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Gabriel always likes to act tough and defiant but has anything ever made him cry?

Oh yes. He’s got a few different sort of crying, even!

To his eternal exasperation, being angry opens up the waterworks big time.

When he’s genuinely upset he’s going to retreat to a quiet corner and cry silently. Till Sam discovers him and tries to make it better, at least.

…aaaannd there’s the ‘A Great And Terrible Thing Has Befallen Me, Woe Is Me’ crying. Most often seen during tantrums, minor inconveniences and Not Getting His Way. Sam took a while to see through it, much to Dean’s exasperated amusement, heh. 

“I knew this book would be full of the most overused, useless crap ever written.” Gabriel’s eyebrows furrowed as he let the book rest on his chest so he could stare up at the sky. Annie was doing a lot better than when she’d first returned home but he felt useless some days, felt like he was losing her and it tore him apart. He grumbled and squirmed on the bench he was sprawled across before taking a drag from his cigarette and letting his hand dangle. “What can I do to help you, ‘Nael?” He murmured softly, watching the smoke twist up towards the sky.


Gabe-part to the Cas bedtime post

Gabe is usually surprisingly docile when Sam gets him ready for bed! Boy loves sleeping, haha.

Sam first carts him off to the bathroom for a bath and the brushing of teeth (with the amount of candy Gabe puts away it’s Really Necessary)

Sam usually forgoes reading him a book, instead telling silly little stories from his childhood often involving embarrassing things about Dean (:p) while grooming Gabe’s wings.

The plush Gabe is holding is a  Nemuriale Sleep Aid Puppy because while he loves sleeping, he needs some help to get there ♥

Sometimes I cry because Gabriel loved his family so much and just couldn’t stand watching them fight and kill each other so he ran away but it all happened again and he just wants his big family to be happy again and he dies at his brother’s hand trying to convince him to not kill his other brother and

I just really want Gabriel back okay ;-;