I hear you

Title: I hear you

Pairing: Gabriel x female!Reader (if you squint)

Word Count: ~800

Warnings: emotional h/c, Gabe appears to be an ass

Summary: You wanted to cheer Gabriel up with chocolate and funny hunting stories. But he didn’t seem to want to hear any of it, simply fliting with the pretty waitress, ignoring you.

(A/n: Wrote this after coffee with my mum and brother. My mum interrupted me mid-sentence to start a conversation with me bro. Didn’t hurt at all, being interrupted while talking about the things you love.)

“I was there and then - right after I…” You were wildly gesturing, telling Gabriel the story of your last hunt. With the apocalypse on its way it was rare that you found time to simply sit and catch up with your favourite trickster. You knew how much the approaching fight between his older brothers was getting to him and all you wanted to do was cheer him up with funny stories and overly sweet hot chocolate.

However your story was interrupted by a waitress coming over to see if she could get you anything else. She was pretty, long blonde hair and a cheery smile and within a second she had Gabriel’s full attention. His eyes were on her bright face as he asked her about her day while making her recommended some extra sweet cake. It seemed as if he had totally forgotten not only your conversation but you’re entire presence. You sighed sipping silently on your cocoa, suddenly not even liking the sweetness anymore. Right now you’d prefer the bitter taste of some coffee.

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  • Lucifer, stroking his new meat suit: Whoa, Cas youre hung! You think after this whole possession ordeal we could screw around a little? No idea how Sam n Dean miss this hot bod right in front of them.
  • Dean: right. That's it. You're not Cas. He would never praise how-
  • Sam: You gotta admit, he is pretty hung, even compared to you.
  • Gabriel: How do you kno- you know what. I ain't even bothering. Lollypop anyone?

I am absolutely blown away. I am also extremely thankful for all of you! So I decided to do a little celebration. Send in asks/submissions of gifs or prompts and I’ll write a little drabble! 

I mainly write Gabriel, Dean, and Cas. If someone would like a different character I’m willing to give it a try. So send in those gifs or prompts and I’ll write something. 

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Types of friends as presented by Supernatural:

the one that’s always making new friends:

the best gay friend:

the one that always needs rescuing:

the one that’s always hungry:

the one that’s just too much:

the mom friend:

the absolute sunshine friend:

the witchy one:

the one that’s always annoying:

the bitchy one:

the dad friend:

the one that’s the make out whore:

the prankster one: