gabriel hicks


Research me, obsessively…it’s 3 days later.


Do You Feel The Same - Silverchair (Gabe Hicks Cover) 

Back before Young Modern when Silverchair was still fucking awesome  
A sick song that hopefully translates well to acoustic!  


Waiting On The World To Change - John Mayer (Gabe Hicks Cover) 

Done as a request for toes142 :)) 

I Don’t Know If You’ve Heard But - Gabriel Hicks

A bit over 7 months ago a close friend of mine was killed. This is the closest I could get to properly representing the experience of hearing that news. It can’t come close to capturing the strength and intensity of the emotions connected to that but it is an attempt. I recorded it on my phone at 11 30 at night in my car. I did it in one take and didn’t edit any of it. I hope this keeps it as raw as I intended it to be.

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Little Lion Man - Mumford & Sons (Cover) Gabriel Hicks

I’ve gone upmarket! In the Edson studios with all their awesome mics and keyboards and cameras and programs.  Thanks to the lovely Lauren for her filming and editing and telling me things like “look into the camera Gabe” and so on. She is the greatest. 

Outtakes can be found here