gabriel garcia rosa

Si alguien llama a tu puerta / Gabriel García Márquez

Si alguien llama a tu puerta, amiga mía,
y algo en tu sangre late y no reposa
y en tu tallo de agua, temblorosa,
la fuente es una líquida de armonía.

Si alguien llama a tu puerta y todavía
te sobra tiempo para ser hermosa
y cabe todo abril en una rosa
y por la rosa desangra el día

Si alguien llama a tu puerta una mañana
sonora de palomas y campanas
y aún crees en el dolor y en la poesía

Si aún la vida es verdad y el verso existe.
Si alguien llama a tu puerta y estás triste,
abre, que es el amor, amiga mía.


i had to create this post of some of the abandon design concepts of the motion graphics intro’s i was doing for EACmix . 

The First pic was me creating a intro to the Nightmare Before Xmas toy drive video . as you all can see i abandon it for the reason that it looks like god came from heaven touching the EAC logo. With over the top flares and its crazy glowing effect that i created, it was clear to me that this will NEVER be shown in a video at all. Thank God. lol 

The second pic was one of the earlier stages of a show concept that we here at EAC is currently developing as we speak. This show was first called “Connecting With…..” , the motion graphics for this was extremely simple but sadly very boring and dull and i scrapped the entire design and title completely. It first starts off as the EAC logo flips and turns at it stop’s in the middle of the screen to then reveal the “Emerging Artist Connect” words. afterwards, the logo slides to the left hand corner of the screen revealing “Connecting with…” ….yeah i know corny and way to simple hence why i will never use it. 

We live in a world of design and the best design is the most simple , sleek, and clean out there, EACmix will be no different.  - Gabriel Garcia Rosa