An Angel’s Preening (Prompt Request)

The LOVELY @mylittlesupertimewolf : 42. What’s going on? 53. Do you trust me 116. Wait a second are you jealous? Hi can I request a fic with Gabe and Cas where reader has a greater connection with angels and can see their wings. Gabe finds out and uses it to get a wing preening session. Castiel poofs in on them and hence prompt 42. He admits he’s never had his wings preened before. You can go where you like using the other prompts and I don’t mind how the angels react to having their wings touched. Keep up the good work!

Okay so I got SOOOO carried away with this one. I got SO carried away that I had to give it a title! This prompt request was SO FUN TO DO. I’m still doing ships in my inbox (just tell me a little about yourself) and I’m still doing prompts from this list

Characters: Gabriel, Cas, Y/N (reader) -no pairings-

Warnings: slight wing kink, fluff

Word count: 859

Ever since you were born, you had a special connection with the angels of heaven.  You could tell which humans were actually angels because you could see their wings.  All angels knew who you were.  

You slid the sweater over your head, pulling it down your front.  You turned around, slightly startled by Gabriel’s sudden presence.  Nevertheless, you smiled warmly at the archangel, “what’s up Gabe?”  His golden wings barely fit in your room, but he managed.

“So you know how you can see our wings,” Gabriel started.  You nodded watching him slowly walk up to you.  “I need you to preen my wings for me.  It would help them shine more.  You know how much I love a good entrance [Y/N],” Gabriel smirked.

You rolled up the sleeves of your sweater, rolling your eyes.  “You know how large your wings are right?  It’s going to take at least an hour,” you huffed, putting your hands on your hips.

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We often talk about what we’re excited to see in Miraculous

But you know what I’m DREADING

When Adrien finds out what Hawkmoth/Papillon’s goal is. 

Even if Hawkmoth/Papillon is not Gabriel. (And if it is him, I’m also dreading THAT ughhhh holy shit it’s going to be heartbreaking- pls let this boy rest). Just whomever it is, they’re trying to bring back Adrien’s mom. His desire for both miraculous clearly has something to do with her at the very least. I can’t imagine being faced with that kind of choice.

But the thing is, I’m not worried Chat Noir is gonna go rogue. I honestly 100% trust Adrien to make the right decision in the end when faced with that kind of temptation, but anyone would struggle with this. Watching his inner turmoil is going to SUCK. No doubt we’ll have to survive multiple episodes of it to boot. 

As curious as I am, I’m so nervous to learn more about Adrien’s mom and the story of the Agrestes in general. When this part of the plot comes to center stage, I’m gonna be hella stressed. The show never outright says she’s dead, but it definitely heavily implies it and that’s the impression I’m keeping until proven otherwise. Adrien speaks of her in past tense when talking to LB, and the picture of him and his father in the foyer of their mansion seems to be taken at a funeral (all black, somber expressions). Maybe she’s just missing or her death wasn’t real, but clearly she isn’t around, so any chance for Adrien to see her/be with her again is going to be difficult to resist. I just keep thinking of that picture of the two of them, and how happy Adrien looked…..I’m too weak for this shit you guys. 

I want to know everything, but I won’t be able to handle a depressed Adrien or Chat Noir. And if he cries? 

Ya’ll, I’m out. I can’t. I don’t think I’m strong enough. 


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trisscar368  asked:

Hmm happy stuff... does Lucifer count as happy? (wiiiiiingss) I've honestly been trying to remember/compare his wingspan to the other angels that we've gotten to see, because his wings looked huge. They're larger than I remember Cas' being. Or Gabe. And Gabe is the one that makes me the most curious, because I would have thought two archangels would be similar (if wings have anything to do with power, a la personal headcanon). And he had all his feathers, which makes me want to protect Cas more.

Talking about angel wings definitely makes me happy!

Lets take a look!

This is Lucifer’s wingspan from 12x02 (gif courtesy of @charlie-bradcherry‘s post here)

This is Gabriel’s wing span or at least all we have seen of it from this sad sad scene which I like to pretend never happened.

And these are our gorgeous Cas’ before they were burned :( (gifs courtesy of @abbxaeaa‘s post here)

And actually, looking at Gabriel’s wingspan in relation to his body and comparing that with Lucifer and Castiel, I’d say he was closer to Lucifer’s in size. Lucifer’s wings are curled forward before they stretch out to their full size, and interestingly his secondaries are much much shorter than his primaries which seem very long in comparison to both Gabriel and Cas, but then again Gabriel’s wings are still longer than Cas’.. 

So perhaps you are right that wingspan has something to do with the difference between Archangel and Seraphim? I think the majority of other angels whose wings have been shown have been similar in size to Castiels. (Other than Raphael who had wings of electricity! Though I think he was just showing off at the time). At least the show is making an effort of having all the wings look unique. Cas’ appear more even in feather length but not as long, Gabriel’s are long and his feathers gradually lengthen towards his primaries (like the classic angel wings I believe) whereas Lucifer’s go from very short to really really fucking long…

Also as I have been writing this I am suddenly aware of a certain subtext to this post and its making me feel kinda awkward and dirty. Lmao.

  • Gabriel:hides/runs away from all his problems, needs to be trapped in holy fire or at blade point to have a serious conversation, severe intimacy issues, makes a joke out of anything personal
  • Me:#relatable

Don’t Touch Her

gif is not mine

Title: Don’t Touch Her

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 1,061

Warnings: Violence, angst, fluff?

