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Why the mask doesn’t come off - COMPLETE
wow this took me wAAAAAAY longer than I thought it would. It’s fuckin’ 5 in the morning x’)
anyway really had a fun time doing this. It’s messy but I like it overall cx Go take a look at my revamped version — Digital AND Colored!


anonymous asked:

Wait a sec, little Cassie attacked the Archangel Lucifer? More information please!

Anonymous said to ask-the-baby-angels:Cas attacked Lucifer even though he has the tag meaning he’s violent?

Yyyyeeeah, there was gobsmacked staring all around, hah.

You are a Fake Winchester if you don’t casually endanger your life for your brother, ahaha. NOT that Cas was in danger, per say! Lucifer is violent, but with humans. He’s really mostly harmless to other angels! His genetics make him protective over Seraphs, as it’s the role of the Archangel(s) of the flock to take care of them. SO yes, he’s Bewildered by the tiny snarling ball of black feathers but he wouldn’t hurt Cas on purpose ♥

((Repost because I had to squint to see the damn pics B|))


αηġεℓs: winged celestial beings created by God to serve as His attendants, messengers, and soldiers; terrible, beautiful, and perfect beings with no choice, only obedience except in cases of M̪̬̗̖͉ͣͤͩ̆̚Ȁ̲̱̣̹L̞̣ͯ̌̈͋F̰̱̩̪̅͊͒̆ͦU͙̽̈́̌N͍̉́ͣC̭̜͍Ṭ̊ͬĪ̀͛̇O̜̹N͕̩̣̟̤̯̓͒ͬ

Okay, so, Gabriel/Reaper’s body is in a constant state of decay and regeneration. Is it just me, or does that sound horribly painful? Like, no wonder he’s so vengeful and angry all the time. He’s probably in constant pain and discomfort every minute of his existence. He can never die, and he knows this, so he knows there will never be an end to his suffering. Add to this the fact that, whatever he looks like under that mask, he considers himself to be an atrocity, not even human anymore, to the point where he called himself a thing. I just feel so sorry for him…

Overwatch Drabble - Childhood Delights - #1

Jesse pouted his lips and dragged his feet, scuffing his shoes against the pavement as one little hand reluctantly clutched at the hem of his father’s hoodie.

“Don’t sulk, Jesse.”

The boy sulked harder, jutting out his lower lip and turning his head to the side. The expression stayed in place even as his little legs stumbled a bit over the uneven sidewalk.


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Worlds Collide (Part 1)

Castiel x Reader 

Word Count: 1.4K

Warnings: brief canon-style violence, mention of blood, swearing.

A/N: My awesome title naming skills strike again! This is another Anon request (possibly 2 in 1?). It will be a Castiel x Reader fic, with a twist? (no spoilers!) It’s a different feel for me, but very fun to write. This will be a mini series at the very least, depending on how carried away I get. Oh, and I made a silly little aesthetic/collage (whatever they’re called) thing. So, yay me.

Anon request: “heyyy i’ve got a prompt for you for whenever you have time… J2M gets transported (by my bby Gabriel) to the SPN world and meets TFW + the reader??? maybe throw in some lovin’ for my boy cas? or misha? take it wherever you want :) thanks!”

Worlds Collide Master List

Gabriel had been horrifically bored for weeks, unable to find a single soul worth pestering. Sam and Dean weren’t amusing anymore, and Castiel never got his jokes. The clueless look on his brother’s face didn’t even make the amber-eyed archangel smile anymore.

So, the angel scanned through every dimension he knew of, in search of his next victim. But, with every new land he trekked, he grew more and more discouraged. Maybe he was doomed to infinite boredom? He sure as hell hoped not. Gabriel rolled his eyes as he snapped his fingers for the n’teenth time.

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