gabie flowers

Flower High

These are not my photos! I found them on interested and put them together. 


Lol Just something I wrote really quickly while I ‘watched’ a video for one of my online classes. No warnings just pure fluff. It’s only like 1200 words I think.

Thought of it when I read @spnfeelstrain‘s imagine about making flower crowns for TFW. 

Gabriel makes brownies for you, but there’s a little extra ingredient in there. 


You giggled and almost tipped over. You didn’t care. You caught yourself; that was all that mattered. Gabriel watched you with a smile on his face as he set the brownie on the shelf in the fridge.

“What do you want to do now?” he asked.

You tilted your head at him and had to think about it. “Crowns.”

His bright smile widened. “Crowns?”

You nodded seriously. “Yes. Flower crowns. I want to make some.” You suddenly scrambled to your feet and snagged the angel’s arm on your way out of the bunker. “Lets go, Gaby Baby!”

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