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Rich said he had acted under the assumption that Gabriel had a vessel or avatar or whatever stolen from or fashioned after Loki. And that he sealed Loki away in order to convincingly masquerade as him amongst the gods. Whatcha think of that? I had always thought of them being "same deity/different culture." Kind of like how Romans renamed the Greek pantheon.

this is actually something that i put in God’n’Gabe III! it’s my favorite portion. since it’s been out a while, i’ll show it now:

THIS is my favorite portion of the entire book. probably some of my absolute favorite comic work that i’ve ever done, too. i thought rich’s idea was brilliant, but i did take and twist it some. i made loki a prisoner in his own vessel, more or less. i like the idea that gabriel tricked the trickster when he was at his most vulnerable.

(if this looks familiar, it was original done in a video format, which i reworked to work in the book’s format!)

Samifer - blind!lucifer AU

I was searching my tags for this one and not undertanding how I couldn’t find it again with the big amount of tags I always have. And then I remembered I kept it in a corner of my computer instead of posting it because I wanted to clean the idea first. Hahaha.

Anyway, here it is:

Sam follows his friend Gabriel to his house to grab something and meets the big brother.

Gabriel is weirdly protective with him, even if Lucifer is older. But why not? Sam thinks it’s nice to see two brothers their age acting this nice towards each others.

Then Gabirel lets Sam and Lucifer alone just for a minute to go fetch something in his room and Lucifer starts to ask a bunch of weird questions to Sam, like what color is the shirt he is wearing or where is something that obviously is on the table just next to them.

You guessed it with the title of the post, Lucifer is newly blind.

The thing is, Lucifer is rather proud and he says he can take care of himself on his own but he also doesn’t want Gabriel to worry for him.That’s why he prefers to ask a whole bunch of things to Sam while Gabriel isn’t here. Because they don’t really matter, but it bugs him to not know, and if he asks to many questions like that to Gabriel, his brother becomes emotional over Lucifer’s new way of life and how he has to face all this new challenges everyday for the littlest details that didn’t have importance before.

Then, when Sam learns to know Lucifer, he remarks that Lucifer “stares” at people. Mainly at Sam, in fact. He doesn’t realize it and it’s kinda weird when he does that but Sam doesn’t really care. He just can’t avoid to stare too, because something is weird in Lucifer’s way to do it. Until Sam realizes that he doesn’t blink anymore.

After a long time, Lucifer gives himself the permission to touch someone else’s face for the first time because even if he thinks it’s a weird blind people thing to do, and he kinda promised himself to not do it, he wants to know what Sam looks like.

Then, Lucifer decides he wants to sell his beloved car because he obviously doesn’t need it anymore. He hasn’t drive it for a long time anyway. Gabriel becomes emotional again because he knows how the car was important to his brother. Dean buys it, and Lucifer uses the money to buy a trained dog. And of course, Sam wants to pet Beelz all the time

Lucifer doesn’t allow people to pity him. That’s not sad for him and he kicks asses even when he doesn’t see those asses in question. For example, Dean finds himself under one of Lucifer’s strange “stares”, and feels the need to make sure Lucifer is not lying and is really blind. So Dean waves in front of him. Sam sighs to his brother’s behaviour and Lucifer goes “I swear if you are doing what I think you’re doing in front of me, I’m gonna hit you wherever I can reach”. Then, he proceeds to grab Dean and punches him right in the face. Dean never tries it anymore after that.

Imagine Lucifer missing a door and Sam kissing the boo-boo away.

And too finish, imagine Lucifer asking what are Sam’s eyes color and Gabriel has hard time to answer him on that matter and gets all frustrated.

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I've been on the fence as to whether Gabe is alive or dead(more leaning towards him being alive cause season 12 stuff) but oh my gosh your theory makes perfect sense? like im now questioning why I ever doubted it him being alive?

people will always jump on the “if you think he’s alive you’re in denial!!!” bandwagon without actually looking at…at the content. i feel weird when people label my observations as meta writing, because i’m literally just looking at what we’ve been provided and applying logic

i can almost 100% guarantee you, if robbie had stayed on the writing staff, he would’ve brought gabriel back. i AM happy, however, that gabe wasn’t brought back this particular season!

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I dont know if it’s just me? but Gabriel always sorta reminded me of Genie from Aladdin lmao I have no idea why

i haven’t seen aladdin in over a decade but all i can really remember is this and it fits

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It annoys me that people think that Gabriel can’t fight. What about the Darkness or the Leviathan? I mean, he’s an archangel, “heaven’s greatest weapon”. He’s really just a badass in disguise.

in their defense, he was raised to be a messenger, so if anything

he’s really great at it he’s just too lazy

or, just like his dad,

he’ll just get someone else to do it for him

Scenario where Team Free Will - complete with resurrected Cas - are discussing Jack and his powers, how he’s able to rip the fabric of space and time, leading to other universes.

Jack is creepily silent. That’s his game. The creepy, silent child. He likes how it makes people react. A bit like his father, that one.

Tale of an alternate universe that had them as actors comes up. That time Cas was a hippie, love guru type. When Dean was a health nut and Sam bludgeoned his phone to death with a crobar. Oh, but what about that time in TV Land?

The name “Gabriel” is mentioned, along with the word “archangel,” and “Maybe that’s just their THING, y'know?” Jack, interest peaked, finally speaks. “Who’s Gabriel?”

Meanwhile, on Pandora, Gabriel’s pretty damn chill. Shame Kali couldn’t make it, but, y'know, she DID try to kill him. Oh, well.

Jack uses his stupidly powerful abilities. Spots what he’s after.

Manufactured paradise is replaced by the gobsmacked expressions of the three stooges. And one creepy, silent nephilim that’s grinning like the cat that got the cream.