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this is a little simplified (well, i mean, y’know, as simple as i think i could do) version of the trueform of gabriel! FOR REASONS

front/back aren’t perfect layovers of each other, but i did it in a bit of a rush. still like it though! this is the first one i’ve shown a semblance of a color scheme for, but i’d really like to do detailed schemes for all of them! 

Imagine: Pranking the Winchesters with Gabriel…

Prank #1: A foamy wake-up call

Sam and Dean had fallen asleep on the couch - a very bad idea when two tricksters where in the house: You, their mischievous younger sibling, and Gabe, who was basically a five year old in a man’s body.

You drew moustaches and doodles on the brother's faces with markers, squirting shaving foam into their hands and tied their shoe laces together.

You both tickled their noses with feathers, watching as they splatted the foam on their faces.

“(Y/N)! Gabriel!” They yelled in unison, trying to chase after you and falling on their faces. You and Gabe high-fived, laughing as you ran away to hide before the boys recovered.

Prank #2: Disgusting Doughnuts

Dean always ate all the doughnuts and pie before you - so you decided it was time for action…

You and Gabe took the custard and jelly out of the doughnuts with syringes, replacing the sweet contents with mustard, horse radish, ketchup and red hot chilli sauce, dusting them with talcum powder.

Dean picked up a chilli one, taking a big bite out of it - before screaming like a girl and running into the kitchen, whining and swearing as he went. Sam burst out laughing, giving you and Gabe high fives - then picked up a horse radish doughnut…poor moose…

Prank #3:  Wild Goose Chase

Now, this prank was a hard one.

Gabe hid the impala - with help from Bobby - and left a fake ransom note on the kirb, giving a random location of where to find the car. The boys fell for it, going to the location, only to find another note - and so on and so on.

You and Gabe brought the car back to the bunker, parking it outside. You sat on the hood, soaking in the sun as you heard, Dean, screaming death threats from the bottom of the hill, taking that as your cue to leave…

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New headcanon #2 thx to tricksterangelgabriel

The vessel Gabriel chose thousands of years ago used to be a warrior and of perfectly average size for his time (maybe even a bit above the average). Since Gabriel had learned of loss and what it means to be parted from your family, he couldn’t bear the thought of taking new vessels every generation and condemn more souls to be apart from their loved ones, so he just stuck with his original vessel. (Also, heaven kept tabs on the bloodline that produced his vessels and he would have been found if he pursued them.) Over time humans grew to be taller and that’s why Gabriel is now rather short in comparison.

Rejection Sucks

Characters: This fic has Reader, Dean, Sam, and Gabriel. I’m not telling you the pairing.
Words: 1654
Requested by Anonymous
Summary: The reader admits her feelings for one of the guys, but is rejected. Another guy swoops in and wins her heart. 

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You walked through the bunker before going to bed, hoping to find Dean by himself somewhere. But when you got to the library, both Dean and Sam were there, “Hey, Y/N,” they smiled at you.

           “Hey, guys.”

           “What’s up?” Sam asked.

           “Nothing. Just seeing what you two are up to,” you said, sitting down in one of the chairs. Sam was normally the first to go to bed out of the two, so you were just going to have to wait until he left the room.

           “I thought you’d be in bed by now,” Dean said.

           You shook your head, “Not quite yet.”

           “Well, I’m going to bed,” Sam said, “I gotta get up early in the morning. It’s my turn to do the shopping.”

           “Night, Sam,” you and Dean both said as Sam made his way out of the room and headed to his bedroom.

           “What’s up, kiddo?” Dean asked when you heard Sam’s door close.

           “Can I ask for some advice?” you asked, deciding this was the best way to go about your plan.

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School Days

Title: School Days

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 1,990


  • Hai so school starts soon for me. Could you do a one shot to make me smile cuz im really not feeling the school spirit and it’s making me sad.


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_  _  _  _  _

  “No way.” You muttered from your spot where you were leaning against the impala. Dean sighed in exasperation.

   “Come on, Y/N! This is the only way we can catch him!” You glared at him as Sam looked at you with a sympathetic expression.

  “I’m sorry to say it, Y/N, but Dean’s right. If we wanna catch this son of a bitch, you gotta follow up on the plan.” You gritted your teeth.

  “There’s no way I’m going to school, and dressing up as a student. If you wanna catch Gabriel, you’ll have to find another way.” Cas sighed from where he stood beside you.

  “Y/N, you must understand… my brother, Gabriel, he is hard to catch. The fact that he isn’t dead after what Lucifer did to him… it just goes to show how mischievous he can be. Out of the four of us, it was obvious he had more of a liking towards you. You’re our only option right now.”

  “Once again, guys, I’m not going to play pretend for the flirty bastard! I’m too old for school, anyway!” You tried to protest.

  “Well, you’re the only one here who could pass as a two year flunker at the very least.” Dean reasoned. A puff of breath escaped from your lips as you balled your hands at your sides.

