Sorry I was too lazy to write the script in english TTHTT 

Summary : Adrien and Marinette saw Gabriel Agrest in his Hawk Moth form and think he is akumatized, they don’t know yet he is the one who akumatize people. They are locked in Adrien’s room for now and try to escape, but our cinnamon roll is too depressed to do anything since his argument with Ladybug last time because she knows his true identity and tried to put some distance between them for their safety. He hopes Ladybug will come to rescue them but unfortunately, he doesn’t know Ladybug is locked with him…
So… What will you do Marinette ? Want to use some “lucky charm”~? =u=

First comic I ever drew and it’s about Miraculous Ladybug~ I love this show so much !!! Hope that my english isn’t too bad x’D sorry if their’s some mistakes, I’m french after all OHO ~

"Well, of course I'm in cahoots with ____! I want to be on the winning team!" Gabriel x Reader-Drabble

You stood on one end of the abandoned warehouse that you and Gabriel had agreed to meet at Your heart was beating in your chest at the speed of a bullet train. The thought of having to tell him the truth sent it racing. A flutter of wings is heard on the other side of the dreary place, why he pick this location over something more hospitable, you have no clue. You turn around to see his face is looking grim, and once more it seems that grimness is directed at you.

“Now, Sweet cheeks, I don’t want you getting upset, but I’ve heard some rumors on the angel radio, and I need to know if they’re true.”

“Alright,” You say your tone is tightly “What are the rumors?” He takes a step back, contemplating how to say this without sounding like a dick. He decides to just be blunt, what’s the worst that could happen anyway?

“Are you in cahoots with my big brother, who wants to destroy humanity, and all that it stands for, Lucifer?” To say that the question shocks you is an understatement, but there is no point in denying the truth, especially if he already believes it.

“Well, of course I’m in cahoots with Lucifer! I want to be on the winning team!” You say as if it were the most obvious, and reasonable thing in the world. Gabriel seems taken aback, and the hurt on his face is crystal clear, before it turns to realization.

“Ah, so, Lucifer’s promise you something, huh?” He nods his head the smugness in his voice is sickening.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Though he knows you’re lying by the way you refuse to meet his gaze.

“You know he’s lying. For Christ sake (Y/N) he’s the fucking Devil! Everything that comes out of his mouth is lies!” He yells at you, “What did he promise you, to spare you? To make you powerful? To make you a ruler? It’s all lies, and YOU KNOW IT!” He screams.

“You,” You reply in a small, meek voice, “He promise to spare you.” With the sound of wings your gone, leaving Gabriel a teary eyed, heartbroken, mess.

Coping Part 3

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Chuck x Reader

Part 1: http://letmewriteyourlove.tumblr.com/post/138187830246/coping

Part 2: http://letmewriteyourlove.tumblr.com/post/138580892921/coping-pt-2

“What do you mean, gone?” You asked quickly, your brows knit together in fear. Chuck didn’t respond, a grimace on his face. “Hey! Chuck! What do you mean?” You shouted, gripping him tighter. Then his eyes were closed again and he was muttering, his head shaking slightly.

“Chuck, come on!” You turned him, shifting his back to help him lean on the couch. You weren’t sure what to do; he was practically catatonic. Your fingers brushed over his cheek, a thin sheen of sweat across his forehead. “I don’t know,” He muttered, shaking his head again, barely coherent. “Sam jumped in a hole and Dean-” He was breathing heavily, his hand reaching for yours.

“Chuck, come on, stay with me. What about Dean?” “You’re so beautiful, Y/N. Don’t go, okay?” Normally you would have smiled at such a sweet remark, but you were trying to find out what exactly happened.

“Yes, Chuck, I’ll stay, but please try and focus here, okay? Dean; where is Dean?” You couldn’t believe that this was happening. And Sam, what did he mean by ‘jumped in a hole’? Your mind was wandering through anything in your extensive hunter knowledge that could possibly explain what he meant by that. A hole? Did he mean it literally? “Just wait.” Before you could ask Chuck what he meant your phone rang. You stood to retrieve it from the kitchen table, but his grip on you tightened. “You said you wouldn’t go!” “Chuck, please, I’ll be right back I’m just getting my phone.” You promised, tearing your wrist out of his hand. Chuck was nearly delirious, shifting back with his hands moving to his temples.

