“Castiel, what are you doing?” Balthazar asked.
“It’s a joke,” Cas explained.
“Not a very funny one,” Gabriel said, rolling his eyes.
“It’s hilarious,” Cas insisted.
The angels continued bickering over who was funnier– “look at Y/N smile! That’s on me!” “No, that was me” “Oh come on, I’m adorable”

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Gabriel growled angrily as he shoved Dean against a wall; his grip was fatal, while rage and steam electrocuted his body.

“You idiot!” he snarled. “I leave for two seconds and you can barely keep her alive!?”

Something More

Characters: Gabriel x Reader, Dean, Sam, Cas
Words: 1374
Requested by Anonymous…they just wanted something Gabriel x Redaer, so here we go.
Summary: The reader has been feeling off, like there’s something missing in her life. Gabriel is worried that it has to do with him, but he soon realizes what is going on.

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Lately you felt there was something missing from your life. Something that you couldn’t figure out. Something you wanted to find, but you didn’t know where to even begin looking. But you knew something had to give.

           You knew you had been acting off. You could feel it and you were pretty sure the people in your life could sense it as well. You tried to play it off, but there really was something going on with you. You couldn’t hide that from Sam, Dean, or your boyfriend Gabriel. Especially Gabriel.

           “Alright, Sweetheart, talk,” Gabriel said, cornering you in your room. You had been sitting at your desk looking through a book when he appeared out of nowhere, closed your door, and walked over to you.

           “What do you want to talk about?” you asked, looking up at him. His surprise visit was not uncommon. You had stopped being “surprised” a long time ago. You just expected him pretty much any time.

           “What’s going on with you?” he asked, “You’ve been acting off and distant. Did I do something?” he asked.

           “No,” you shook your head, “You didn’t do anything.”

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Gabriel stared into those dark eyes. He knew what Dean was… He was a fucking demon; by all rights Gabriel should be terrified of him. And maybe at the beginning he was, but… Gabe reached a hand up to cup Dean’s jaw. “No,” he answered, his voice soft. “No you’re not, Dean.”

He leaned up on his toes and brushed his lips against Dean’s. “I’ve known humans infinitely more monstrous than I’ve ever known you to be.”

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                  The Prince looked at the other, his black eyes sad, his body
                        language defeated. He looked like a broken soldier. That co-
                        cky, confident smirk gone. He leaned into the soft caress of 
                        the other’s hand, closing his eyes, resting his hand over top
                        of it. He savored the light ghost of a kiss, then sighed at his
                        words. “I may say I’m not a monster, Gabriel,” he whispered,
                       “But that doesn’t mean I haven’t done monstrous things – as
                        a Demon and a human.”