“Tell me, Sam. What exactly do you want me to do to you?”

Art for calmturquoise​’s SPN Kink Mini Bang fic, Coming Clean. Sabriel, ace!Sam, tickling & bondage kinks – what more could you want?

Reader in Wonderland - Part 3

Summary: Gabriel x Reader - The reader tumbles down the rabbit hole and into a wonderland of Gabriel’s making after the trickster decides to help he unwind with a book.

Triggers: None

Word Count: 3735

Y/N = Your name  Y/H/C = Your hair colour  

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Stepping into the forest you looked up at the unbroken greenery above you. No sunlight could shine through the thick branches weaving an unending tapestry of green an brown over your head, shrouding the path in darkness. Making what was a normal forest path dark and ominous. Looking back over your shoulder you considered finding a way around the dark path. Not liking the way the shadows twisted, becoming talon like fingers as they stretched for your legs. But as you turned, expecting to find the colourful garden bathed in sunlight two steps behind you, you saw nothing but trees. The path continuing both ways in a seemingly endless amount of straight thick trunks and damp forest beds… The sunny garden had been swallowed up by the forest and hidden from you before you could change your mind.

Shaking away the shiver that ran through you, you started down the path. You were a hunter. Anything hiding in there should fear you, not the other way around. The ground was soft under your feet. Every inch of the crooked path covered in the fallen leaves of autumn, yet the trees above you hinted at spring. Heaven and earth contrasting and defying each other as you stayed trapped in the middle.

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The bright sunlight that shone through your window woke you up slowly.
You stretched your arms yawning while your eyes fluttered open.
The warmth on your skin felt unbelievable and so you wanted to stay like this for a little longer but someone in your room had other plans.
"Morning sunshine."
Gabe had you wide awake in an instant. Your torso shoot up immediately and your wild stare found his.
Your eyes started to scan the unknown walls around you.
There was a surfboard standing besides your door, pictures of the beach on the wall above your head. The wallpapers’ colors were way to happy for your taste.
That wasn’t your room.
You weren’t even in the Bunker.
"Gabe! What the hell!" you screamed at the angel but that son of a bitch just grinned at your furious behaviour.
"Calm down. I’m not the bad one here. I wanna help you!"
"I’m not sure about that" you mumbled more to yourself than to the man in front of you before swinging your feet out of bed. You stood up and walked through the room.
"Would you please tell me where I am Gabriel? You may have fun but I would love to go back to the Bunker. Right. NOW."
"Won’t happen."
"Are you kidding me?" you growled into his direction. 
Before you could slap that shit-eating grin out of his face he disappeared and left you alone again.
"SON OF A BITCH!" you screamed frustrated.
Suddenly a stroke run through your body and left you with a funny feeling in your stomach.
A look at your outfit explained what happend but it left you wide-eyed.
Gabe had replaced your pyjamas with some white beach-shorts and a small, green top.
You left the house angrily and walked across the beach.
Maybe you would find some clues there but after 20 minutes without finding anything you stopped walking and crossed your arms infront of your chest instead.
The sound of the crashing waves calmed you a bit and then you heard it.
Your head spun around and catched Sam running towards you.
He looked quite different in his light blue shirt and plaid shorts but he was still as handsome as ever.
"What’s going on? Where are we?"
"I don’t know" you answered honestly, after receiving a short hug from the younger Winchester. "I woke up in an unknown room and then there was Gabe…"
"Gabe?! Like Trickster/Angel Gabe?!"
"Yup. Our Gabe." you forced up a smile before letting yourself fall into the hot sand. "I want back home, Sam!"
The man on your right side set down besides you and took your hand into his.
You looked up and saw Sam smiling at you. “At least we are together and you told me once that you and Gabe are friends. If he really is your friend, he won’t hurt you.”
"Maybe … but what is he up to then?" the answer came with your question.
Gabe tried to hook you and Sam up!
You jumped back up and looked into the sky with the intension to scream at Gabe but something interrupted you.
A guy behind you started to play on his ukulele and left you and Sam confused.

What’s going on? you sang and then it hit you.
You were in Disney’s Teen Beach Movie. One of the movies you had watched just two days earlier in your musical marathon.
Suddenly you understood McKenzie, one of the main characters of the movie, very well. You didn’t wanna sing either.

This can’t be happening.
Don’t tell me it’s a song

It’s a song
Sam stepped in

This wasn’t how I planned it.
You looked up into the sky and even though you tried to stop singing, you couldn’t.
Can’t you see that this has gone too far.
All of the sudden you started dancing … that son of a bitch mocked you!
Gabe just pause the DVR
Someone, won’t you make it stop.
You looked up to Sam but he didn’t looked as half concerned as you.
I’m losing my mind 

I don’t see a problem the younger Winchester answered and you really couldn’t understand how he was able to stay so calm in such a situation.

Everything I say, it rhymes.
Here comes another line 
you sang frustrated.
You could bet that you fit your character perfectly right now.