  “After this, we’re going out to eat wherever I want.” You muttered. Sam nodded enthusiastically, trying his best to do anything you wanted just so you could contribute to the plan. “And, I get to sit shotgun for the next two cases!” You pointed out.

  “Done.” Sam agreed.

  “And, you guys have to do laundry for the next two months!” Sam nodded as Dean seemed to hesitate at this.

  “But–” He started before Castiel interrupted him.

  “Dean, this is no time for negotiating. Just agree to her terms before Gabriel plays anymore tricks on any of the other students.”

  “Fine.” Dean muttered. You rolled your eyes, crawling into the back seat of the impala.

  “Let’s just get this over, and done with. I am not in the mood to play dress up today.”

_  _  _  _  _

  “You have got to be kidding me.” You murmured as you stared out of the window at the sight before you.

  High school.

  Just when you thought you’d never have to see the miserable place again, here it was before you. Teenagers were gathered all around the campus in little groups–probably showing off their newest clothes and gadgets, or bragging about what thrilling adventures they’d had over the summer.

  You snorted at the thought. They wouldn’t know thrilling until they’d had the adventures that you and the Winchesters had experienced.

  “Ready for your first day at school, kiddo?” Dean joked, looking at you through the rearview mirror. You glared at him.

  “Not funny, Dean.”

  “Try telling a joke to a group of minors,” Cas tried consoling, “once they see you’re humorous, they’ll want to become your friend.” You dryly chuckled.

  “Thanks, Cas, but I’m here for Gabe. Not any new friends.”

  “Just try to act like you belong, okay?” Sam spoke up. “And if you see Gabriel, call us.” You nodded, grabbing your book bag from where it sat between you and Castiel. Opening the impala’s door with a creak, you crawled out.

  “Want us to pick you up? Or are you gonna walk with your new friends?” Dean joked once more, leaning out of the window to grin at you.

  “Bite me.” You replied. He chuckled, raising an eyebrow as he looked at you from top to bottom.

  “Don’t tempt me. I just might.” You rolled your eyes again. “Also, your whole schoolgirl get up–you should dress like that more often. I wouldn’t mind.” Deciding to put his comment aside, you spun on your heel, heaving your bag onto your shoulder as you crossed the street to the school in front of you.

  Once you were at the gates, you turned over your shoulder to glance back at the impala. They were still there, watching over you. Dean winked once, and you unwillingly smiled before turning back around, and making your way for your first day of school.

_  _  _  _  _

  The school day had gone on as it had when you attended years ago. Kids were mean, kids were nice, and some kids were even unnaturally perverted and flirty. You got detention in a few classes, and you skipped out in PE–hell, even the cafeteria food was the same.

  But none of this meant that you enjoyed it.

  You were just heading to American History (seriously, did they teach any other history than that of America) when you heard a loud shriek from the girl’s bathroom. Immediately, you sprinted all the way down the hall to the girl’s restroom. Flinging the door open, your dropped your book bag by the wall, and broke through the crowd of girls to see what the big fuss was about.

  And there, in the center of the large group was a young female–sophomore, probably. She was wearing a yellow sundress, and her legs–her legs were the problem.

  Hair grew on every inch of her legs, slowly covering her tan skin until only black was visible. You dropped to your knees in front of her, trying to help. She looked up at you in despair.

  “I don’t know what’s happening!” She panicked. Rising to your feet, you ran out of the room, grabbing your bag on the way out as you took out your cellphone. Dialing Dean’s number, you put it up to your ear as you walked down the halls of the high school, looking for Gabriel.

  “What’s going on?” You heard Dean’s voice over the phone. You opened your mouth to reply when there was a sudden, different one behind you.

  “Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think phones are allowed on campus.” Glancing over your shoulder, you saw a jock walking towards you with a grin. You rolled your eyes.

  “Yeah, well, do a girl a favor, and keep your mouth shut, buddy.” Turning back to your phone once again, you opened your mouth to speak before he interrupted you. Again.

  “That was a pretty sweet trick back there, right?” He spoke, standing close to you now. “What I would give to the guy who did that. What a genius.” You remained silent, a sudden thought creeping into your head.

  “Y/N?” Dean echoed through the phone. “You there?” Swiftly, you ended the call without a word before stuffing it into your bag. Spinning on your heel, you came face to face with the jock.

  “Not so much a genius so much as a rude jackass.” You responded. He chuckled to himself, and you crossed your arms over your chest. “Go ahead, Gabriel. I know it’s you. You can show yourself.” He grinned before fading into something blurry, and then slowly turning back into the golden haired man you knew.

  “Hiya, there, sweetcheeks!” He grinned.

  “Why are you doing this, Gabriel?” You immediately asked. He snorted, striding closer to you. Circling around your body, he let his fingers gently twirl strands of your hair.

  “Well, it’s nice to know that my love is concerned about where I’ve been.” You rolled your eyes, pulling away from his touch.

