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I was tagged by @themusicalbox (thank you!). These are some of the albums, and I have to say my favourite picks, I’ve been listening to recently.

  1. Super (2016) - Pet Shop Boys
  2. The Desired Effect (2015) - Brandon Flowers
  3. Peter Gabriel/ III/ ‘Melt’ (1980) - Peter Gabriel
  4. Perfect Symmetry (2008) - Keane
  5. Bête Noire (1987) - Bryan Ferry
  6. Spirit (2017) - Depeche Mode
  7. The Fugitive (1983) - Tony Banks
  8. Foxtrot (1972) - Genesis
  9. Interior Design (1988) - Sparks
  10. Big Music (2014) - Simple Minds

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runningwolf62  asked:

Imagine Gabriel giving Sam the Cotton Candy flower.

Okay but, they’re at the fair one year, Gabriel is looking around at all the deep fried sweets, and he’s excitedly chattering to Sam about what he wants to try, and he’s just vibrating he’s so excited. 

Sam is the one who sees the giant thing of cotton candy. He gets this huge grin on his face, tells Gabe he’s going to get a slice of pizza, and to stay there drooling over deep fried twinkies, and oreos and whatever else. 

He brings one back as Gabe is waiting in line to try deep fried cheesecake, and he is just beaming. Gabriel sees the flower and his jaw drops to the ground. He snatches it out of Sam’s hand and demands he take a picture of him with it before he starts eating on it. He does, (which Gabe posts to instagram later with some sickening sweet caption on it, which makes Sam blush so bad it’s not even funny), and then immediately starts eating it. 

The whole thing is gone by the time they walk away from there, get through the line to get their turn on the Ferris wheel. Gabriel has one of the worst sugar comas of his life, but it is completely worth it, because Sam bought him a giant fucking cotton candy flower.