You snatched your phone up hurriedly, Castiel’s name across the screen. “Hello?” You said shakily, answering nervously. “Y/N, are you with the prophet?” That was Castiel. Getting right down to business. “Yes, why? Where’s Sam and Dean?” “You need to run. Get to the bunker. Gabriel is gone.” Your eyes widened in worry. With Chuck’s archangel gone, you were exposed and completely defenseless. “They’re coming for you. Run, Y/N. Get Chuck and run.” The line went dead.

“God damnit, Cas!” You ran back to Chuck’s side and grabbed his arm, trying to force him to his feet. “Chuck please, we need to go.” He tried to follow you, but his limbs were a bit stiff, the pain from his episode still evident in his eyes. You sat him on the couch and ran upstairs, throwing all of your belongings into your bag as quickly as you could. You grabbed Chuck’s laptop and some clothes and threw them into another bag and threw it over your shoulder. You hurried back downstairs and Chuck was sitting up, which was a good sign.

“Chuck, are you okay? We need to go.” He just nodded, doing his best to stand. You grabbed what you assumed were car keys and ran out to his car, throwing your shit in the back seat. You went back inside to retrieve him. You tugged his arm around you and helped him hobble out to the car, then stuck him in the passenger’s seat and whipped around and climbed into the driver’s side.

You peeled out of the driveway and sped off towards the bunker. You glanced over at him, his hands running over his face. You weren’t sure what to do. Should you say something? You’d only spent two days with this man, and you’d already experienced so many traumas by his side.

“Are you okay?” You finally asked. “Yeah, I’m sorry. About all that. Kind of embarrassing, but that’s the worst one I’ve ever had.” You shook your head but kept your eyes on the road. “Don’t apologize. We just needed to go. I’m sorry I rushed you. I packed some stuff for you; I just hope I didn’t forget anything important.”

Oh, fuck.

You stopped the car, your eyes wide in fear. You grabbed your duffel bag, throwing its contents around, desperately searching. “We have to go back.” Before Chuck could respond you did a rather reckless U- turn, the tires screeching noisily. “What did you forget?” He asked, his arms gripping the walls of the car in an effort to brace himself.

“The picture, I forgot the picture, it was on the coffee table.” He was staring at you, a bit of confusion on his face. You drove dangerously fast, every fiber of your being telling you that returning was a mistake. But you couldn’t leave that picture behind. It was the only one you had. “Y/N, I don’t know what’s inside the house. It could be angels or demons or friggin Knights of Hell, this is dangerous this is-” “It’s all I have, Chuck.” You told him, refusing to let your voice shake. “Drive fast.” He answered with a curt nod. And you did. You drove like the wind, the green grass and modest houses whipping by the window in a whirl. You decided you liked Chuck a lot. Perhaps no one else would have encouraged you to turn around and go back. But Chuck was the only one that knew how important that stupid little picture was to you. A few moments later you pulled into the driveway. You snatched the angel blade from your bag and took off, striding into the house.

You thrust the door open and entered the with your mind in a frenzy, your eyes surveying the room for any possible intruders. You didn’t see anyone. Carefully you made your way into the living room, sure not to make a sound. There could be nothing in the house, or something could be upstairs, looking for any clue as to where you and Chuck were headed. You grabbed the frame, relieved it was there and that you had remembered before you got too far to turn back. “Where the hell could they have gone?” Your heart pounded in your chest. You were not alone. You made a break for the door, eager to get to Chuck and get the hell out of there.

You sprinted out of the creaky door, convinced whoever had been in the house would be after you in a second. You jumped into the car and tossed the frame to Chuck. Thankfully he caught it, and again you took off, speeding down the road, all caution thrown to the wind. You couldn’t believe you’d made it out of there without being caught.

“Uh, Y/N-” Chuck stammered, his arm nudging yours. “We’ve got company.” You glanced in the rearview mirror, and a couple hundred feet behind you was a black car, gaining speed and fast. “Shit,” You murmured, your mind trying to come up with some sort of strategy to leave those assholes in the dust.