A/N: I’ve been holding this one in my back pocket! It’s been on my list of fics for a LONG time. I hope you all enjoy it! <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated <3

Dean and Sam hit the wall as the demon pushed them against the wall away from you.  “Now now, we can’t have that.  Little [Y/N] here, needs to learn the ropes, right,” the demon noted mischievously.  The demonic man threw the blade on the ground in front of your feet.  “Pick it up.”

You looked back at Sam and Dean, their eyes were wide with anger and worry.  As soon as you picked up the blade, you were shoved into the wall with brute force.  You groaned from the pain that shocked your body as you hit the wall.  You had dropped the blade as you hit the floor; the Winchester brothers had yelled your name out of concern.  

“Oh you dropped your weapon.  How unfortunate for you,” the demon smirked, tossing your blade across the room.  The demon grabbed you by your neck, slamming you up against the wall.  “It would be a shame if you died because the Winchesters couldn’t save you.”

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Daughter of Gabriel (Part 2)

Title: Daughter of Gabriel

 Sub-Title: Taking Flight

 Prompt: Tangle.of.ivy: Another drabble idea might be when Gabriel first realized she had wings (he is equal parts delighted and like “Uh oh. This will make things more complicated.” He’s probably remembering all of the trouble he caused his dad and elder brothers as a young fledgling.). And then skips ahead to Gabriel giving her flying lessons when she’s a little older. :)

 Summary: This is a drabble-like series for Daddy!Gabriel. Gabriel living a life with his mate, Lynn, and his daughter, Sarah.  What could possibly go wrong with having an archangel as a father or husband?!

 Warnings: Mild language. Missing Child.

  Tags: @grace-for-sale @lucifer-in-leather @thewicked-end @chelsea072498 @nerdwholikesword @chaos-and-the-calm67 @percywinchester27 @pizzarollpatrol @cici0507 @wayward-mirage @charliebradbury1104 @melonberri @bellastellaluna @pinolief2001 @feelmyroarrrr @carry-on-my-wayward-girl @girl-next-door-writes @twoboys-and-afallenangel @fangirl-faye @the-assbutt-impala @impalapossible @pumacat69 @thecrossroad-demon @kristaparadowski @jussb @isis278 @babydanixox @jared-padaloveme @a-broke-in-heart @plainoldblogs @slowlywithfreedom @plaidstiel-wormstache @savvythedork @moonstar86 @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms @fernandasvaldi @fand0maniac @ezm1995  @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms

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Part 1

Masterlist of FanFiction 

Originally posted by gabrielgavemehell

 Gabriel chuckled as he watched Sarah stretch out her wings, watching them curiously.  He looked over his shoulder where he saw Lynn chatting with the Winchesters and his brothers as he smiled.  Lynn gave him a little wink and a smile before he turned back to his daughter, kneeling beside the five year old.  

“Alright, sugar plum.  Remember what we practiced?”  He asked her softly.

“I remembered, Daddy!”  She said excitedly.  “Can we go now?”  She pulled on his arm impatiently and he couldn’t help but remember that day a few years ago when he realized this day was going to come.

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Netflix and Kill

Title: Netflix and Kill

This is my submission for the @gabriel-monthly-challenge dialog prompt, I don’t know if my tags are working @lacqueluster @ashiewesker @waterkiss37 tumblr is playing up!

Summary: “But I don’t usually have my wings on display, except when I want to appear ‘angelic’, so I really feel like they should count as a costume.”

Reader x Gabriel    Length: 1431 words

You were sat, alone, as per usual. Sam and Dean were off enjoying Halloween, if working out which vampires were real and needed staking, and which were some high school kids on their way to frat parties, could be classed as enjoyment. Yesterday you were looking forward to joining them, until you tripped down some stairs running from a werewolf and busted your ankle. That was how you found yourself, watching horror movies on your laptop in the bunker library, wishing they still caused the same rushing heart and sweaty palms that they did before you became swept up in hunting. By now, you were far too badass to be scared by a possessed child or two.

That didn’t stop you jumping when there was a booming thud coming from the door. Flipping the safety off your trusty handgun, you hobbled your way to the bottom of the stairs, before beginning to climb.
“If that’s some kids who think it’s cool to break into an abandoned power plant over Halloween, they are so getting smashed into next week, or shot, depending on how I feel when I get there”

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Pretty Flowers Are Made For Blooming

Chapters: 6/?
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Underage (in the beginning)
Relationships: Dean Winchester/Original Female Character(s)
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Maggie Winchester (OC), John Winchester, Gabriel
Additional Tags: Wincest, Underage but Dean and Maggie are the same age, Twincest, Hand Jobs, Vaginal Fingering, Young Love, Sneaking, Heterosexual Sex, Cunnilingus, Domestic Violence, John’s A+ Parenting, Heavy Angst

Summary: Maggie is alone after a confrontation with her father, John. Where’s a girl to go when her family is left behind?

Reader Tags at the bottom. If you want to be added to my forever tag list just drop me an ask. 

Banner made by my lovely Beta @helvonasche This is just the freakin bees knees. If you don’t follow her, then you should. Her writing is superb.

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AO3 Link to full story

Hot tears stung Maggie’s eyes as she made her way to the corner. She couldn’t the get the image of Dean’s heartbroken face and Sam calling for her out of her mind but she couldn’t stay. John made it an impossibility. She had to get away. Start over and try to find a life away from John Winchester and his drill sergeant ways.

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