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michael’s in class so he wont see this 👀 TIME TO TALK SHIT ABOUT HIM:

•he’s the best and sweetest and honestly??? im so lucky and grateful to have met him and be his friend and gf and that’s a Fact

•his giggles are rly cute @God imma fuCKEN SHIT IT’S SO ENDEARING ASHDJAKAL

But it’s usually Anna who does the freak out bit and it’d be so cool if it was turned around, I mean.

Kristoff wakes up feeling dazed and happy and still cant believe his luck. That someone like /Anna/ would chose someone like him.
He stretches in bed and reaches out to touch her, remembering how perfect her skin felt to the touch, just wanting to wrap his arms around her and never let go- but there’s nothing but cold air.
She’s not in bed with him anymore.
He sits up in bed, and nervously looks around- her clothes are gone.
Of course they are
He falls back onto bed, squeezing his eyes shut and covering his face in the crook of his elbow.

How could he be so stupid?
It was way too good to be true, he knew it from the beginning.
Anna was just too good for him, and she realized her mistake and left.

He wants to pull his hair out
Stupid stupid stu- … Something’s burning.

He sits back up in bed and squints.
He smells something burning. Fuck. Okay
He jumps outta bed and stumbles forward out of the room, following the smell straight to his kitchen…
Straight to Anna

Anna, who’s trying desperately to save the toast she had forgotten about as she cooked the rest of her breakfast.
He looks down at the two set up places on the small kitchen table
*their* breakfast.

His knees go weak with relief and he fucking /giggles/.
That startles Anna, who jumps and yelps at the sound
But then she smiles sheepishly and holds up the burnt toast

“Sorry. I wanted to make something nice for you but I got distracted and I didn’t know where anything was in your kitchen and Sven kept trying to swipe the eggs off the plates and- yeah.”

Kristoff steps into the kitchen and wraps his arms around her, nuzzling her neck and whispering a soft “Good morning.”

Anna blushes and returns the hug happily.
“Good morning, Kris”