There is just something about being surrounded by textbooks, note-cards and school projects that bring out your inner prepster. For as long as we can remember, fashionistas have associated the word preppy with all things professional and productive.

Our “preppy” side comes out when we mean business and when we want to be taken a bit more seriously. This style can be described as a mixture between the power suit and a school uniform.  Above we have VCU Fashion Student Kristen Ballon wearing her version of preppy with this cozy cream sweater, worn over a denim shirt and dark skinny jeans. Her bib necklace brings a bit of glamour into the classroom while still keeping the look polished with these classic neutral oxford shoes.

Another VCU student Vera Magdeva, tries a more classic version of the prepster trend. Here shown below, she is wearing a lightweight grey knit sweater over a white peter pan collared oxford shirt. A neutral pallet keeps this look serious yet sweet and she shows us that simplicity and structure can take you a long way.

For a creative spin on this school girl look, try finding clothing items that combine your favorite colors and prints with traditional and structured silhouettes. Perfect your outfit with a few trendy accessories to add some fun to this serious style.

To cap off the day you can head off to that cozy bonfire.  

Bikini Shell Fashion Blogger, Gabi Lawrence

Show Some Skin - PT1

For as long as we can remember, women have been involved in the never ending debate of when it is and isn’t appropriate to show a little skin. Showing too much can classify you as trashy and overly revealing, while showing too little can make you seem stuffy and too conservative. Below are two trends to try that will allow you to reveal some of your gorgeous skin while still being able to stay sexy and classy.

Above, Model Abbey Reddington shows us the right way to bare a midriff. If crop tops are your thing, try wearing them with high waisted jeans or skirts. Crop tops were meant to be worn with almost any type of high waist because revealing a small yet sexy sliver of skin will have you looking seductive while still leaving a lot to the imagination.

Gabi Lawrence, Bikini Shell Fashion Blogger


Summertime Lessons

Who said that pastels and pale colors were only for summer and spring? The phrase “winter white”, has banished previous stereotypes about lighter hues in the winter months and now pastels are working their way into these colder seasons.

These light and bright shades can be worn during the winter as long as you balance them out with the right shapes and textures! Here, fashion senior Katlyn Bishop (top photo) wears a denim button up top under a purple wool sweater for her own lighthearted version of business casual. She ties her look together with a matching statement necklace, black jeggings and chestnut riding boots, making this the ideal outfit option for a pleasant fall afternoon.

Reminiscing on sunshine and the summertime, I wore this cantaloupe- colored off the shoulder sweater with a white and blue printed scarf from H&M for a casual day of classes.

Pastel shades are guaranteed to look great this season when done in chunky knits and sweaters. For those who want to go above and beyond, try this trend with mint or steel blue colored jeans, or leather jackets in rose and cream

Gabi Lawrence, bikini shell fashion blogger

Neutral statements

Neutrals are unique for fashion for the fact that they pair well with almost any color and print pattern that you could possibly imagine. A closet full of neutral pieces in colors like beige, black, white, navy or olive will be sure to provide your wardrobe with endless options.

Model Abbey Reddington shows us how to bring beige into the workplace by pairing this leather skirt with a black ruffled front tank top. She compliments the outfit with a pair of tan and black patent leather Jimmy Choos to keep the look streamlined and professional. For another work option, try putting this cappuccino colored mini with a white oxford button down, black turtle neck or printed top to add some variety to the piece.

-Gabi Lawrence, Bikini Shell Fashion Blogger

Show Some Skin - Pt. 2
You can probably find a pair of jean cut offs in almost every young woman’s closet that will channel her inner Daisy Duke every time she puts them on. Transition these summertime traditionals into fall by pairing them with chunky knit sweaters or three-quarter length tops and jackets and leather boots. For this trend think, “opposites attract” and look for longer and looser tops, sweaters and jackets to round out this outfit. By wearing tall boots with these short shorts, you will bring a whole new meaning to the phrase “Legs for Days”.

Gabi Lawrence, Bikini Shell Fashion Blogger

Best of the Vest - Pt 1

Jean vests are considered wardrobe staples no matter what the season is. The reason why jean vests fit so well in your closet is because of their versatility. They can be easily thrown over sundresses during the summertime or put with long sleeved shirts and tops for the winter.  This American classic will keep you fashion forward all year long and here model Abbey Reddington shows us how easily the vest transitions into fall and winter by pairing hers with this skull graphic wool sweater, black cords and suede black heels. A look like this is perfect for casual office days and the outfit can also be worn to a full day of classes by simply swapping out the pumps for a pair of boots or flats!

-Gabi Lawrence, Bikini Shell Fashion Blogger