  “I’m not your love.” You responded. He laughed to himself.

  “That’s what you say, but I think we both know that’s not true.” You remained silent. “You know, in all this time that I’ve gone off the grid, I’ve seen a lot of wonderful places. And if you weren’t so stubborn, and in love with Thing One, and Thing Two–not to mention with my little brother–then I’d take you to every single one of those places. Tell me, sweets, have you been to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon? They say it’s a wonder, but, trust me, I know.”

  “You’re a wonder,” You began, “how did you even survive that strike from Lucifer?” He grinned, opening his mouth to reply when suddenly, a familiar, gravelly voice interrupted.

  “Gabriel.” He spun around at the voice, and you took your attention away from the archangel to see Castiel had entered the school. And behind him were your two knuckleheads, Sam and Dean. They each held an angel blade in their hands.

  “Y/N, get over here.” Sam instructed. “He’s dangerous.” Slowly, hesitantly, you moved to stand behind Sam and Dean as Gabriel chuckled.

  “Aw, come on, guys. If I was dangerous, she would’ve already been hurt. Mind me, but I think you three are the dangerous ones around here.” Castiel ignored his comment as he strided closer to his brother.

  “Gabriel, please, you must come with me back to Heaven.” He snorted.

  “What for? So you can turn me in, and lock me behind bars? Sorry, bro, but not happening.” And now, to your horror, you watched as an angel blade slipped out from Cas’ sleeve and into his hand. You drew in a sharp breath.

  “Cas, don’t hurt him!” You exclaimed. Gabriel chuckled to himself, nodding as he took a cautious step backward.

  “Yeah, you don’t wanna hurt your big brother, now do you?” And soon, one thing led to another, and Cas was holding Gabriel to the floor, clutching his shoulder as his angel blade was piercing through his chest. You looked away as a blinding light flashed throughout the hallways, your heart wrenching in your chest.

  And when the coast was clear, you tentatively turned back around, surprised at the sight in front of you. You took slow, small steps closer to get a better look. And there, Cas stood above his brother, a sad look on his face as he stared down at the archangel, black wings spread about the floor.

_  _  _  _  _

  “It’s alright, Cas. You did what you had to do, man.” Dean tried consoling the angel once the four of you had gotten outside. You didn’t exactly agree, but you weren’t about to scold him right after he’d killed his brother. So, instead, you remained quiet, slipping into the backseat of the impala as you let the Winchesters talk it through with Castiel.

  And finally, after quite some time, the brothers slipped inside the front seat. Sam turned to look back at you.

  “Cas isn’t coming along; he’s gotta go to Heaven and talk to them about what happened with Gabriel. But he said to tell you goodbye, and his condolences.” You silently nodded at Sam. And with one last confused look from Dean, the engine roared to life, and you guys were off, and away from the small town.

  Next stop: The Bunker.

  You were staring out the window the entire time, while the brothers argued over who would do laundry first in the front seat. But you didn’t butt in. Instead, you stayed quiet while watching the scenery pass quickly in fast motion before you.

  And then suddenly, the outside world was slowing down. In fact, it seemed as if all of time slowed down as the brothers’ argument slowed, and you looked around in confusion. Turning back to the window, you saw Gabriel sitting on the the edge of the road, grinning as he winked at you.

  And then, just as quickly as the world had slowed down, it went back to its normal pace, and you saw his figure go past you in mere seconds. To your knowledge, the brothers hadn’t seemed to notice as they resumed their argument. You grinned, laughing quietly to yourself as you shook your head. You couldn’t believe it.

  That damned archangel.

My new headcanon for Gabriel thanks to tricksterangelgabriel

Gabriel chose his vessel thousands of years ago. The man was from the bloodline that made for perfect vessels for him, but he refused Gabriel at first when the archangel approached him because he couldn’t bear being parted from his family. So Gabriel took to following him and protecting him. The man went to war with an archangel protecting him from harm but when he came back, his home had been ransacked and his family had been killed. The man wept bitter tears while Gabriel hovered anxiously, unable to grasp the concept of loss just yet. Then the man called for the archangel and asked him wether he could take him to see his family again. Gabriel knew he could not mess with cause and reaction to undo what had happend, but he promised the man that if he said yes to him he would take his soul up to heaven as soon as he could so that the man could be reunited with his family.

The man said yes.

This was how Gabriel first learned about love, loss and sacrifice.


Gender: Male

Pronunciation: GAY-bree-el; gay-bree-EL (English); GAHP-ree-el (German); GAHP-ryal (Polish); gah-bree-EL (French); GAHB-ree-el (Finnish); GAH-bryel (Spanish)

Origin: English, Latin, Greek, French, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Romanian, Polish, Czech and Slovak form of the Hebrew name Gavri'el

Meaning: God is my strength; Strength of God

Ranking in the US top 1000: #24, 2014 (see past rankings)

This name is featured in: