The Best Medicine

I somehow got incredibly sick overnight, and I’m feeling like absolute crap. So I decided to write this short one-shot with sick!Gabriel and caring!Sam. 

Tagging @mischiefsmessenger because I promised them a long time ago that I would write them some Sabriel fluff, and I am just now delivering! Hope you enjoy!

Gabriel groaned as his pulse throbbed between his temples, sending a dulled ache of pressure throughout his head. He blinked at the bathroom ceiling, swallowing cautiously as he took in the cracks within the beige plaster, the thin abstract line blurring in his vision. 

He swallowed stiffly and winced with a pained grunt; it felt as though there was a thick, burning obstruction in his throat, making swallowing an agony. On top of that and the whirling headache, his body was uncomfortably warm, making him sweat through his clothes and giving him the chills, and his sinuses were congested but still leaking a nasty stream of mucus.

“Fuckin’ perfect,” he rasped. 

Sniffing wetly, Gabriel reached for the tissue box on the floor next to him, which was just about empty by now. He blew his nose, gasping for breath afterward past his fiery throat and clogged nose, and he halfheartedly tossed the soiled tissue in the general vicinity of the wastebasket. 

Soft, padded footsteps sounded outside the closed bathroom door, and then a tentative knock echoed throughout the tiny space.

“Gabe?” Sam’s muffled voice came from the other side of the door. “You okay?”

“Ugh, don’t come in,” Gabriel groaned, turning his head to rest his temple against the cool tile. “’M gross, ‘n nasty. Y’won’ wanna kiss me ever again.”

Sam made a confused noise before the doorknob rattled. The door open slowly, revealing Sam’s concern expression glancing around the bathroom before dropping down to Gabriel’s body on the floor. Sam’s worry turned into light bewilderment, and he cocked his head to the side.

“Why are you on the floor?” Sam asked. “Feeling alright?”

“No, actually,” Gabriel croaked. He gingerly cleared his throat, flinching at the flash of pain it caused in his head and throat, and continued, “I feel like shit. Woke up… ‘round three this mornin’. Couldn’t get back to sleep so… The bathroom floor just feels so nice.” 

Sam smiled gently down at his boyfriend, opening the door a little wider and stepping inside. “Wouldn’t you rather be in bed?”

“No, no, it’s so nice here. Feels good,” Gabriel breathed, closing his eyes. “I love you, Sam, but… you’re a fuckin’ furnace.”

Sam chuckled. “Do you need me to get you something then? Medicine, tea, a washcloth?”

“Noooo,” Gabriel drew out, nuzzling the floor. “I already took somethin’. Right now, ‘M just… ‘M so tired.”

“Okay,” Sam murmured. 

Gabriel heard Sam approaching, and then a small wisp of air and an adjusting grunt as Sam dropped down beside him. Gabriel forced his eyes to open, frowning up at his boyfriend. Sam smiled down at him, leaning back against the bathroom wall.

“What ‘r y’doing?” Gabriel whispered.

“Making sure my boyfriend’s okay, what does it look like?” Sam answered, sliding his fingers into Gabriel’s sweaty fringe. 

Despite the warmth of Sam’s hand, Gabriel’s eyes fluttered shut in bliss and he groaned in pleasure, leaning into Sam’s touch. Gabriel chuckled thickly, his lips tugging into a loose grin as he reopened his eyes, staring up at Sam. 

“Worrywart,” Gabriel sighed fondly. 

Sam grinned back and leaned down, pressing a kiss to Gabriel’s lips. Gabriel, despite the flutter in his heart from the loving action, groaned and turned his head away.

“Babe, seriously,” Gabriel said, “you’re gonna get sick.”

“Mm, then I get sick,” Sam shrugged with an affectionate smile. “I’ve been meaning to take a day off anyway. And if I do get sick, that means we can spend all day in bed together.”

“Just not in the way we’d normally spend a day in bed together,” Gabriel replied, weakly waggling his brows up at Sam.

“We’re long overdue for a proper cuddle session.”

Gabriel’s chest convulsed with a strained laugh, and even though the action resulted in further pain, Gabriel couldn’t help but grin. He slowly reached up, tapping Sam’s nose with his forefinger. “Girl.”

Sam just smiled wider.

thatonefabulousdragon  asked:

Could you do one where Gabe is annoying the Winchesters & reader by throwing pokeballs at them, and someone (you can choose:) ) saying: you'll need a masterball to catch me (or something else like that, you choose:) Thank you, (love your writing, and your blog in general<3!!)

Thank you!!! ❤️


“Y/n, I choose you!”

Gabriel tosses yet another pokéball toward your body, eliciting a groan from you.

“Gabriel! What’s the point of this??”

The archangel raises a finger before gasping.


You raise an eyebrow, curious as to what he was getting at.


He shoos your question aside.

“Of course! I need a masterball to catch you! Since you’re legendary!”

You face-palm and look up at him.

“Is this you hitting on me?”

He nods.

You bite your lip. “Why me?”

The smile on Gabriel’s face grows enough to span from cheek to cheek.

“Because I’ll always choose you.”


A/N: The first of my christmas drabbles goes to the lovely  @girl-next-door-writes . Hope you like it. 

Characters: Gabriel x Emma

Warnings: All the fluff.

Wordcount: 450

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“Babe, wake up,” Gabriel said in a soft voice, carefully stroking her cheek. No response. “Emma,” he tried a little louder causing her to stir a little. Normally it was easy to wake her up, but they had stayed up late last night celebrating her birthday and even if he wanted her to get the rest she needed, he knew Christmas was her favorite holiday and she wouldn’t want to miss any of it. “If you don’t wake up right no I’m gonna drink this delicious cup of cocoa myself.”

“Did you say cocoa?” she asked, sleep lacing her voice.

“Sure, that got your attention,” he chuckled as she sat up in bed. Her hair sticking to all ends as she rubbed the sleep from her beautiful, brown eyes.

Emma looked to the cup in her boyfriend’s hand, it certainly smelled like hot chocolate, but the top was covered with whipped cream and mini marshmallows, and of course a large candy cane in the middle of it all. “For me?”

“Yeah, but you have to drink it in the living room,” he stated before he got up and left the room, keeping the cup hostage.

Emma reluctantly got out of bed and padded downstairs as instructed, after putting on her Rudolph slippers of course. The soft tunes of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas sounded from the stereo and in the middle of the room was Gabe, under a mistletoe, holding her christmas stocking, a wide grin on his face.

“For you milady,” he offered, holding out the stocking for her.

“This is amazing,” she smiled as she walked over to him, placing a soft kiss to his lips before taking it from him.

She looked inside and her grin widened. It was filled with Terry’s Chocolate Oranges, her favourite, and nothing more.

“Now, to the kitchen,” Gabe instructed and practically shoved her in there.

Her kitchen table and counters were stacked with gingerbread men, hearts and reindeers, every surface apart from the floor was covered. “What did you do?” she asked in awe, turning around to meet Gabes warm gaze.

“You told me that you could eat your bodyweight in gingerbread. So… tada,” he explained. “Now, I don’t know exactly how much there is, but I’m sure I’ve got you covered.”

Emma couldn’t help but laugh. “You know that I wasn’t being literal right? Just a figure of speech.”

“I’m an angel, we don’t do figure of speech,” he teased.

“Well… I love it.”

Gabe wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her into him, placing a few chaste kisses to her lips.

“I’m glad,” he smiled. “Now, let’s eat. We need to clear the kitchen before dinner.”

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