i have this really weird music video idea in my head that I can totally see happening as some point and I totally want to make it

lucifer, gabriel, and michael singing bang bang by jessie j. Their song is directed towards the winchesters. Luci is singing Jessie J’s line, gabe is ariana grande, and michael is nicki minaj bc yes

one day (whenever I have a good luci cosplay set up) Imma do this and find two friends who are down to be mike and Gabriel

Edit: I forgot to mention that Lucifer would be singing to Dean, Mike to Adam, and Gabe to Sam
Unity 2

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A/n: Gabriel is busy plotting trying to get back together with Julie and Sam. Smut mentioned. 

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Words: 3, 109


Julie stormed out to the garage where Bobby stood working on an older car. He looked up at his daughter immediately knowing that she had seen the visitors in the house.

“Hey there sunshine.”

Bobby said calmly. Julie sighed sitting down on a bar stool in the corner.

“You didn’t tell me that they were going to be here dad.”

Bobby turned, cleaning his hands on dirty towel. The look on his daughter’s face made Bobby feel guilty. He knew that she would never admit it but she missed Sam and the angel. Bobby hated the nature of his daughter’s relationship but he knew that she was happy…until Gabriel fucked everything up.

“Julie, they can help us with this case. Also I’m worried about you. Look no one else can say this to you but I can because I’m your dad. You still love those two idgits whether you want to admit it or not. I know Gabriel hurt you but Sam didn’t do jack shit. You’re afraid to admit that you love them. You know I of all people don’t like that you are being the cream in the Oreo for those two but its your life. We are all worried about you.”

Julie groaned. For Bobby to admit all of this he had to be worried. The first time he found out about the nature of her love life he had went on a tirade for about three hours.

“You’re right…as usual. I just don’t want to get hurt again. I still love them both. I thought that getting away for a few months would help…boy was I fucking wrong. I see them both right there together and WHAM feelings all over again.”

Bobby looked back to the motor he was working on.

“Take your time then.”

Walking back into the house, Julie pressed her lips together trying to push any thoughts of her and Sam/Gabriel’s relationship from her mind. All of the nights they had shared, secrets, love, everything was like a haunting memory.

“Those were all my favorite memories.”

Julie turned to see Gabriel watching her intently. His golden eyes were focused on her face.

“Yeah they were nice.”

Julie said making sure to emphasize the word were. Gabriel sighed as Sam walked into the room.

“I deserved that”

Julie watched both of her exes carefully. Was this a pre-planned intervention?

“You deserve a lot more.”

Gabriel shook his head sighing. He had expected this. Julie could be so stubborn. Sam started in next.

“We’ve been worried about you. You just took off and with your powers being a tad unsteady we were afraid.”

Julie rolled her eyes.

“Believe it or not. I’ve made friends who are like me and I can do a lot of neat stuff now.”

Gabriel’s face looked livid.

“You’re friends with Rowena?!”

Julie crossed her arms.

“I am. She cares about me. Unlike a certain archangel who is good with sugar sweet words who thinks it’s okay to devastate the person who he is supposed to love?”

Gabriel rolled his eyes again.

“Mother fuck here we go. Can we stop with the third person huh? I know you are talking about me.”

Julie smirked.

“Maybe I was talking about Lucifer.”

Gabriel looked disgusted.

“You’re banging my brother?”

Sam sighed running a hand through his hair.

“No Gabriel. She’s talking about you. Look Julie, Rowena is dangerous.”

Gabriel still looking offended nodded.

“Yeah she’s like sacrifice a cat dangerous. She would sacrifice a cat and it would be your cat!”

Julie focused her attention on the archangel.

“At least she cares.”

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  • Gabriel: Cool spear
  • Michael: It's a lance
  • Gabriel: It looks like a spear
  • Michael: But it's not, it's the Lance of Michael
  • Raphael: Technically a lance is a spear used by a cavalry soldier and since you don't ride a horse it should be called the Spear of Michael
  • Gabriel: Just admit you're only calling it a lance because you think it sounds cooler
  • Michael: *storms out of heaven annoyed at his brothers*
  • Gabriel: You forgot your spear!