I’m just picturing family dinners with the archangels and God.  Everyone’s fighting and losing their shit.  Standing up, banging their hands against the table and screaming at each other.  Except Gabriel who’s just:

Then, as a means of escape writes pagan smut in his head.

Raphael: Because animals can not give the same expressed consent that humans can, it is not possible for us to take animals as vessels.

Lucifer: It hasn’t stopped us from turning into animals to get what we want.

Michael: Yes, because even at the beginning of time, no one would say yes to Lucifer so the best option was to seduce a poor girl…as a snake.

Lucifer: At least I didn’t have it hot for a horse!

Gabriel:…Don’t drag me into this.

Hey there, you.

Yes, you. I have a question for you. Did you know it’s Valentine’s Day today? Yeah, you probably did didn’t you, sorry bit late to the party but I just wanted to drop in and say how beautiful you looked today. I know, I know, a random post in the ether isn’t going to mean a lot but that’s because you haven’t sussed who I am yet!

So let’s give you a clue. What’s strong, warm and sexy all over?




You guessed it, or you saw the gif before even getting that far but either way I’m here. I can’t stop long but I had to say something, you’re an amazing person and even if someone’s already told you that today, I needed to as well and if not? Well then someone damn well should’ve because you are a stunner, inside and out. Trust me, I know these things being an archangel and all (and one of the nice ones - lookin’ at you Luci.)

So go out there, looking as cute as you wanna be. Knock ‘em dead, kiddo, I’m rooting for you.

Happy Valentine’s Day

I’ll be at work all day, but I hope you enjoy it. And for you candy lovers out there…candy sales start the day after. Also might I recommend watching some Bloody Valentine starring Jensen Ackles?

Besides that, I’m sure Gabriel will stop at some of your places with flowers and or chocolate in hand. If not, I’ll kick his butt out and send him on his way.


P.S. If none of the above happen and you still feel lonely. I’ll be your Valentine.

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The Signs as Supernatural Characters

Aries: Bobby Singer

Taurus: Crowley

Gemini: Mary Winchester

Cancer: John Winchester

Leo: Charlie Bradbury

Virgo: Castiel

Libra: Gabriel

Scorpio: Lucifer

Sagittarius: Sam Winchester

Capricorn: Balthazar

Aquarius: Dean Winchester

Pisces: Kevin Tran


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