Halloween Drabble Event #3 The Bet...

Request: For the drabble thing can you do a request where gabriel and the reader have like some kind of candy bet with each other or something. thanks 

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 545

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When you passed the bunker kitchen, you failed to notice the trickster lurking inside, whose attention you’d caught.

“You know grocery bags belong in the kitchen right?” Gabriel ignored formal greetings, popping out of thin air beside you; eyeing what was hanging from your hand. “Where the hell are you off to?”

“My room. I just got some Halloween candy is all.”

Gabriel leaned in closer to you, eyes peeking for a better examination of the bag. The lollipop in his mouth almost fell out at the anticipation of new treats.

“Hey!” You raised the bag to hold close to your chest. “Manifest your own.”

You mistakenly led the archangel to your bedroom, failing to keep him out before you shut the door. You placed the bag on your bed, where Gabriel began to ransack it.

Gabriel raised a mischievous brow, pouring out the bag. “You’re going to eat all of that? What between now and next year? Come on; you can’t do that.”

“Care to make this interesting?”

“You can’t out-eat the Trickster. You’d lose up against me.”

“That’s not what I was going to suggest. Listen, I bet you that I can eat this all by midnight on Halloween.”

Gabriel took his feet off the table, slowly stalking around the table to hover in front of you. “What happens if you lose?” Gabriel asked, talking the lollipop out of his mouth, twirling the stick in his hand while peering at you.

“I will…”

“Go out with me.”


“You lose, I get to take you out on a date the next day.”

You bit  your nail, contemplating the idea. “Okay. And if I win I get a two-way trip to wherever I want to go in the world.”

Gabriel brought up his hand up to his mouth and chin, pretending to debate the bet for a moment before extending his hand.

One week was not enough time to eat four bags of candy.

Sitting in your room, you had to read over the last page of your book for the third time, the small pain in your stomach was increasing and you knew you had to surrender.

You’d barely begun the fourth bag by the morning of the 31st, and you knew whatever you put into your mouth would later come out. You thought to get it over with and call Gabriel sooner than later. If you were in pain, he may show mercy.


The archangel was standing before you before you finished his name.

Gabriel raised a brow. “Give up?”

You nodded, clenching your stomach. “You win.”

Gabriel stepped closer to you, leaning down to cover your hand with his. You felt his grace move through your hand and through to your torso, eliminating any pain.

Gabriel’s hand was still holding yours when you pulled it away from your stomach. “So, does the gloating begin now or what?”

Gabriel chuckled. “As much as I do love to win. It doesn’t matter.”

“What do you mean?”

“No matter who won, I still got to spend time with you, which will always be a win for me.”

“Awe, Gabe.”

“But, now it’s considered a date.”

You couldn’t help but smile as Gabriel walked out of the room with a click of his heels.

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Prompt List

So I needed to get some inspiration flowing and I thought i’d make a little prompt list. All I need you to do is send me a prompt number or numbers and a Supernatural character or cast member. Any type of x reader is allowed.


  1. “I don’t want to have a baby.”
  2. “Are you kidding me? We’re not ‘fine’!”
  3. “Well, this is where I live.”
  4. “You make me feel like I’m not good enough.”
  5. “I am not losing you again.”
  6. “I think I picked up your coffee by mistake.”
  7. “Why do you keep pushing me away?”
  8. “I’ve never felt this way before….and it scares the shit out of me.”
  9. “Are you really taking his side against me?”
  10. “I wish I could hate you.”
  11. “Damn… you’re beautiful”
  12. “This is by far the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.”
  13. “I thought you were dead.”
  14. “I love you, you asshole.”
  15. “You can’t protect me.”
  16. “It’s not my fault I was born attractive.”
  17. “Stop talking about the past, I could be dead in a matter of hours… make me up a future.”
  18. “Don’t be crude!”
  19. “Is there a special reason as to why you’re wearing my shirt?”
  20. “Who is in our bed.”

Send me a prompt number and a character or actor!

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Let me just make you an exhaustive list of why I love this video:

-it was spontaneous
-it’s one of my favorite classic rock songs
-robbie and his boys
-starts out with jensen teasing jared’s tendency to drop microphones
-speight being helpful with the microphone
-rob setting everything up carefully
-just rob and speight being awesome kings of con in general
-the audience’s support from the very beginning to the end
-jensen’s voice (better than most real versions of songs)
-rob’s voice (loved him since “eskimo”)
-robbie and jensen knowing how to sing together
-huddle of dude friends supporting jared’s first time playing
-jared’s legendary bravery
-just jared, in general
-jensen altering the “america” lyric for the audience of australians
-jensen’s rockstar-quality passion
-speight’s “everybody!” to get the audience involved
-the clapping, which jensen always encourages
-the audience singing and making it sound even better
-jared’s smile when jensen jumps up
-jensen adding “that’s where we killed ‘em” to the lyric about vampires (he might be confusing himself with his character…again)
-the a capella part
-jensen watching jared play
-someone yelling “yeah jared!” and making him smile
-jared’s “you know the words” to the audience
-all the guys hugging jared at the end
-jared kissing rob
-the fist bump
-jensen being an actual big brother and grinning proudly for jared
-the standing ovation, which big bro ackles also encouraged
-jared’s modest “i am surrounded by some talented people”
-jared’s forever blowing kisses at everyone who catches his eye in the audience
-jensen’s gracious farewell
-“wayward son” blasting at the end
-how it was basically just an enormous family singing a pretty song together
-bonus: jared’s jeans are really cool



what a pretty day on the internet! artists have finally been given the go-ahead to post their pieces from the @supernaturalartbook ! here’s my final piece, with a handful of closeups.

thanks so much to s3 for all of their hard work, and for inviting me to participate in this huge project! major kudos!!