“Chuck, get my phone. Call Cas,” You instructed, your eyes darting from the mirror to the road. You weren’t sure if there was another archangel that would come to your aid if you were in serious trouble. You knew Lucifer wasn’t likely to help, Michael also seemed to be occupied, and with Gabriel missing, Raphael was your last hope. Aside from Castiel, that is. Thankfully, he answered. “Y/N, I told you-” “Cas I don’t have time, I need your help. Someone’s tailing us.” “You didn’t leave when I instructed.” You weren’t sure if he was asking a question or merely stating the obvious. You could hear the reluctance in his voice. He seemed almost irritated. “Where’s Dean? Is he okay?” You asked, remembering the unanswered questions you had. He sighed.

“I’ll take care of the people after you. Just get to the bunker. I’ll explain there.” Again, he hung up. You rolled your eyes and focused on the road, annoyed with the mysteriousness that always seemed to loom around Cas.

“We’ll be fine.” Chuck said, nodding his head. You glanced at him, his eyes were on you. You almost laughed; Chuck was trying to reassure you. “I know, Chuck.” You replied, staying fixed on the task at hand- arriving safely. “The bunker’s the safest place on Earth. If we can get there, we’ll be fine. It’s just kind of a long drive.” You said, thinking things over in your head.

“We’ve got a bunch of spare rooms, and it’s not exactly home-y, it’s more like a sterile war center, except for Dean’s room it’s a mess. I keep telling him he needs to clean it and he swears he’s going to, but it’s been months and he hasn’t done a thing. I do his laundry, and it’s like he does it just to spite me.” You said, a smile pulling at your lips at the thought.

“Dean, just clean your room. It’s a mess.” You had instructed in your best mom voice, hands on your hips. “It’s my room, what do you care?” Sam would roll his eyebrows and stand a foot or so behind you, nodding in agreement. “She’s right Dean, it’s gross.” “You’ve got all your frilly yoga shit in the gym, you don’t see me complaining.” Dean responded, a smug grin on his face. “That sounded like a complaint.” Sam retorted, turning back to the food he had been preparing.

You prayed that wouldn’t be the last time you could tease Dean about his room. You shook your head and returned to the present.

“Anyway, it takes some getting used to, but I think you’ll like it.” You glanced at him and he was grinning. “What?” You asked, curious as to what he could possibly think was so damn funny. “I’ve seen the bunker before, Y/N.” He said simply, a twinkle in his blue eyes. “Oh, right.” You said stupidly. Of course he’d seen the bunker, he was just humoring you.

“Looks like we better thank Cas.” He said, checking the road behind you. You looked; Chuck was right, they were gone. You had no idea what Cas did, but you were thankful. You couldn’t believe you hadn’t noticed their disappearance. Had you been that caught up in your stupid memories? Oh well. You continued down the road eager to reach the bunker with Chuck in one piece.

“So do you… Do you know where Dean is?” You carefully asked. He shrugged. “I don’t know. He… he was in pretty bad shape when Sam left.” You looked at him in confusion.

“Yeah, and that’s another thing, where is Sam? You said he jumped in a hole? What the hell does that mean?” He sighed and avoided your gaze. You thought you had a right to know. After all, Chuck knew pretty much everything about you; it wouldn’t hurt him to share. Your mind was wandering, trying to come up with any explanation as to what he could have seen. And the longer you thought, the more horrifying the circumstances became.

“I don’t know, Y/N, I see everything in fragments. It takes time to make sense of it all. He and Adam-” You nearly brought the car to a dead stop. “Adam? Milligan? What the hell!” Chuck stayed quiet. He gnawed on his lip, trying to find something to say, but he couldn’t come up with anything. You wanted to scream, the anger building in your chest. Adam Milligan- more of a Winchester than you? Please.
You clenched the wheel a bit tighter, ready to get back to the bunker, make sure the boys were alright, and drink yourself silly. You were sure they’d be there; you’d swing the bunker door open and Dean and Sam would be lounging on the couch, bickering about which Transformer was clearly the coolest. You turned some music on hoping it could distract you from your overly optimistic mind.

“You better get back panic attack, it’s always the same thing with me,” You furrowed your brow at the husky voice, trying to place it. Quickly, Chuck switched to the radio. You looked at him in confusion. “What was that?” You questioned, a smirk creeping over your lips.

