gabriel & the hounds

My relationship with my problematic faves
  • Me: omg yes he's a terrible person I do not approve of any of his life choices he's an asshole 0/10 would NOT recommend he deserves every bad thing in the world he's absolutely terrible in fact i would personally murder him myself if i could
  • anybody else: *says the exact same thing*
  • me: excuse me bitch

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Can you do playlists for The Governor, Gabriel and Hound? Sorry if it's too much ;-; have a great day <3

Wow this going to be long XD bear with me (ps. lol more kpop songs XD)

For The Governor i feel like these songs suit him best

-Evil by SHINee (look…he is bad at the end of the day)

-Hurt by EXO (Just the feel and pain from this song reminds me of him…so yeah)

-Odd Eye by SHINee (OMG THIS SONG I LOVE IT xD but I think it suits him in the sense of the feel of the song like it’s sensual…and he only has one eye…)

-1004 (Angel) by B.A.P (The lyrics are just wow…Like it can apply to him from the way he misses his daughter :( it’s sad but yeah)

-All in by Monsta X (Idk i just feel like he’s kinda All in when it comes to certain things)

-Don’t go home by Gd & T.O.P (Ok this is more of a fun song but honestly the way he is with women you kinda think this is what is happening XD)

Then for baby Gabriel (lol every cute song is about him XD)

-Heaven by EXO (Idk the first sentence just remind me of him “Hello Angeeeeel~~~” :3)

-You’re the best by Mamamoo (Ok maybe i’m biased and I just love him but the lyrics are so cute and loving that I can only think about him XD…Well maybe Merle and Negan too but it’s such a cute song)

-Hug by DBSK (It’s just such a fluffy song that I can only think about him :3)

-Angel/Into your world by EXO (This song is so ethereal that Idk it’s so good! And fluffy to make me think of him XD)

-200% by AKMU (Gaaahhh this song!! I love it! XD and it’s so cute that yeah him again XD)

-Just Right by GOT7 (Look I know he isn’t an insecure girl XD but the message is just so cute and good that I feel like it can suit him in a way 😊 cause he is just right!)

-Bump and Grind by R.Kelly (Ok this song again but the beginning of it is just perfect XD “My mind is telling me no…. But my body….my body’s telling me yeeeessss!” Lol)

For The Hound XD

-Soldier by Taemin (Like woah this song is so emotional…but I feel like it suits him lyrically in an odd check out!!)

-I NEED U By BTS (Idk…I feel like he needs someone is his life doesn’t he?)

-All day long by ZE:A (Just the feel of it really XD I think of him and the lyrics are pretty heartbreaking enough)

-Growl by EXO (Well he is call the Hound XD so I can just imagine him pushing off anyone like in the lyrics 😏)

-Tonight we feel alive by Four Year Strong (Non kpop song but really awesome!! Oddly I can imagine him just killing people on a horseback with this song in the back)

Nothin' but a Hound Dog

Part 2 of All too Familiar (based off of this imagine post)

You awoke to excited barking once again. Rolling over in bed, Gabriel, the corgi stood next to your face. After you opened your eyes, he gave you another lick. “Get up! Come on, up!”

This was the usual way you’d be woken up for the past month. “Alright, alright. I’m up!” You mumbled, pulling the covers off you. “You can stop slobbering on me now.” Another lick.

After you managed to push him off your chest, you stumbled into the kitchen, Gabriel at your heels. You put a pot of coffee on, and took out your favourite mug.

“I want one too.” Gabriel pouted, laying across the couch in human form.

“You don’t need caffeine in your body, you’ll be bouncing off the walls.” You sighed.

He looked at you, big pleading eyes and lower lip stuck out. No matter what shape he took, the puppy dog eyes were your biggest weakness.

You took out another cup and poured the coffee. “You can do this yourself you know.” You told Gabe.

He took a sip from the mug and placed it on the coffee table. “Tastes better when you make it.” The familiar chuckled.

Sipping the hot beverage, you looked around your apartment. “Better get this place cleaned up for my date later.”

“Woah woah woah. A what?” Gabriel asked, sitting up on the sofa.

“A date,” You explained to your familiar. “You know that thing where two people have dinner together in a romantic setting?”

He rolled his eyes. “I know what a date is, I just don’t know why you’re going on a date with whatshisface.”

“James.” You corrected. You picked up one of Gabe’s rubber chewtoys and and idly tossed it between your hands, his eyes tracking its movement as you did so.

“You didn’t tell me about this.” Gabriel huffed.

You sighed. “I did. About seventeen times, you just said ‘great that’s cool, you gonna eat that or what?’” You recounted the time you were brewing a potion and the familiar had tried to chew on a half-finished potion. “Anyways, can you do me a favour and stay in corgi-mode tonight? Please?” You pleaded.

The cheery and energetic Gabriel had been replaced with a grumpy and over-protective one. “Does this…James...know about-”

“-Me being a witch?” You finished. “No,   and I’d like to keep it that way. For a while at least.”

