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If you're still doing these I have a request. Sabriel and 29. Gutta cavat lapidem. A drop hollows out the stone.

29. Gutta cavat lapidem. A drop hollows out the stone.

Gabriel had been loving humans since the day he was first allowed to watch them. There was something about the way they felt everything so out in the open, the way the stars only ever shined as much as they could and nothing more or less. He’d been stealing away to anywhere he could catch a glimpse, spending weeks choosing one to watch as he fell in love over and over again.

His father would drag him away each time, pulling him to training or lectures and other shit full of the angels that showed no emotion, showed no humanity. He’d tap the seconds against his wrist, waiting for the droning to stop. Waiting until he could sneak away again.

When the fighting started, he escaped to the only place he knew love existed in a form that didn’t send the sky tumbling down. He wandered Earth, fell in love with strangers on the corner of the street that smiled at him as they walked past with their scarves and perfume and dimpled grins. It didn’t take much, only a drop to get his heart to make a little bit more room.

And then he met Sam and with each smile, with each dimple, with each soft word, his heart made more room. He started to overtake the whole damn thing, greedy son-of-a-bitch. There was less and less room, but Gabriel couldn’t pull himself away. Wouldn’t let himself give into kissing Sam’s pretty pink lips, but he couldn’t pull away either. 

That is, until the last drop hit and his heart couldn’t hold back anymore. Sam had been sifting through the boxes tucked into a storage room in the bunker when Gabriel walked by the doorway. He was holding a picture between his fingers, a small smile blooming across his face. The dimples came out. Gabriel leaned against the doorway.

“What do you got there?” Gabriel asked.

Sam jerked in surprise, sighing back into a form of comfort on the floor when he saw it was Gabriel. “Nothing much. I found some old pictures.”

“Oh yeah? Anything cool?” Gabriel stepped into the room, sitting beside Sam on the floor. Sam held out a picture, Gabriel snagging it from his fingertips.

It was a couple, a girl swinging her legs from the branch of a tree while the boy beneath her grinned up at her. Behind the girl was a halo of sunlight, the boy staring into the light and beaming. 

“It’s nothing, really. They just-”

“Look so in love,” Gabriel finished. 

“I want to be that in love one day,” Sam said.

I think I already am, Gabriel thought, setting the picture down and snagging Sam’s fingers in his own. He wouldn’t rush it, not when the sun was close enough to touch.

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Waltz #2, Part 26

Castiel x Reader

Summary:  You are a hunter, best friends with the Winchesters. You moved into the bunker when a couple of vamps decided to destroy your apartment. After nearly two months of living with the boys, you finally got to meet their angelic friend, Castiel. But when he sets his eyes upon you, everything changes. He knows something about you, not even you understand. 

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Guys I’m bringing this series back from the dead. This was my first fanfic ever, the first chapters are bad & most of it is unbeta’d. I plan to go back & revise most of it, but I’m finally writing for this again. So enjoy!

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The air was cold, crispy as you ran. Hair was in your face, as you sped off, up the trail Sam and you ran every morning. You were alone this morning, still slightly drunk from last night. Sam and Dean were still in bed, when you slipped out and Castiel had woken you before he left, kissing you goodbye and telling you he’d be back later. Running between trees, you felt high. The whiskey came out in sweats as you exerted your body further. Wanting to feel the aching of your joints, wanting your lungs to work overtime, you push yourself. Faster down the trail until you hit the clearing. Chest heaving in and out, you collapse on the grass. Laying flat on your back, you look up at the sky. Watching through the trees, the sun slowly rises as moments wash over you of last night’s events.

On the way home from the case, Castiel sat in the back of the Impala with you. Cradling you in his lap, as you softly sobbed. Dean turned up the volume of the radio, conflicted on whether he did it so you’d have your privacy or so he couldn’t hear your pain. Sam forced himself to look out the window and not turn around to see you, to help comfort you. Fortunately, the ride home was merely a short 20 minute journey, but in those minutes, exhausted from the hunt and the tears, you had fallen asleep on the angel. 

Castiel carried you down the bunker’s stairs, listening to Dean’s suggestion and gently laying you on the couch. 

“When she wakes, we are going to need a lot of alcohol.”

Dean looks down at your figure, looking even distraught in your sleep, he turns to Castiel.

“So that was the reason you didn’t want to tell her in the first place”

The angel nods. Dean runs a hand over his face, before calling out for his brother and tells the Castiel they’d be back, they were going to run out for food and drinks. You wake 15 minutes after the brothers leave, the angel was seated across from you on a chair, looking as emotionally damaged as you felt. Sitting up right, you ask him to move next to you. Feeling his body slip next to his, you lean your head against him. 

