say his name in your sleep?
Would he touch the fat that you hated so much?
Would he be so disgusted with either that he would never talk to you again?
You made your way out of the washroom and into the bed. Both Winchesters were already in bed with Dean facing away from you and Sam reading a book on his very spacious bed. He smiled devilishly as you walked past him, not looking at him you gave him the finger. He laughed quietly, returning back to him book.
Turning off the light, Sam settled back in his bed.
You climbed into the bed that Dean was in as quietly as you possibly could. You settled to your right side. Opposite of Dean. You could feel the warmth radiating off of him and his soothing breathing. I’m not sleeping any time soon, you thought. But against you will. Your eyes closed and you fell into a deep slumber.

The sun somehow escaped the curtains and fell on your face. You opened your eyes only to be met with beautiful green ones.
“Morning beautiful.” Dean smiled as he pushed a stray hair behind your ear.
You were dreaming… This was a dream. It could not be real. This isn’t happening.
“Morning.” You said shakily. “Am I still dreaming?” You thought.
Dean chuckled, making you realize that you just said that out loud.
“No sweetheart. But Sometimes dreams come true.”
You sat up suddenly. This isn’t real, you kept repeating in your head.
“Y/N, are you okay? I didn’t mean to scare you. I’m so sorry. I just thought you felt the same way because I heard you say something in your sleep but I must have been wrong.” He sat up and You looked Dean in the eye. “Dean I really like you. What you thought is true. But how, in the world, would you feel the same way?”
“Are you kidding me Y/N? You are so beautiful and smart. You are so focused and a great hunter. You love Sammy like he’s your own brother. You are so amazing. Tell me you are just messing with me because there is no way that you could ever assume that I wouldn’t fall for you like I already have.”
To say You were stunned, would be the biggest understatement of the year.
“Dean-” you began before Sam came into the motel, sweating with a card in his hand.
“So get this.. I was out running when I saw this-” He looked over at you two confused but slightly excited.
“Wait.. What did I miss?”


“You haven’t had a day off in awhile.” Awhile? That was an understatement. You couldn’t remember the last day you had off. You’ve been working your ass off ever since you got into this gig. “Maybe you should try sitting out on this one, (Y/n).” Sam suggested and you couldn’t stop the look of shock that crossed your face.

“Sitting out? You don’t want me to come?” You automatically assumed. That was just absurd, in your opinion. Those boys need you. They’d already be six feet under if it weren’t for you.

“It’s not that we don’t want you there. I know that this can all get to be too much without a break. You’ve gotta take some time to yourself.” Sam looked to Dean for help. Dean gave him a look that said he didn’t really want you to skip out on this, but he knew it was for the best.

“Sam’s right.” Dean sighed. “Not matter how good you are, you need a break. We’ll be back in a few days, a week, tops.” He wrapped an arm around you, pulling you into his side.

“I don’t like this.” You grumped.

“I know, kiddo.” He chuckled at you. As soon as Dean let go, Sam pulled you into him.

You knew the boys loved you. They just wanted what was best for you.

“We’ll call you when we get to Tennessee.” Sam told you before releasing you from his arms and then they were gone. You looked around the empty bunker, unsure of what to do with yourself.

“Well, shit..” You quietly mumbled to yourself.


It didn’t take long for you to make yourself busy. You were in the library, buried in various works of lore and literature, digging up information you could send the boys that could be useful to them. You were in the middle of a passage about ghouls when you heard something fall towards the back of the room. You perked up in your seat, listening for another sound.

“Hello, beautiful.” Gabriel was directly behind you and you screamed, throwing a book behind you, hitting him in the face.

“What the hell?!” The two of you both screamed in unison.

“What are you doing here?!” You shouted.

“Why are you throwing dictionaries?!” He yelled back, rubbing his face.

“You scared me!” You groaned, taking a second to collect yourself. “I’m on a break and I wasn’t expecting company. What do you need, Gabriel?” You let out a breath, relaxing yourself slightly. Maybe you did need to chill out a bit..

“You? On a break?” Gabriel snorted. “That’d be like Raphael going to Disney World for enjoyment.” The analogy was accurate.

“Well, the boys made me.” You almost pouted, picking up the thrown book before shaking your head. You weren’t going to vent about it. Especially not to Gabriel, of all people. The angel just got on your every last nerve and you didn’t even know why. Just something about him drove you absolutely mad. “Can you just go? I’ve got stuff to do.. Well, stuff to read.”

“Oh, c'mon, (Y/n), you’ve got a day off! Live a little! Let’s do something exciting!” Gabriel took you by the hand and spun you around, dipping you like the dancers you’d only ever seen in the movies.


“You know, I like it when you scream my name like that.”

“Shut up.”


The Hunger Games Recast

  • Seychelle Gabriel as Katniss Everdeen
  • Hunter Parrish as Peeta Mellark
  • Booboo Stewart as Gale Hawthorne
  • Eddie Spears as Haymitch Abernathy
  • Jesse Williams as Finnick Odair
  • Rinko Kikuchi as Johanna Mason
Living Truthfully

Characters: Introducing Michael with Castiel, Balthazar, Gabriel, Lucifer, and hunter!Reader (with mentions of Sam and Dean)

Word Count: 9,218

Warnings: none! Just some angel/archangel shenanigans

Request: can you pls write a michael x hunter!reader where the angels tease him about his crush but ultimately decide to help their brother?

Author’s note: Thank you so much for this request! I was very excited to get my first Michael fic request, and I had a lot of fun writing this with all the angels being meddling dorks. I really hope I did his character justice (considering he has the least screentime ever.) Also a general note, I used the young John version of Michael for this fic. Hope you like it!

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A Little Too Late

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Title: A Little Too Late

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Characters: Gabriel, Castiel, Sam, and Dean

Warnings: Injured Character, blood

Word Count: 873

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this one! I LOVE it! Plus who doesn’t enjoy a good Gabriel fic AMIRITE? Feedback is welcomed and appreciated

Series Masterlist!

Castiel and Gabriel strolled into the library, expecting to see three people, but it was just the two Winchester brothers.  “Where’s our favorite hunter,” Gabriel spoke playfully as he looked around the library.  You were close with many of the angels that paid Dean and Sam a visit.  The two that visited the most were Gabriel and Cas.  Gabriel grew fond of you as the months went on.  He knew he shouldn’t let himself develop these feelings for you, but he couldn’t help himself; he had a sweet tooth.

“She’s on a hunt,” Sam informed the two angels, his face not leaving his laptop screen.  Sam and Dean let you do this one alone because they knew you could handle yourself just fine.  This was your fifth hunt by yourself.

“What is she hunting,” Castiel asked, peering over at Gabriel who had become worried.

“It’s only a nest of vamps, relax you two,” Dean spoke, putting his feet on the table as he read a book of lore.  “She’s done it before, she’ll be back before you know it.”

Gabriel, Castiel, anyone, please, I am in great danger.  Hel-

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Master List!

Side note: I will update this as much as possible. I may update it a few times a day. Ps, my otp’s are also in here

Series with be like this so that their easier to find

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A Light in the Darkness: Chapter Two
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Gabriel and Jack, on the run from Overwatch.

This has some heavy smut, so yeah >.>;;;