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A gente precisa entender que quando é pra ser não importa quantas voltas o mundo dê, a história sempre da certo no final, não adianta fugir, se enganar ou nadar contra, se o universo conspirar à favor uma hora ou outra os caminhos se cruzam de novo e não voltam a se separar. Mas quando não é pra ser você pode fazer de tudo que vai continuar dando errado, não importa o quanto você lute e se quebre e insista, não vai ser, porque não tem que ser. É por isso que não adianta desistir do que a gente tem que insistir e nem insistir no que a gente tem de desistir.
—  Gabriela Freitas

Not just a pretty face! But we already knew that.

tagged :)

hey yall so i was tagged by @whygrover thanks girlie 💖💖

rules: answer the 20 questions and tag 20 amazing followers you would like to get to know better

name: hannah

nicknames: some of my friends used to call me asian tiger??

zodiac sign: pisces

height: 4'9½" (take that gaby lol)

orientation: bisexual

ethnicity: asian

favorite fruit: mangos

favorite season: spring

favorite book: this is a joke right

favorite flowers: i dont really like flowers?? like theyre pretty but they all smell gross to me lol

favorite scent: the way babies smell. idk dude, it might be bc of my little sister but babies smell so good

favorite color: lavender, light pink, n black

favorite animal: doggies 🐶🐶

coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: hot chocolate

average sleep hours: i dont really know????

cat or dog person: why u gotta choose tho

favorite fictional character: percy jackson, my number one boi

number of blankets you sleep with: one really thick one

dream trip: back to the philippines

blog created: january(??) 2016

number of followers: 138 bc my blog is a chaotic mess of reblogs and tag games :))

(aight soo i dont know twenty people on here but like leggo)

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your fave could never

Edit: it just hit me today that Victoria is actually a nazi sympathizer. I’m an idiot for not realizing this sooner (like during the damn movie or even while I was drawing this) and for calling her a “fave”. This is truly one of the shittiest things I’ve done
Latinx businesses!

Hey everyone, I want to start a chain to eventually make a master post of latinx businesses in non latinx countries. North America/Europe etc.
If you know of latinx owned business please share it with us, reblog or message us and I will compile them and eventually start a tag for the blog :)


- Gabi

Me: *wants a sequel in which Gaby and Napoleon are assigned the fake marriage gig, but instead of developing a romantic triangle, they nearly kill each other once exposed to each other’s living habits. So Illya has to hang around ultra close to the “newly weds” keep them from killing each other, causing scandalous gossip among the hotel staff.*


anonymous asked:

is it too late to apply for the squad or can i still enter?

molly is not here but in the post it says “entries will close on June 20th and results will be posted soon after” so i don’t think so, i’m sorry :( try asking the other admins ( luz and emily  )!!!

// gabi