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I’m in a vampire mood lately all thanks to @blacksmiley-c 

Go read her fic and let me finish the 22h Anne Rice audiobook I’m listening right now 

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What kind of Guardian would Gabe be? I know Widowmaker would be a Hunter and Sombra would also probably be a Hunter. But with all Gabe can do I can't peg him as just any of the three Guardian types when he's kind of like all three.

How about a hunter… too? I’m all about hunters.

Sketched that during lunch break, forgot the PSD at work.

Don’t say anything

Summary: When Gabriel puts a truth spell on Michael and you’re left babysitting the archangel, a certain truth is spilled.
Word counting: 350 something words.
Pairing: Michael x Reader

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“Okay, if he tries anything…” Dean pointed at you.

“I know, I know.” You interrupted your older brother. “Just go. The sooner you go, the sooner you’re back. Go.”

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YES I CAN and I hope you meant sweatshirt


Shut Up, Dean.

Summary: You hurt your back on a hunt and Cass isn’t on the bunker to heal you. Meanwhile, Gabriel is still out of enough grace to help you, but that doesn’t mean he’ll leave your side. 
Word counting: 800
Pairing: Gabriel x Short!Reader
Characters: Short!Reader, Dean Winchester, Gabriel, Sam Winchester, Castiel.
Warnings: Gabriel has the biggest crush on your, but you’re not together. Fluff. Cussing. Reader loves displaying affection. A big thanks to @supernatural-squadd, because the idea to this drabble came from her shipping game. See the post here and go read her blog, because she’s awesome.

Y/F/C  = Your Favourite Candy

Y/N = You Name

Gabe x Short!Reader series Masterlist  

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“Argh” You moaned in pain as Dean helped you out of the Impala.

“Easy, sweetheart.” He looked down at you and passed an arm under your knees. “Let me…”

“You don’t…”

Your protests were interrupted by your friend lifting you in his arms and using his knee to close the door of the Impala.

It was supposed to be a simple hunt, salt n’ burn, but the spirit had pushed you down the stairs of the place, injuring your back during the process.

“Dean…” You protested.  “I can walk.”

“I don’t think you’re supposed to, Y/N.” Sam noticed, opening the door so Dean could walk in with you.

Before you could even answer, Gabriel appeared in front of you two with a worried expression.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” He inquired.

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But I’m on the Samleen ship and if they kill her, that’s not gonna fly any better than them killing my Moon Queen Charlie did.

At this point?? They need to clean up the BMOL and the Crowley/Lucifer plotlines, bury them for good, figure out a way for Mary to fucking settle herself (because she’s not trying to incorporate her hunting side with her yes you are actually a mother with sons who do need you side), and then fucking let Sam and Eileen become a sugar sweet domestic hunter couple. Sammy running the MOL bunker as a hunter library (because Sam is totally the new Bobby), and Eileen joining up with Jody and Donna to help train the Wayward Daughters (because they pick up strays like fucking magnets).

Dean and Cas finally sort their shit out and have an epic make out scene (because let’s face it, we all want to see that), and then settle down to be all domestic and cute and Cas helps Sam with the library and the more ancient and obscure knowledge they might need and Dean’s the one who ends up with the epic arsenal of badass weapons and he pimps out all the classics in their garage and helps out hunters with repairs and shit (because with how many times he’s rebuilt Baby, he’s a fucking Expert Mechanic, I mean, honestly).

Sam and Eileen go to Ireland to get married. It’s a tiny little service, just those closest to them (and Mildred totally comes, because she feels she help push Eileen and Sam together because, of course, she and Eileen were texting buddies, duh). It’s sweet and lovely and Sam’s finally a happy smiling puppy again and everyone has a good day with no monsters or family fights or secrets ruining a goddamn good thing.

And then Cas and Dean fucking finally decide to tie the knot. And this wedding isn’t simple or small, considering Chuck and Gabriel both show up and shit gets out of hand. But Dean doesn’t even fucking care because his angel is finally his, is finally home with him, completely and totally and it’s fucking legit. 

The fact that God co-officiated the ceremony with Sam just made it even better.