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Review Peepshow: Winter Wars

With grand, multi-million dollar budget movies like the Travis Rice film “The Art of FLIGHT”, that contain a heavy flow of high end cinematography, it seems as though a bar has been set for the future of snowboard films; Yet on the other hand we have gritty, backyard, low-budget movies like Peepshow: Winter Wars whichprove that in the end, girls are still a force to be reckoned with. 

Winter Wars is the brainchild of June Bhongjan and since its release, has quickly become a rebel force in snowboarding- featuring some of the best female riders, including my favorites Gabi Viteri and Bryn Valaika. Even with no super flips, helicopters or new-age bangers, The film proves that progression speaks loudly, with more eye opening and entertaining scenes than the standard bullshit we’ve seen in the the years most recent snowboard films. This film finally sets a bar and proves that girls can still captivate a audience while acquiring the balls to attempt some of the gnarliest jumps and rails with distinct femininity.

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