“And he’s human?” Gabriel inquired.

You nodded. “Completely. I’ve done all the tests, he’s one-hundred percent human.” You replied.

A moment of awkward silence and a bit of a staring contest later, Gabriel gave in. “Fine.” He muttered, throwing his hands in the air as a sign of defeat.

You smiled and sat next to him. “Who’s a good boy?” You asked repeatedly while ruffling his golden hair. “Come on…”

“…I’m a good boy.”


“He’s here!” You chirped before fixing your hair one last time. You had butterflies in your stomach but something felt…off. Like you had the wrong date.

You opened the door and saw James standing there, bouquet of your favourite flowers in hand. “I’m not late am I?”  He questioned.

“No, not at all,” You assured him. “You’re actually a bit early, lasagne’s still in the oven.”

“Ooh, lasagne, my favourite!” He said.

“I want lasagne.”

“Gabriel please, you just ate.” You told him mentally. “But we can watch some TV while we wait.” You suggested out loud.

“Sounds good!” James smiled.

After putting the flowers in a vase, you led him to the den where Gabriel sat on a chair, eyeing your date suspiciously.

“You have a dog!” James noticed. He moved his hand to pet Gabriel when the corgi bared his teeth and started growling. The man quickly retracted his hand.

You frowned, this was unusual behaviour for Gabe. Hell, just last week he’d let a sticky toddler rub their hands all over his fur. “I’m sorry, Gabriel doesn’t usually act like this.” You apologised.

You and James sat down on the sofa. You’d just turned on Doctor Who when your familiar started barking like crazy. “You’re in his spot.” You sighed.

“I can move if you’d like-” James started.

You interrupted him and shot Gabe a look. “No, it’s fine. Gabriel can be a handful at times.”

“Am not!”

“Are too.”

Gabriel stood rigidly in front of your date, his ears tucked back and body low to the ground (though that wasn’t much of a challenge) and stared at James for a solid three minutes. He didn’t seem to like the sight of your partner’s arm wrapped around your shoulders.

His solution? To hop up on the couch and wedge himself between the two of you, forcing James away from his witch. Gabriel looked up innocently, nudging his head against you, waiting to be petted.

You sighed, you couldn’t take it any more. “You know what, there’s a place that does pretty good pizza around the corner, want to go out and grab a slice?” You queried.

“What about your lasagne?” James asked.

“We can have it another time, maybe when my dog is more well behaved.” You replied, aiming the last bit directly at Gabriel.

Your boyfriend picked up his jacket and put it on. “Sure then, sounds good to me!”

You headed towards the door when Gabriel started to follow. “No. You’re staying here.” You told him.

He sat down and watched as you walked out the door, arm in arm with your new date. The telepathic bond wasn’t working, you’d blocked him out completely.

If you were going to treat him like a mutt, so be it, he was going to act like one.


You unlocked your front door and headed up the stairs. James had escorted you back home before he left. The place was quiet, which was unusual for Gabriel.

“Gabe? I’m sorry for earlier. I was a bit too harsh and-” You looked around you and your jaw dropped. The carpet was torn to shreds, cushions had their stuffing flowing out of then, things were knocked over and broken, basically it looked like a tornado had blown through.

And Gabriel was right in the centre of it, in the act of ripping apart one of your shoes with his teeth and claws.

“Are. You. Kidding me?” You growled. “What the hell Gabriel?!”

Gabe shifted back to his human form and spat out a bit of fluff. “Y/N, I-”

“No, you can’t explain.” You ran your fingers through your hair in an attempt to calm yourself. “Maybe there’s a spell that can fix this…” You pondered, gesturing to the mess.

“I’ll help.” Gabriel suggested.

You turned to him. “No! No, I’m done with your 'helping’. Why don’t you just…just go! Before you break something else.”

He opened his mouth to talk but decided otherwise. He picked at his gold collar before throwing it to the ground, and storming out.

Unsure of what to do next, you sat amongst the chaos and planted your face in your hands. Your so-called best friend was gone and you couldn’t take it. The only thing left to do was cry.

Downworlders Network Battle: One Character from TDA or TLH
     ↳ Mark Blackthorn - The Dark Artifices 

“ The Wild Hunt. Gabriel’s Hounds. The Wild Host. They have many names. They are faeries who disdain the earthly Courts. They ride across the sky, pursuing an eternal hunt. On one night a year a mortal can join them—but once you’ve joined the Hunt, you can never leave it. ”

[Samhain] was the great festival that opened winter—the most terrifying of all the seasons. It’s the one in which most people died. This is the season when the wild geese come over, with their voices and the voice of the wind wailing about the moor. You hear the Gabriel hounds, the witch towns, the hounds of hell, dark and with fiery eyes and tongues, coming for you in the night. And as you pass the abandoned mineshaft on the moor, and hear the air trapped, sobbing within, you hear the voices of the souls in hell, rising in torment.
—  Professor Ronald Hutton