It was the best day of your life as you were in the first row of your favorite singer’s concert. Gabriel Novak was amazing with that voice and the way he could play different instruments. 

When he came on stage you screamed along with everyone else. From your seat, you could see his muscles move and how his fingers pressed into the strings of his guitar. 

Then during one of his songs, he stared right at you, almost like he was playing just for you. You were glad the lights weren’t one you as you felt your face grow hot. He strutted over to your side of the stage as his guitar solo came up. Your heart nearly burst as he sent you a wink.

You were memorized by his movements as he danced his way to the other side of the stage. It gave you a chance to see his bow legs and his nice butt.

Sadly the concert came to an end after they finished their encore. You cheered loudly when they came back out, dancing in your seat as they played their last song.

After taking their bows, Gabriel, and his bandmates left the stage. Everyone around you was buzzing about his performance and how they were each glad they came. You felt the same thing, wanting to remember this night forever.

“Excuse me, miss?” A finger tapped your shoulder as you worked your way to the exit.

“Yes?” You turned, finding a bodyguard. “Is something wrong?”

“Can you come with me?” The guard didn’t leave much room for argument.

You followed him as knots grew in your stomach. “I don’t understand. Did I do something wrong? I didn’t….I don’t think I broke any laws.” You tried to talk to them, but they only lead the way to backstage. “Oh. I’m not VIP. I mean a friend gave me the ticket, but….I think you have the wrong person.” The guard opened the door to a plush room, waiting for you step in.

“Thanks, Steve.” A voice came from inside. You peaked into the room, finding Gabriel in a dark shirt and dark washed jeans sitting on a leather couch. “You can come in.”

“I think there’s been a mistake.” You hesitantly walked into the room, watching as the guard left. 

“Nope doesn’t appear to be.” Gabriel stood up, smiling. “You sure look like that beautiful girl that was in the front row. Gotta say you caught my eye.” He winked at you again and you felt your knees grow weak.


"Yeah and I gotta add that my face looks great on you.” He pointed to your shirt.

“Uh…thanks.” Your face flushed as you were unsure how you ended up here.

“Listen, I don’t wanna pressure you into anything, but by any chance…do you wanna go grab dinner?” He scratched the back of his neck. “Just food, no hidden agenda.”

“With me?” You blinked.

“Was that not already established?” He joked.


“Beautiful. Sexy. Loves my music. Loves me." 

"Well…yes…but….” You bit your lower lip. You’d be crazy not to go out with him, but you didn’t want to be one of those stupid girls that think she actually had a chance only to end up dumped after the sex. 

Gabriel seemed to understand as he took one of your hands in his. “I’m not looking for a hookup. I just wanna take you out to dinner." 

"Okay.” You nodded, breathing better.

“Great. So what kinda food do you like?” Gabriel grinned.

The Imperfect Family

Title: The Imperfect Family

 Prompt: This is my “One Liner Mash-Up” to celebrate my 200 follower milestone on Tumblr!  All of the prompts given to me are bolded, so you can see how I worked different ones in there.  Thank you so much to all who sent me lines.  The rule was they could send 1-3 lines and I would use ALL of the submissions to write one story…here we go!


 Summary: Castiel takes his duties of Godfather to you and Dean’s child very seriously, even though she isn’t born yet.  Which is why he insists on throwing you a baby shower to celebrate the coming birth with your ‘family’.  

 Warnings: Language.

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On a dark night long ago, an extraordinary event took place.  To anyone else, it would have been just a night of passion.  But to you…it marked the start of your family.  That one night, eight months ago, after you and Dean said your private words of promise to each other, is what brought you and all the other people to this place now.

“Cas, sweetheart. This is too much.”  You spoke as you looked around the bunker, seeing the decorations and gifts and food and treats.  “Especially this…”  You pointed to a three tier cake with the elaborate decorations and the words ‘congratulations on your baby girl’ written on the side.

But it is only a chocolate cake…”  Cas said with a shy look on his face.  

You could only chuckle as you looked over at him.  You and Dean had decided to give Cas the honor of Godparent for your unborn child.  And ever since he had accepted, he had been a bit over zealous with ‘helping’ and ‘planning’. Right now, was what he had planned a couple weeks ago, a baby shower.

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Competing with Twitter

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Pairing: GabrielxReader
Word count
: 834
Written for @faegal04
‘s 500 follower challenge :D

Okay, so, I may have liked Twitter a bit much. But, to be fair, it was the only way for me to ever interact with those beautiful people we worship- celebrities. In the life of hunting, it’s not like I’d ever get the chance, okay?!

I had it set up so that certain people’s tweets would send a notification to my phone. Usually, it didn’t go off during hunts. Which was a good thing, as my brothers hated it. Sam said it was killing my brain cells (maybe I should make a list of everything he’s done that has killed his….). Dean just said it was plain stupid. I then offered to go out and fuck my way across America while consuming my weight in beer, and he shut up.

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“საკუთარი თავით სიამოვნება აუცილებელია, შეიძლება იდეებმა ბევრი იყბედონ და საკუთარი სიტყვები მრავალჯერადად ჩააჭედონ თქვენს გონებაში, მაგრამ იცოდეთ, თქვენ ფიცარი არ ხართ და თავისუფლად შეგიძლიათ გემად გადაქცევა, ოკენაში შეცურვა და სამყაროს კიდესთან აფრების ჩამოშვება. თუმცა იცოდეთ, გემს ეკიპაჟი მართავს. კაპიტანი უბრალოდ კაპიტანია.”

- ავადმყოფი.

redheadandslytherin  asked:

I'm not asking for a video, just making a random music suggestion. There is a song called "Gabriel" by Lamb. It requires no explanation. None at all.

OH MY !!!!

I have heard of the song “Gabriel” by Lamb!! It really does require no explanation, the song is perfect and so definitely Gabriel and ughhhhh.

Also! The original song is beautiful, but have you heard this cover version of it?

Gabriel - Lamb Cover by Dan (Airport)

It’s so gorgeous. Cue all the Gabriel feels and sadness and happiness. Plus, this cover really enhances the Sabriel feels and emotions I get from it. ♥

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