“It’s stupid, before I started writing I was in this band, but after I started getting visions it just got too hard to keep doing it.” You switched back to the CD, eager to hear it. God, as if you didn’t think Chuck was attractive before, his voice just further affirmed the attraction. It was raspy and sexy and damn you wanted to jump his bones; and perhaps you would have if you weren’t convinced Sam and Dean’s lives were in danger.
“It’s good.” You told him after clearing your throat, trying to hide the want in your voice. He looked over at you, smiling genuinely. “I’m glad.”

You listened to three of his albums. You were kind of obsessed. It made the drive home practically fly by. About an hour or so after nightfall Chuck was out like a light and you were relieved. You hadn’t seen him sleep at all since you’d gotten to his place. Finally once you entered Kansas you felt a bit more at ease. You were only about two hours away from the bunker, and all you wanted to do was curl up in bed. Except you couldn’t imagine being in the bunker without some classic rock drifting down the halls, or Sam pressuring you into joining him on a run. (“Why run if nothing’s chasing us, Sammy?”)

You pulled up to the mischievous door in the middle of Lebanon, your heart warming at the sight of it. You turned to Chuck whom was still fast asleep, one of your jackets covering his arms as a makeshift blanket. “Chuck” You whispered, stroking his arm softly. “Chuck, come on. We’re home.” His eyes blinked open tiredly. “What?” He asked quietly, focusing on you.

“We’re home. Let’s get inside.” You told him again. Unable to resist you ran your fingers through his soft, curly hair. “Okay.” He agreed groggily. You took his bag from the bag and then gathered your things from the front, sure to grab your family photo. Chuck waited patiently outside the door, and in a second you were there, unlocking the door. He insisted on taking his things from you, although his eyes were barely open.

“You can stay in my room, Chuck.” You stated as you pressed the door open and helped him inside. The lights were on; the bunker looked exactly as you had left it. “Where are you going to sleep?” He inquired, only moving inside after you had.

“I’m not going to, I need to be up if Cas comes by. Or Sam or Dean.” Chuck shook his head.

“What good are you to them burned out?” You locked the door behind you and threw a line of salt over it for good measure. “Don’t worry about me, okay? Let’s get you to bed.” You said, taking his arm and leading him to your room. “Okay.” He reluctantly agreed. You ushered him down the hall and to your room, helping him along. You got him under the covers and tucked him in; thankful you’d made it home safe. “Goodnight, Y/N. I love you,” He muttered tiredly, his eyes already falling closed.

You grinned. “Goodnight, Chuck. Sleep well.” You turned and left, flicking the lights out as you went. Before you could stop yourself you were wandering down the hall and to Dean’s room. You missed him. He’d only been away from you a few days and yet, you couldn’t help but feel like you hadn’t seen him in months. And just as you had thought, his room was an absolute mess. You fell onto his bed, taking in his scent. You loved Sam every bit as much as Dean, but there was a sort of bond between you and Dean that was so natural. Maybe it was the way he carried himself or the way he looked at you and Sam, but you looked up to him.
Once you tore yourself away from Dean’s room you wandered to Sam’s. It was neat and tidy, as it always was. Disregarding the cleanliness of it, you sprawled yourself across his bed as well. It smelled crisp and cool, comforting against your skin. “Where are you Sam?” You muttered absently, your mind still trying to figure out where he could have gone.
When you opened your eyes, you saw Cas standing in the doorway.

“Jeez Cas!” You whisper-yelled, sitting up at the sight of him. You hadn’t even heard the flutter of his wings; how tired were you? “I didn’t mean to startle you, Y/N.” He apologized, his voice rough and informal as usual. “It’s fine. Can you tell me what the hell happened? Where are the boys and who was chasing us?” Cas walked farther into the room and looked between you and the bed for a moment. Finally, he sat beside you.

“Sam’s in Hell with Adam. Or should I say Lucifer is in Hell with Michael. And Dean- I can’t locate him.” Had you heard him correctly? Sam was in Hell? As a vessel? You only knew about Hell from the stories Dean had told you and the thought of Sam being there made your blood curdle. “The angels were after you. They think Chuck knows a way out of this. They think he knows where God is.” You shook your head. “What are they going to do to him?” You questioned, fear evident in your voice. After losing tabs on Sam and Dean the last thing you wanted was to lose Chuck too.