Just close your eyes if you don’t want to see 
The younger Winchester put his hands in front of your eyes but you grabbed them and put them away, before you looked down on you and wondered how Gabe was able to make you dance without your permission.

What’s this coreography
Gabriel won’t you make it stop
you stretched your arms out and hit Sam right into his chest.
He rolled backwards over the bench before getting back on his feet and now stepping on the bench instead.

Oh, I can’t stop singing
And the duett started
Make it stop. Make it stop.
Am I real or just a prop

You had to hold in your laughter as you watched Sam doing a backflip from the bench to the ground.
I can’t stop singing.
So let’s just talk

One minute and a silly tapdance number later the music finally stopped.
The dancing had left Sam and you breathless and you thought already about all the ways there were to kick Gabe’s ass once you were out of this sunny nightmare.
"You okay?"
Sam’s smile was replaced by a worried expression.
"We’re trapped in a musical and we have no clue of how to leave this place but other than that, yeah I’m fine I guess." you bitched into his direction with your hands on your knees, still gasping.
"(y/n) we will find a way out. But you need to change your view.
It’s a game. Gabe’s game but still a game. I was trapped once and playing along is the only way out of it, trust me. You just saw, what he does when you don’t play after his rules.”
"That son of a bitch makes me dance. Sammy …do you know how bad I’m at dancing?" you asked him with a grin on your lips.
Sam started laughing. “That’s the spirit”

Song (x)
Can’t stop singing - Teen Beach Movie

Eight Little Hunters

Eight little hunters with no help from heaven; fire on the ceiling and then there were seven.
Seven little hunters running out of tricks; one made a deal with yellow eyes and then there were six.
Six little hunters somehow still alive; one was mauled by a hell hound and then there were five.
Five little hunters trying to escape the slaughter; and then there were four. ( one died with her daughter)
Four little hunters didn’t stop to see; one was shot by leviathan and then there were three.
Three little hunters couldn’t tell false from true; one got caught between heaven and earth and then there were two.
Two little hunters no longer on the run; one died to save the world and then there was one.
One little hunter stared down the barrel of his gun; his brother was gone now so is he and then there were none…..

 Request: Hey you said you do requests what about if you were a newly created archangel who was sent to help the Winchesters and Gabriel is your mentor. And no one knows you have a crush on Dean except Gabriel.

 Word Count: 1,478

 Warnings: None, yet. 

 A/N: Smutty part 2? Fluff? I love this idea and want to keep it going. 

You were sitting on a park bench with Gabriel, trying to figure out what to do with this new found power. For your entire life, you were just another angel. Nothing special, you thought. But ever since the loss of your Arch Angel brothers, Heaven needed another. That was you. Gabriel was teaching you the basics, and making sure you didn’t misuse your powers.

               “You won’t be able to do everything I can. Like throw people in time loops. It’s fun, but I learned that on my own. Everything else though, like you’re stronger, shapeshifting, telepathy, empathy, chronokinesis, all yours now.” The Arch Angel smiled, snapping his fingers and sending the two of you to a new location. It looked like an old bunker, but it also looked very nice inside. You could hear two men talking from across the bunker, then Gabriel chuckling.

               “You’re going to help the Winchester boys. Sam and Dean. They’ve been getting into a lot of trouble, and I think you’re just the person to watch over them.”      

               A tall man appeared through the hallway, then a shorter one. They were holding knives, but slowly put them to their sides when they noticed Gabriel.

               “Hey boys,” he stood, smiling.

               “Gabriel, what the hell do you want? Aren’t you supposed to be hiding or something?” The shorter one asked. He was handsome, you couldn’t look away from his green orbs.

               “Relax, I’m just introducing you to Y/N, she’s an Arch Angel and assigned to watch over you two mutton-heads.”

               Both of the boys looked to you, and you stood up and walked to them, extending your hand. They shook it, then backed up.

               “I will protect you two whatever the cost.” You smiled,

               “No offense, Gabriel, but we can handle ourselves.”

               “Oh, c’mon, Sammy,” Gabriel sighed. At least you knew the boys apart now. “She’s new. She needs someone to teach her what’s right.”

               “Can’t you do that? You’re her mentor, aren’t you?” Dean stepped forward, putting his blade away.

               “Boys, hear me out. She needs some human contact. You two are the best. If you really don’t want to, I’ll keep her up in Heaven until she’s ready.”  

               Neither of the Winchester’s said anything, so Gabriel grabbed your arm and was about to take you both away. You felt let down, in a way. You didn’t want to leave the older brother, feeling a strange connection with him.

               “Wait,” Sam said, putting his hand up. Gabriel put his down at the same time. “She can stay. But we don’t need any extra trouble.”

               You smiled, looking to Gabriel, then to the boys.

               “Thank you.” You sighed. Suddenly, Gabriel’s wings fluttered and he was gone.

