Imagine a kindergarten with baby angels and human babies. Dean, Sam, Gabriel, and Cas becoming friends and playing together.

Dean instantly falls in love with his new friend’s tiny, fluffy black wings and gladly helps him clean them.  Cas, from his side patiently sits and listens to Dean with his blue eyes opened wide, as the little freckled boy teaches him about various rock bands. 

Sam steals a lot of candies and brings him to his new friend - Gabe. The baby angel does not tell him that he can make them appear instantly, as Sam has to prove what a good friend he can be. 

Years will pass and they will grow up. Their friendship will turn into something else, much stronger and beautiful but the time has not come to tell that story. Not yet.

a little bit Gabriel in my life -
a little bit of Castiel by my side -
a little bit of Sam is what I see -
a little bit of Dean is what I need -
a little bit of Crowley straight from hell -
a little bit of Lucifer as well -
a little bit of Bobby to keep us right -
as we drive the impala through the night
Angels Go to War

Request: I love you love you love you for doing my request! maybe continue it? I think a cool plot could develop after fluffy Cas x reader courting - justcallmeyourgoddess

A/N: I had so much fun writing this part! I’d love to continue this as a series if there’s interest. :)

Words: 2165

Author:: Castielle

Pairing: Castiel x angel!Reader

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It was kind of strange to be the new “it” thing in Heaven since Michael and Lucifer came back.
At first, you glowed in the pleasant words of the other angels. There were those that congratulated Castiel, saying that he had made a good choice with you. Then there were others who giggled that the two of you were “soooo cute.” In the morning praise to God, Castiel would stand next to you. First, his pinkie would reach out to loop with yours. Then more fingers would join until the two of you were holding hands. You heard whispers from the other angels and felt them looking at you, but you didn’t mind. When you looked at God, He smiled at you. He had already given His blessing for your courtship.
It was a little different when the two of you went to see Dean Winchester in his heaven, although still pleasant. Dean smirked and patted Castiel’s shoulder.
“I knew it was going to be you two,” he crowed.

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Torture (Part 1 1/2 to Wings)

Torture  (part 1 ½ to “Wings”)

Word Count: 692

Warnings: I don’t want to give away anything, but there’s some cussing and (heh.) torture

Author:  Admin J (fandomzilla)

Author’s note: This is simply my way of torturing you (Mwahahaha), no I’m kidding (not really) this just happened. This is just a short teaser in between till part 2! ALSO VERY IMPORTANT: My fic has now moved to the taglist page instead of the masterlist. No worries, it’s still here, but you find it on taglist instead of masterlist.

  I’m so sorry.

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This is for ayumichan46 because i realized i’ve never actually really drawn anything for you, and you’re like, my closest friend in the whole fandom and tbqh, my best friend online, no joke <333 I’m glad I have someone I can talk to whenever I need to, also someone to exchange cute/soul-crushing ideas with :’D
So enjoy ur Gabe babe. <3 <3  

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