“Probably torture him. Insert nails into his skull, something to that effect. We told you you were supposed to keep him safe. What was worth risking your lives for? Why did you go back to the house?” Castiel asked serious curiosity in his voice. You smiled gently and turned to meet his icy blue stare.

“You, Cas. You and Sam and Dean. I forgot our picture. I’m sorry, I know it was irresponsible but I couldn’t just leave it behind.” If you could go back in time you’d do it again. Chuc was sleeping soundly in the next room and that was all that mattered. “I understand.” Cas agreed, nodding slightly. “For what it’s worth Y/N, I’m sorry. I wish this wasn’t happening.” You chuckled sarcastically. “You and I both, Cas.”

“I should be going.” He told you, raising to his feet.

“I’ve got to find Dean. Stay here. I’ll come back as often as I can.” He promised. You believed him. You stood as well, reluctant to let him go, but you knew you had to.

You pulled him into a hug, your arms winding tightly around his stiff frame. After just a moment, he reciprocated, closing his arms snugly around you, holding you close to his strong chest. You loved his hugs. They were always a bit unsure at first, but as soon as he felt the warmth he held you firmly.

“Stay safe Cas.” You told him, leaning up to press a kiss to his cheek. He flushed a light pink at the tender moment, and did his best to hide it by clearing his throat.

“I will Y/N. You too. I’ll be back soon.” You gave him an extra tight squeeze, wishing with all your might that you didn’t have to let go. “I’ll be back.” He promised again, sensing your pause.

“Right, yeah.” You agreed, releasing him. He wiped a tear off your cheek that you hadn’t even realized had fallen. With a curt nod and a flutter of his wings he was gone.

The silence was deafening. You felt so useless confined to the bunker. You went back to your room and crawled in bed with Chuck, desperate to not be alone. Almost automatically, he wrapped an arm around you and held you against him. It felt safe. It felt so right, like you were home. You let your eyes drift closed, your last thought before falling asleep were his words to you.

“Goodnight, Y/N. I love you.”


Makai Ouji ~ Devils and Realist: Pilar 73

Ohhhhhhhhh, al fin, después de bastante tiempo (bueno, casi 1 semanita desde que salió el capítulo) les traigo el pilar 73 de Makai Ouji, y vaya qué pilar!!! Si las cosas están que arden en el Infierno, en el Cielo no están mejor. Agradezco infinitamente a hakuto por haberme proporcionado sus hermosos scans (y de verdad que son hermosos casi no me dieron trabajo al momento de editar) y, por supuesto, a syphiria por su traducción al inglés; saben que sin ellas sería imposible para mí continuar con este manga ^^! Además, ya saben que agradezco también a todas aquellas lindas personitas que me regalan un like o un espacio en su blog (o ambos) y comparten mi trabajo (ya sea por aquí o en otros sitios, saben que hago esto con mucho cariño por y para ustedes).

Bueno, sólo me resta decir que no olviden darle like y, sobre todo, compartir para que más fans puedan seguir esta maravillosa historia. Ah y si hay algún error de cualquier tipo no olviden avisarme, siempre les agradeceré que me notifiquen cualquier cosa. Ahora sí, les dejo los links de descarga y nos vemos el mes que sigue ^3^!

P.D. Respecto al Etemenanki no coloqué ninguna información extra puesto que, si lo googlean, wikipedia les proporcionará una información breve y general sobre este templo. Sí, ya sé que wikipedia no es a veces el mejor referente pero creo que en esta ocasión nos funciona bastante bien ^^!

Post de descarga

Lectura online

The Ten Types of Fans on Tumblr, as told by Supernatural Characters:

1.  The Becky

Generic unhinged fangirl.  Has zero concept of socially acceptable behavior, is probably a multi-shipper, and is okay with the concept of sibling incest.  Posts nothing but surprisingly well-written erotic fanfiction, and might legitimately have a member of the cast tied up in their basement. 

