ok ur all in my follow forever thingy and even if we don’t talk u all have really nice blogs (▰˘◡˘▰)

anonymous asked:

What are some good cobra/tai blogs? (besides yours, of course!)

i don’t like theses questions they put me under too much pressure omg :(((

but ill jsut tell you all the people i follow that post a lot of cobra and tai ya 

gabefaporta gabesaportaspenis williambeckett wiliambecket (i rly hope i got that one right omg) singitforgabilliam pop-punkissoooo05 whatwastheacademy checkmarksonbedposts flexibeckett fozyshaxam afterthelastacademyisshow gabilliamsexual stumpkin thatseedinyou checkmarks gabilliamismyreligion gabanti buckthefutcher clubnate

that took way longer than necessary u better be thankful anon

gabesaportaspenis replied to your post: i wanna start watching game of thrones so bad but…

literally me with supernatural omg but i gave in ughhh

omg i gave in a long time ago my soul belongs to that programme now

twshanemorris replied to your post: i wanna start watching game of thrones so bad but…

im having the same problem rn lol

laughs i hav no willpower when it comes to watching epISODE AFTER EPISODE OK

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the fact that I’m meeting Laura this summer and like we’ve been talking for about 127 years approximately online and like we’re going to meet ok like screw stranger danger and idk man we’re gonna see the Maine together too and maybe Mayday Parade and like idk we’ve been friends for so long and like we’re gonna meet have I said that ok well I’ll say it again WE ARE GOING TO MEET and she’s like my favourite person ever and we’re gonna be so faggy and eat chicken nuggets and have the best time and I want to cry its so great ok fabulous :)))))))))))))