               The three of you stared at each other for a while, observing each other. Well, they were observing you. You could feel the older one was weary of you, like he had a bad past with angels. You were able to hear him thinking about a certain angel, then your e/c eyes lit up.

               “You know Castiel?” You asked, stepping forward.

               “Yeah, he’s helped us a lot. Why?” Sam inquired, sitting down at a desk. Dean did the same, and you followed suit.

               “I heard Dean’s thoughts.” You chuckled, and then realized that, by their looks, that was the wrong thing to say.  “I’m sorry, I know that you need privacy. I won’t do that again.”

               The boys laughed, and you joined them.

               “So, tell us your story. You obviously know all about us.” Dean leaned back, propping his legs on the table and resting his head on his arms. You took in his body, watching his muscles flex under his shirt.

               “I was just an angel, then I fell, and now I’m an Arch Angel. Gabriel said it’s because he’s the only one, and it wasn’t right for him. He taught me all of the basics, and even helped me pretend to be human. He said that you two would be able to help me, since you were the ones who trapped Lucifer and Michael, and even taught Gabriel to stand up for himself.”

               They smiled, then Sam stood.

               “Well, we’ll help whenever we can. But right now, we have a case we need to finish.” Sam sighed, putting a jacket over his dark blue flannel. “I’m going to get some food.”

               “Alright. I guess I’ll babysit.” Dean called, grabbing a beer that was sitting on the table. You tilted your head, watching as he gulped it down. Then, he stared at you. You felt strange, a fluttering in your stomach. You put your hands over your abdomen, then looked down.

               “You doing alright, Y/N?” Dean asked. You didn’t answer, but moved your hand to your heart.


               Your eyes met his, feeling bound to him.

               “Yes, Dean? Do you need something?” Your voice was quiet, but you quickly adjusted yourself in the seat.

               “Are you alright?” He asked again. You thought for a moment, then smiled.

               “I’m alright. I just had a strange sensation in my stomach and chest. It’s fine, probably just being an Arch Angel.” You knew you weren’t a good liar, it wasn’t in your nature. But you must have done an alright job, since he seemed to believe you.

               “Are you alright?” You asked, sensing he was upset. Before he answered, you moved to a seat closer to him.

               “You can tell me. Gabriel says I’m good at keeping secrets. He tells me a lot of his.” You murmured. Dean’s eyes softened as he looked over you, and you felt the fluttering again. This time, stronger.

               “I’m fine. Just tired from this case. Sam says it’s a simple one, but we’ve been working on it for a few weeks.”

               You put your hand over his, smiling to him. The feeling in your hand made you chuckle, and you heard Dean do the same.

               “I suggest you take a short break. I can help you if you give me information. I know you’re worried about Sam, and I can watch over him while I’m here with you. Relax, Dean.” He seemed to relax, now that you told him to. You admired him for caring about Sam so much, but he was stressed and needed to take care of himself for a little.

               “You know, I usually think all angels are dicks. But not you. I like you, Y/N.”

               Your heart raced, your lips twisting into a smile. Suddenly, you heard Gabriel appear, grabbing your arm and lifting you. The sensation of your hand being taken from Deans bothered you an extraordinary amount.

               “We need to talk about something. Sorry, Dean-O, I’ll have her back to you later.” Gabriel  snapped his fingers and you were back at the park.

               “You need to be more careful.” He said. You furrowed your brow, confused as to what he meant.

               “ Gabriel, I’ve only been there an hour. What could I have done already?” You argued.

               “You have a crush on Dean. I figured you would.”

               “What do you mean crush?”

               “You like him. I just don’t want you to make a move on him and get hurt.” Gabriel sighed, sitting down on the bench. You joined him, resting your hand on his knee.

               “Gabriel, you have taught me much. I do have strong feelings for Dean. We just met, but I feel like I’ve known him. I will not profess these feelings towards him for a while, until he feels the same.”

               Gabriel looked to you, seeming worried.

               “I care for you, Y/N. Dean Winchester… He has a good soul.  Be careful.” He sighed, then snapped his fingers.

               This time, it was just you in the bunker. Dean was still at the table.

               “What was that about? Boyfriend have an issue?” He mocked. You laughed, then shook your head.

               “Gabriel is my mentor. My heart lies somewhere else. HE was giving me tips on how to blend in better with humans when I’m in public with you, that’s all.” You told him, relief washing over his features when you mentioned that Gabriel was only your mentor.

               “Nothing going on between you two?” HE asked again.

               “No, Dean.  Why does this intrigue you?”

               The confident Dean Winchester seemed nervous for once, and you took that as a good thing.

               “I was just wondering.”

               Dean watched you for a moment, and you wanted to read his mind so you knew what his thoughts about you were. But, you made a promise to not, and you kept your word.

Sam walked in with two bags of food, one for him and another for Dean. His attention went to a burger and fries, but yours stayed on him.

It was so soon to tell, but could Dean Winchester have the same feelings for you? Your features warmed, the burn in your cheeks was unfamiliar. You’ve never wanted something this much before.


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