2.  The Gabriel 

Posts nothing but memes and crack edits.  Will find a way to make even the most heartbreaking scene seem comical and ridiculous, and you will love/hate them for it. 

3.  The Castiel

This person is an innocent in a world of shell-shocked Tumblr veterans. Is generally well-mannered and respectful, despite having to put up with a lot of bullshit from everyone else.  Doesn’t get sexual innuendos, and thinks shipping has something to do with boats. 

4.  The Ambriel 

Appears cute and innocent, but is also sort of ignorant and occasionally says something super offensive without even realizing it.  Is probably fourteen or younger.  Will not last long on this site.

5.  The Sam

Will honest-to-God post a ten chapter essay on why his OTP should be canon. Comes up with the bizarrely good headcanons, edits, and theories.  Ships Destiel like crazy.  Is obviously smart, and probably went to an ivy league college.  You will wonder why they’re not doing something more productive with their life. 

6.  The Crowley

Not to be mistaken with the Sam, this person is at least ten times smarter than everyone else, but more of a jerk about it.  They will complain about everything, from poor writing, to continuity errors, to drama within the fandom.  

They also probably post a lot of porn.

7.  The Charlie 

Posts the most adorable fanart, reblogs all your stuff, and sends you a *hugs!* in response to sad posts.  Generally someone you just really want to hang out with, and probably has the best multi-fandom blog you’ve ever seen.

8.  The Metatron

Is generally the worst in every regard.  Obnoxious, disrespectful, doesn’t tag spoilers, and will try to convince you that your favorite characters are straight.

9.  The Bobby

Legit oldest and most experienced person in the fandom.  Has lived through all the drama, and has probably met the entire cast on multiple occasions.  Should be treated with the utmost respect and reverence at all times. 

10.  The Dean 

Is just completely obsessed with Destiel.  Does things on Tumblr that they would never admit to in real life.  Posts nothing but erotic Castiel fanart, fanfiction (both fluff and smut), and bisexual pride posters.

piece i did in the livestream tonight!! thanks for tuning in, everyone! this was super fun, and the first of the two sketches to be colored ⌒°(❛ᴗ❛)°⌒

Why Castiel is the world’s most underappreciated angel:

1.  He’s the only angel even attempting to do his damn job.

What was the one thing God told the angels to do before he left?  Oh yeah, that’s right.  “Love humanity.” 

For most angels, this very simple command seemed to get lost in translation very, very quickly.  (Here, I would include images of all the humans whose eyes got needlessly burned out, but that’s just unnecessarily gory).

But while the other angels treat the human race with repulsion (i.g. Uriel, Zachariah, Bartholomew, Naomi) or at best, quiet indifference (i.g. Hannah), Castiel appears to be the only one who will invariably place humanity’s safety above all else.  Not only that, he appears to be the only angel who legitimately loves humanity in general.

(And don’t even get me started on his love for “humanity.”  That’s a topic for another time).

If you ask me, this is the reason God takes a special interest in Cas.  It’s because Cas isn’t the only one diverging from the angels’ original mission:  he’s the only one staying true to it.  

You’ll never convince me this isn’t why Chuck keeps bringing Cas back.  (That, and he obviously really ships Destiel).

2.  He’s almost completely altruistic. 

Despite the fact that they’ve have never actually formally thanked him for everything he’s done for them (which I’m just the slightest bit bitter about), Castiel continues to battle and suffer endlessly for Dean and Sam.

For one thing, he pulled Dean out of hell.  I really can’t stress that enough. Saving someone from eternal damnation is kind of a big deal.

Then, in season six, he confronted Lucifer AND Michael in the cage to try to rescue his brother-in-law.  Obviously, that didn’t work out too well for anyone involved, but again:  he confronted two of the most powerful angels in the universe to try to rescue him.  KIND OF A BIG DEAL. 

In season eight, he was willing to spend eternity alone in purgatory to keep the leviathan away from Dean.

In season ten, he was willing to die horribly to avoid having to hurt Dean (unless it isn’t abundantly clear at this point, he REALLY FUCKING LOVES DEAN).

Most recently, in season 11, we see Cas single-handedly take on LUCIFER AND AMARA – the two most terrifying beings in the entirety of the supernatural universe – just to keep his precious boyfriend safe.  

