This is my first ever attempt at an aesthetic.  None of the photos are mine, I just edited them a bit and put them all together.

This is my first entry for the February @gabriel-monthly-challenge and is made for the word prompt, Aliferous, which means having wings.  I swear I’m going to get the fic entry based on the other prompts done in time but, for now, enjoy this little guy.

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  • Gabriel: Cool spear
  • Michael: It's a lance
  • Gabriel: It looks like a spear
  • Michael: But it's not, it's the Lance of Michael
  • Raphael: Technically a lance is a spear used by a cavalry soldier and since you don't ride a horse it should be called the Spear of Michael
  • Gabriel: Just admit you're only calling it a lance because you think it sounds cooler
  • Michael: *storms out of heaven annoyed at his brothers*
  • Gabriel: You forgot your spear!