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The Man From UNCLE (2015): OT3 Fic Recs

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The body electric by endquestionmark
Words: 3300
Warnings: Voyeurism

“You know,” Gaby says, and Illya doesn’t twitch, just tightens his fingers on the stem of his glass, but it’s close. The earpieces she prototyped to send and receive were small to begin with, almost undetectable, and this is their first field test with the first finished product; learned instincts mean that he’s caught between a reflexive response and a complete lack of acknowledgement. So far, Gaby’s kept most of her background commentary to herself and keeping the line clear, but all good things. “You look like you’re going to burst a blood vessel, or maybe tackle the bartender.”

The reanimation affair by chii
Words: 12500

Somewhere in the middle of a mission, they start sharing a bed.

She said shut up & dance by marketchippie
Words: 6400
Warnings: BDSM

“Shut up, Napoleon,” she says, and he starts at his name in her mouth. Illya does look at her then, his pupils wide and dark and swallowing the pale Siberian blue of his eyes. “This isn’t for you. Stick to your task. You do as I say right now. For him.”

That Was All She Wrote by impertinence
Words: 4400

He knows Napoleon is watching Gaby, just as he knows Gaby’s looking right back. What he doesn’t realize is that they’re both looking at him.

Quick Gaulish Lesson

In case you wanted to flirt in a less imperialist language than Latin.

“Moni gnatha gabi, buððutton imon”: “My girl, take my penis (or kiss?)”

“Geneta imi, daga uimpi”: “I am a young girl, good and pretty”

“Tiono uimpi morucin”: “Divine pretty girl”

“Geneta, uis cara?”: “Dear girl, do you want to?”

“Nata uimpi, pota ui!”: “Pretty girl, drink wine!”

“Nata uimpi, curmi da!”: “Pretty girl, bring me beer!”

Said phrases carry no guarantee of not getting smacked in the mouth by said pretty Gaulish girls.

So the movie is set in 1963

According to these files that would make Illya only 32 and Gaby 25.

This means Illya was only 8-14 years old during world war 2 and Gaby only 1-7.

Now we all know Solo was a soldier during the war so even if going by the photos with his back story in the movie he looked about 18 the youngest at the end of the war that would make him 36 in the movie. (I can’t remember if they said what age he enlisted during the back story for him so correct me if I’m wrong)

In my head I had Illya being a few years older than Napoleon and Gaby just changed age depending on the what situation my imagination put her in :’)

Any who this is a good reference for fanfics I guess ;D