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A gente precisa entender que quando é pra ser não importa quantas voltas o mundo dê, a história sempre da certo no final, não adianta fugir, se enganar ou nadar contra, se o universo conspirar à favor uma hora ou outra os caminhos se cruzam de novo e não voltam a se separar. Mas quando não é pra ser você pode fazer de tudo que vai continuar dando errado, não importa o quanto você lute e se quebre e insista, não vai ser, porque não tem que ser. É por isso que não adianta desistir do que a gente tem que insistir e nem insistir no que a gente tem de desistir.
—  Gabriela Freitas
I've Resurrected

Hi hello it’s me, Gaby! I am back from the dead, if any of you were actually wondering lol. I am so sorry for not being on tumblr for the past few weeks, I have been super busy with rehearsals (I’m a dancer btw, if you wanted to know xD) that I barely have any free time. My schedule is always packed and when I do get home, I usually just go to bed since I’m drained. Anyways, this blog might be alive for the next couple of days, or not, it depends since I still have rehearsals but I’m trying to find time for it. I will be leaving my hometown on Sunday because I will be participating? attending? joining? a workshop for one week. So I will be gone once again, *cries* but I will be back the week after. I am currently working on part two of Memories, which is my first collab fic with my best friend, Rain, @logicaledmund and on a few other fics of mine. Okaaaay this is hella long but anyways, it’s good to be back!

Also, the next imagine you’ll be seeing from me will definitely be Memories since I want to have it out already. Rain and I have talked through the whole plot and we just have to write it down and post it. We really hope you’ll like our first collab fic!

-Gaby :)


[ personalities based on the days of the week ]monday people have some of the most loving personality traits. you are family-oriented, very creative but like to keep those ideas to yourself, and tend to be a very sly negotiator when it comes to making sure that everyone is treated equally.You are a person who strives for success and will assume the role of leadership if you have to.

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Omg Gabi your blog is so bright and green now haha

I actually don’t like the green I chose but I’m too lazy to change it LMAO  It’s great to have Natasha and Elise as my icon again though~

your fave could never

Edit: it just hit me today that Victoria is actually a nazi sympathizer. I’m an idiot for not realizing this sooner (like during the damn movie or even while I was drawing this) and for calling her a “fave”. This is truly one of the shittiest things I’ve done