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Time passes. 

Sounds inhabit time, they are transient and momentary. Each page records a moment in time and the sounds which occupy it. That moment is an eighth of a bar with four beats. Arrangements are based on pitch and relationships between sounds. The process is incomplete as it wishes to graphically clarify sounds which the brain cannot wholly separate from others. 

Taking symbols from typography to represent differing sounds draws on both the cultural understanding of punctuation expressions and formal qualities to illustrate sound— a graphic onomatopoeia.  The symbols act as pictographs of something invisible. They draw cultural understanding and interpretation from the reader as well as a sensual reaction, playing both with phonetic and ideographic ways of reading. Music and design are essentially abstract, formal by-products of humans to be understood and interpreted in the context of culture, by humans. 

The lyrics are sung in Hopelandic, a constructed language without semantic meaning, a glossolalia. Although it is phonologically structured to sound like language, it is not systematically organised and has no connection to concepts. It is up to the listener to decide what is being sung about. The images are also without semantic meaning but express existence and time passing. They abstract the everyday, opening a narrative of personal experience within universal understanding.

November 2012


   Specimen 09/12

from his pant’s POCKET

   Date: Tuesday 3rd March 2015
   Locality: laundry pile, his home
   Collection: before he woke
   Microscope: Compound Objective [x10 x10]

   Collected by: Gabi Lardies

Handmade Specimen Publication

Before You Leave exhibition
Y E S Collective


An exhibition piece.

A final touch was to put tissue paper between the pages to make them more like specimens.

Lots of people thought they were photos so its good to know they were tricked.

I gave away little bookmarks of pairs of eyes which were more experimental crazy multi-split fountain prints which went down a treat.