“I’m so sorry Castiel.” You whisper, moving to face him, you touch his face. His blue eyes take on a new sad you hadn’t notice before, it breaks you apart inside. 

“I’m sorry I made all this come up again” 

The angel squints, shaking his head slowly in disagreement. “No” The deepness of his voice surrounds your whole world, it’s magical and brings you comfort that you never knew could be achieved. The angel brings you into his arms, making sure your eyes meet his.

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Caring (Gabriel x Reader)

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The show on TV bored you, and it was late at night. Your eyes were falling closed on their own, but you fought sleep. Suddenly there was a loud thumb from above you, then the sound of something slipping down the roof. You looked to the window just in time to see a body falling down from the roof. Shakily you stood up, walking to the window. You peeked through the curtains. On the floor was a body. It was too dark to make out any details, but it was definitely a man. You hurried outside, worried.

You fell to your knees beside the man. He was beaten and full of blood, but breathing. Just then you noticed the things attached to his back. You considered calling an ambulance, but they would ask you how he got there, who he was. You didn’t know that! He just fell from the sky! You dragged the unmoving body into your home, huffing and puffing. You mouth dropped open once he was inside, in the light. There were six golden wings coming from his back, and they seemed badly injured. You raked your hands through your hair in panic, not knowing what to do. You needed to help him, that was for sure. But were you able to?

Six hour and fifteen bandages later you were done. You had taken off his clothes except for his underwear, and wrapped cleaned his wounds and body. Every time you touched the damaged parts he grunted. You didn’t even know if he was conscious or not. You had managed to get him into your bed, but due to his wings there wasn’t any space for you left. You plopped down on the couch, wanting nothing more than to sleep. Your eyes closed, letting you drift off into slumber as the sun rose.

You were woken again by a groan and a thud. You scrambled to your feet, running into the bedroom, and were met with a panicked pair of whiskey coloured eyes. His wings seemed to puff up a little when he saw you, and a growl came from him. You raised your hands to show him you meant no harm. “Hello!”, you said quickly, and probably too loud, because he flinched and glared harder at you. “Hello. I’m (YN). I… you fell down my roof? A-and I dragged you inside and, well… stitched you up?” You were mildly terrified. A stranger, with wings, in you room, looking ready to attack you. You felt your heart beating wildly, and the urge to run and hide was nearly unbearable. The man seemed confused. “What happened?”, he asked, staring into your eyes. It was the first time you really heard his voice. Goosebumps rose on your body. “I was hoping you could tell me that”, you mumbled out intimidated. “I should be dead.”, he said. “My brother… killed me. Why am I here and not dead?”, he asked himself, still staring at you as if you knew the answer. “Why did you help me?”, he raised his voice, not angry but simply demanding. You started to pace around your room, noting that he kept calm. “I don’t know! I should have just called an ambulance, or the police or whatever! But what are they supposed to do with a guy that literally appeared out of thin air?” You went quiet for a second before adding:“What am I supposed to do with a winged guy?” He seemed startled, standing abruptly. You instantly worried about him, walking to him and pushed him back on the bed. He was still badly injured. He narrowed his eyes at you. You stared into his beautiful eyes for a second before you paced around the room again. “You can see them?” He raised his wings with the question. You nodded, not directly looking at him. “(YN)”, he tested your name, and hearing him say it made your heart swell. You just met this guy, why did you feel this way about him? Why did you care so much about him. “I’m Gabriel.”, he finally told you his name. He stood again, but you didn’t feel the need to sit him back down. His wings flared up, not intimidating this time. He stretched them across the room, it took your breath away. “They are so, so beautiful.”, you admitted.

He seemed to breath a little harder at that. “Sweetcheeks, I’m an Archangel.” You snorted. “‘Sweetcheeks’, really?” His lips twitched when he heard your laugh. “You believe me? Like that?” - “You have wings, Gabriel. And they’re not fake, I checked.”, you laughed. “You touched them?” You nodded. He gulped at that. “I needed to clean the wounds… I’m sorry if that was… inappropriate…” Suddenly he was in front of you, cupping your face. “You see my wings, Sweetcheeks. I just met you, but already feel the need to protect you. To love you. Will you let me? Do you agree to be my soul mate?” You nodded breathlessly, his scent intoxicating you. “Say it, please.” - “Yes, Gabriel!” He pressed his lips against yours in a passionate kiss. Your lips moved in absolute sync. He wrapped his arms around you so you were pressed smugly against each other. You ft perfectly, as if you were made for each other. “Mine”, he mumbled when your lips parted fr a second, only to come back, hungry for more. You didn’t have any objections to that.