(I also think we should all take a moment to appreciate that he’s now called two of heaven’s most powerful and intimidating archangels “ass-butt.”) 

And sacrificing himself in the hope that Lucifer could possibly defeat Amara and save the world was (while unfortunate for everyone) an incredibly selfless thing to do.

Don’t listen to Amara or Metatron or any of those other assholes, Cas.  You’re a fucking hero. 

3.  Everyone underestimates him (and usually, it proves disastrous).

Bad things happen to people who underestimate Castiel.  The only exception to this rule is Dean, who gets a free pass because they’re married.

(Oh really, Dean?  Remember season five, when he sliced off Pestilence’s ring finger without the aid of any angelic grace?  Or when he killed at least three angels in the beginning of season nine, despite the fact that he was completely human at the time?)  

Let’s start with an obvious example:  the writers.

When Cas was conceptualized, he wasn’t supposed to be a main character.  He wasn’t even supposed to be a recurring character for more than six episodes.  His only purpose was supposed to be introducing angels and biblical mythology to mythology to Supernatural, and providing a plausible explanation as to how Dean got out of hell.  The writers only decided to keep him on for seasons five and six due to his immediate popularity within the fandom.  Towards the beginning of season seven, the writers appeared to think Cas and most Biblical mythology had run its course, and arranged for him to be killed off.  Ratings immediately plummeted, until they were basically forced to bring him back.

Speaking of writers, that brings us to our next example:  Metatron, whose greatest mistake was that he underestimated Castiel’s intelligence.  Seriously, at one point he compared him to a “mentally deficient puppy.”  Rude. 

(Although in fairness, he kind of does give off that impression). 

The irony of Metatron’s defeat, however, was that Cas didn’t beat him in some grandstanding, epic battle.  He outsmarted him, using the very same kind of PR warfare that Metatron had prided himself on.

For a slightly less “Meta” example (see what I did there?) we have Naomi.  While she didn’t underestimate Castiel’s intelligence or power, she did sorely underestimate the strength of his love for Dean.  This mistake would cost her the angel tablet, and ultimately result in the angels’  fall from grace.

Earlier still, we have his unfortunate alliance with Crowley.  Now, Crowley is Supernatural’s smartest and longest-surviving villain for a reason:  he’s never underestimated these “denim-wrapped nightmares.”

He did, however, make the mistake of thinking he could continuously manipulate Cas into doing his bidding without repercussions, a misjudgment that very nearly had him smitten.

Obviously, this didn’t work out much better for Cas – or anyone, for that matter, when his megalomaniacal alter ego reigned terror on the entire planet.


4.  He actually DID prevent a second Biblical apocalypse.

This wasn’t properly addressed after season six, but Raphael made it abundantly clear that if allowed to rise to power, he would release Lucifer and Michael from the Cage and restart the apocalypse.  

Perhaps the one “good” dead performed by Cas’s god persona (aside from disbanding the KKK, curing that blind homeless guy, and expressing his support of marriage equality) was that he succeeded in his mission to defeat Raphael.  And by “defeat,” I obviously mean “blow to bits,” possibly out of left over bitterness from the end of season four.

(“SEE!?  Exploding isn’t so nice when it happens to YOU, is it?  Jerk.”)

Regardless of whether or not you think Raphael’s fate was deserved, it’s hard to ignore the fact that it did (at least temporarily) ensure that the Cage would remain shut.  And while God!Cas and the leviathan did an irreparable amount of damage, I don’t think it came anywhere close to the amount of suffering or fatalities that would have been caused by a Biblical end of days.   

5.  The other angels set the bar really, really low.

Castiel is the Kevin McCallister of the angelic race.  Literally everyone in the entire family is a fucking disaster, but the second something goes wrong, everything’s HIS fault.

I mean yeah, he’s made some large-scale blunders.  But at least he’s never purposefully caused the apocalypse because his dad wasn’t home and he was hoping to get some time off of work.

Or nearly destroyed the planet because he got into a kindergarten-style slapping contest with his brother. 

Or literally ruined the entire universe because he was jealous and mildly irritated with his father. 

No wonder the only other sane angel got his ass out of there.