Jared crashing Misha’s panel at Seacon 2015.


It’s happening to me, Arran. I feel it. I’m a Black Witch.

Whenever Jessica used to say I was half Black, Gran would say, “Half White too.” And I had always thought of my mother’s genes and my father’s mixing in my body, but now it occurs to me that my body is my father’s and my spirit is my mother’s. Perhaps Arran is right, my spirit is not evil, but I have to put up with a body that does weird things.


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Imagine Cas talking about feelings for you to Gabriel unaware you're behind him...

"… But I don’t understand."

"I can see that, but it’s really not hard bucko!"

“So you’re saying this feeling is-”

You heard the voices in the service station and walked round the corner, making eye contact with Gabriel who gave you a very slight head shake.

“You may want to stop there.” Gabriel said with a smirk, looking at Cas.

“But you’re saying that the feelings I have towards Y/N are what humans call-” Cas started before Gabriel interrupted again.

You could feel your eyes going wide and your face turning bright red. The conversation you walked in on didn’t seem to be quite what you had been expecting…

“Love, yes, that lovely four letter word but you may not want to talk about it to me right now.” He said with a wink at you. 

“Gabriel, I need to get this straight before I see Y/N again.” Cas said in a serious voice before Gabriel grabbed his face in one hand and turned it to face you. Castiel looked nothing short of terrified as his eyes met yours.

“Um… I… I was…” You just about stuttered out.

“Well, this just got awkward. I may leave you two crazy kids to it. Have a nice chat on me.” Gabriel said with a cheeky eyebrow wiggle and grin before clicking his fingers and disappearing in a rustle of feathers.

Nicknames for Him/Her

Dean- Batman

Sam- Cutie

Cas- Nothing really, he doesn’t like them.

Charlie- My little fangirl

Kevin- Loverboy

Becky- Sweet Pea

Balthazar- Bear

Gabriel- Trickster

Lucifer- Mr. Sassy

Chuck- Nerd

Adam- Prince Charming

Anna- Baby Doll

Meg- My grace

Ruby- Chocolate Drop

Crowley- Sugar

Rowena- Hothead (She has a temper, but it’s cute.)

Better Than Heaven

Characters: Gabriel (trickster) x reader

Words: 1631

Summary: After a small accident, the reader eventually tells him she can see his wings. He proceeds to tell her how much he loves her.

My first Gabriel one shot!!! I’ve always loved Gabriel, and I had so much fun writing this. I really hope you all like it, let me know what you think!! Enjoy! :)

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You got that hunter lil’ bro look in your eye
And I got that candy addict thing that you like
And when we go crashing down, we come back every time.
Cause we never go out of style
We never go out of style

You got that long hair, unbound, flanel plaid shirt
And I got that bad guy faith and my jokes will be hurt,
And when we go crashing down, we come back every time.
Cause we never go out of style
We never go out of style

Sooo… That’ll be happen, if I ship Sabriel as much as hell and listening to Taylor Swift. Sorry.

TWR snippet

“If you’re done flirting,” Sam said (and it came out as less of a joke than he’d meant it to), “Gabriel, lift us out of here.”

Gabriel pivoted on one heel and looked him up and down, pursing his lips with a thoughtful noise. “Hmm. No.”


“Non. Nein. Nyet,” Gabriel explained helpfully, and stepped in toward Sam with a dangerous sparkle in his eyes. “See, normally I don’t butt in on local customs. Especially when gods are involved. Gods can be messy when you cross them. But this? Building a god that demands this kind of shit? Dragging strangers into it unwilling? That don’t fly straight with me.”

“Okay,” Sam said carefully. “So—”

“There’s more than one god in these parts,” Gabriel interrupted him. “But sometimes gods need a little bit of help.  We’re teaching these folks a lesson, mes petites bouchées. I’ve got some currents to set in motion, then we’re setting this straight for good.”

“Right,” Sam said, fighting down his temper with difficulty. “But can we do that from outside?”

Gabriel patted his cheek. “No can do, hot stuff. You’re the bait. Sorry, beautiful. Trust me!” He blew a kiss to Sarah, then leapt into the air. “Don’t touch the apple pie!” he called back, and was gone.


Trickster + Scarecrow - what could go wrong?

Nicknames for you

A/N: I’m glad I’m back to doing these. Angelic Intervention Chapter 2 is slow moving though.

Dean- Babe

Sam- Sweetheart

Cas- Angel

Charlie- Baby Girl

Kevin- Smartie

Becky- Charming

Balthazar- Cutie Pie

Gabriel- Doll

Lucifer- Angel

Chuck- Gorgeous

Adam- Cinderella

Anna- Better Half

Meg- My Queen

Ruby- Boo Bear

Crowley- Cupcake

Rowena- Love