Livestreaming on both YouTube and Google+, this time our monthly #GABhangsout discussion will be talking about “Multilayer Etiquette”

Matt Conn is potentially the most celebrated member of the Gaymer community in the world. He formed the company and website GaymerConnect to make content for Geeky LGBTQ individuals, GaymerX the convention focused on exploring and celebrating the queer side of gaming - and now former MidBoss Games, the studio making Read Only Memories.

A man with a lot to say about diversity and inclusion of the wide spectrum of people playing games in this day and age; joining us to share his opinions and experiences on the interactions between gamers.

Matt’s Links
Twitter @MattConn
GaymerConnect (also GaymerX2)
Read Only Memories Kickstarter


#GABhangsout 3 : Multiplayer Etiquette
Special Guests: Wynton “Prog” Smith, Matt Conn, Toni Rocca and James Portnow.

Timestamps and Topics
0:00:00 An awkward start
0:02:13 Introductions
0:07:50 Tales of Trolls
0:11:17 Moderating Moderation
0:22:19 Just “Playing The Game?”
0:25:38 Safe Spaces VS Elitism
0:39:28 Better Matchmaking
0:54:10 Recommended Guilds and Games
1:03:28 Plugs and Goodbyes

For more:
Prog - Melee It On Me
Matt - Read Only Memories
James - Extra Credits

Livestreaming on both YouTube and Google+, this time our monthly #GABhangsout discussion will be talking about “Multilayer Etiquette

James Portnow, Extra Credits writer, Speaker, video game designer, journalist, funder of indie things, and generally a passionate and outspoken gamer.
If you’ve somehow missed out on some of James articles, videos, or his new project Games For Good - then seriously do check those links and check him out. We’re humbled to be sharing a chunk of his busy schedule.

Join us live on Saturday, November 30th: 3pm PST.

Twitter: @JamesPortnow


#GABhangsout goes live in 10minutes!!! :D

Join the GAB Hangout team, Prog, James Portnow and Matt Conn for a discussion into multiplayer dynamics, language and etiquette.


Had another fantastic time at this month’s #GABhangsout, as a crack team of gamers and devs were gathered to discuss the Horror Genre.

It’s potentials, it’s cliques - and what things we want to see, or would recommend you play.

Genuinely good fun, and seriously insightful :)

Livestreaming on both YouTube and Google+, this time our monthly #GABhangsout discussion will be talking about “Multilayer Etiquette

Prog (aka Wyton Smith) is a seasoned commentator from the Smash Bros scene and co-host of the Melee it on Me podcast, he’ll be joining in this discussion of appropriateness and respect within a team and VS-oriented arena.

We go live on Saturday, November 30th: 3pm PST.

Prog’s Links:
Twitter progducto
Melee It On Me
#GABhangsout November 30th

Currently working with our world-wide guests to arrange a time, but we’ll be going live again on November 30th, to discuss Multiplayer Etiquette!

Guests will be announced throughout this week, and we’re accepting questions and discussion points both now, and throughout our broadcast :)

See you all soon!

November Hangout

Greetings from the Hangout Team!
Hope everyone had a lovely Halloween, we certainly did.

We’re currently gathering guests and topics for the next #GABhangsout - the online panel where devs, gamers and guests critically discuss gaming’s culture.
We’re looking to discuss Multiplayer Etiquette - how words can wound in the MMO, party, multiplayer and fighting game worlds.
Date, time and guests will be posted later this month.

- Experienced shocking rudeness online?
- Know a guest we should invite?
- Want to share your own story, or ask a question?

Your input is always welcome! Reblog this with your queries, or drop us an Ask, and you can help us make #GABhangsout even better.