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The #CPSC has produced this video on the #MACLAREN stroller #recall #Recalled strollers include models from 1999-2009 and involve at least 12 finger amputations. I actually own one of these strollers and used the “shield” they provide to modify the area at issue. MACLAREN reannounced the recall due to continued use and concerns about their product and injuries.


#Pharmacists are gatekeepers to errors in adverse events, medication failures and consumer contact. Here the FDA examines their important role as filters of information and a line of defense against adverse events.

The FDA is calling for input on proposed guidelines relating to “Apps”. Apps, short for “applications”, have continued to grow in popularity through use on smartphones, and tablets like the iPad. Pharmaceutical companies, and others, have begun promoting their products through clever campaigns involving Apps. Some have claimed the FDA has been slow to act in implementing guidelines on “Social Media”. However, the reality is that the FDA has become a “user”, or “adopter” of digital media and is using it to carry out their mission. Thus far, the FDA’s social media legacy includes use of YouTube, Facebook, Flickr and multimedia on their website. Hopefully, through actual use they will be in a better position to understand how this constantly changing medium will be hard to regulate without vigilant oversight as some things remain in flux.

Gabriel F. Zambrano, P.A., is the sponsor of this blog and commentary. Gabriel F. Zambrano recently presented to a National audience on how the Pharmaceutical companies are using social media, apps and Facebook, to interact with consumers with limited guidance from the FDA. Please contact him directly with any requests relating to this presentation, or related questions.