Day 171 - Erniiieeee!

Bert: Ernie? Ernie, come here… did I just make a complete fool of myself?
Ernie: [patting Bert’s shoulder] Absolutely, Bert.
Bert: Take me home. I feel terrible. The Muppet Show, Season 1, Episode 2

Been a while since I’ve drawn some Muppet characters, so I went for another duo from Sesame Street. Ernie and Bert (or is it Bert and Ernie?) have such a timeless comedic sense that I still chuckle when I watch them. I think most people can see themselves as having Ernie or Bert moments; when we’re naive and fun-loving, or when we’re boring and thoughtful.

There are more things I like about this picture than I dislike. Bert’s hair is too big, and whatever shading I tried to do in Ernie’s mouth did not work, but everything else looks fantastic. Bert (hair aside) may be my best Muppet drawing to date.

Day 296 - Touch ‘em All, Joe!

Here’s the pitch on the way, a swing and a belt! Left field! Way back! BLUE JAYS WIN! The Blue Jays are World Series Champions as Joe Carter hits a three-run home run in the ninth inning and the Blue Jays have repeated as World Series Champions! Touch em’ all, Joe! You’ll never hit a bigger home run in your life! Tom Cheek, 20 years ago to the day. 1993 World Series Game 6: Toronto Blue Jays 8, Philadelphia Phillies 6.

There was no way I was not going to mark this occasion. I still remember the celebrations (vaguely) after Carter made his big hit (critical hit?), even though I was only 6 at the time. That got me into baseball the first time, and it was enough to keep me around until 2010 when I returned in earnest.

It also marks 20 years to the day since the Toronto Blue Jays were in the MLB postseason. There’s only one team with a longer active drought since Pittsburgh broke theirs this season - the Kansas City Royals, who haven’t been since 1985. And judging by this season’s record, they’re closer to the wild card than dem Jays.

Those were truly glory days for the Blue Jays. Four division titles in five years. They remain the only team not named the New York Yankees to have won back-to-back World Series titles in the last 35 years.


I like the drawing, but I’m not going to fawn over it. 'Scuse me while I wax nostalgic.

EDIT: Rescanned.

Day 36 - Rockets on Rails

‘Cause there isn’t any room in this town
They put all the trains down under the ground
Buy a token now for a ride that’s super-wow
On the subway (SUB-WAY!!!) - Sesame Street, Subway!

I was talking with work colleagues earlier about whether they like the new subway trains here in Toronto. One of them didn’t like them - that person may be crazy. The Toronto Rockets, as they’re called, are the first new subway train design in 15 years on the TTC subway system and will slowly bump all the older trains to the other lines or to the scrapheap. And I think they look and ride like Transit in the 21st Century.

Now if only we could update our fare systems and improve surface transit and (Gabe waxing political again)

I’m positive I didn’t get the perspective perfect, but I do like how the front came out. Figuring out how to draw the bumps in the yellow safety strip on the platform took a few minutes too.

Day 197 - Something I Saw Back in 2001

There’s no artistic integrity whatsoever. Granted, that’s true with most Flash animations, but this one has it in spades. That’s the sort of thing you can tolerate back when you’re in high school, maybe even when you’re not, but my standards have evolved past that now. Brian Kendall, animator of The Demented Cartoon Movie, from his website

I wish I knew how this popped back into my head - randomly this morning, as I was waking up, the words “Zeeky Boogy Doog” zipped through my mind. And just like that, I remembered watching this video on the Internet.

You have to understand, this was 2001. The movie can’t be more than 1MB in size, but it still took eons to load. It was a 30-minute Flash animation in an era when Flash animation was crude and clunky, and barely longer than 3 minutes. Like it or not, this was a groundbreaker for Internet entertainment.

It predates YouTube by 4 years.

I do hope that the Demented Cartoon Movie gets its respect in the annals of Internet history. You can still watch it on AlbinoBlackSheep (for the original experience) or on YouTube (if you like being able to skip to a certain point)…because if you haven’t seen it, nothing on this page will make sense.

Day 217 - Red Engine, Meet Yellow Jackets 

What’s that, Duck? Are you afraid of bees? They’re only insects after all, so don’t let that buzz-box diesel tell you different! James the Red Engine, James Goes Buzz Buzz

I’ve been meaning to draw more Thomas the Tank Engine material - heck, I still haven’t coloured in that drawing of Gordon over 100 days ago!

This is a personal favourite scene of mine, in part because I share the same fear of bees/wasps/hornets/stingy things as James.

I made two errors in this one. First was getting the perspective wrong enough to drop James’s tender and make him look squished. Second was not bringing a backup black marker. Still, I like how it came out.

Blame me for not bringing a full laptop with me on this trip. The Playbook I own can upload images, but text is a pain. EDIT: at least until I got my mini keyboard working. Huzzahs!

EDIT: Rescanned.

Day 282 - So Much to Dream About!

Dr. Channing:  I say imagination must be captured and controlled.
Figment:  Nuh-uh! Imagination works best when it’s set free! Just turn your imagination loose and anything can happen! Journey into Imagination with Figment (the new and crummy version)

Oh hey, another original-ish character in OC-tober. Good things happen when you give yourself enough time to draw.

The inspiration for this drawing was from my last trip to Walt Disney World, in January 2012 with Girz. After sitting through the disappointing Imagination ride, we stopped off at ImageWorks and the Create Your Own Figment kiosks. I slapped something together, meant to be a female counterpart to Figment, and emailed it to myself.

Fast-forward to today, where I remember I still had said creation in my inbox. The creation tool was, ironically, insufficient to capture what was in my imagination. So, I re-drew it and mixed in some backstory. It wasn’t until I finished that this is surprisingly close to the design of Dulcy the Dragon from the Sonic comics.

Similar to how Figment is a creation of Dreamfinder, Whimsy here is Dr. Nigel Channing’s brianchild. She’s taller and bossier than her quasi-brother, but just as curious and excitable as Figment. Getting the two together in one place is a recipe for spontaneous creativity…or as Dr. Channing calls it, “another mess for me to clean up.”

I really like how the main drawing came out, the head in particular. It’s given me a bit of a confidence boost that, yes, I can still get things down on paper close to how I have them in my head.

I also realized that the colouring of this page can cause havoc on previous pages in the sketchbook (my Catan pic three days ago rubbed off onto my perspective diagram the day prior), so I’m hoping David Bowie and Boomerang Peach are OK for rescanning at home.

EDIT: Rescanned!

Day 262 - Brett Bull Gives You Wiiiings!

“I’ve always been the locker-room jokester, the fun guy, the guy who keeps it loose and easy. But also, on Sundays, the guy in that huddle jumping up and down, telling guys, ‘Hey, get it going. Let’s go.’ Firing everybody up. So I’m part relaxation therapist and part Red Bull.” Michael Strahan

Oh hey, a proper Blue Jays comic before the end of the season! And look, there’s no RA Dickey in sight! I’ve had this idea for a few days now, and finally managed to put pencil to paper tonight.

Brett Lawrie’s love of the toro rosso is well-known, especially through his now-defunct twitter feed. If he ever decided to go well above the daily maximum intake, I’d imagine it would go down like this.

Also appearing are Colby Rasmus and José Bautista, fulfilling their told as laid-back country soon and erstwhile clubhouse leader.

I hope beyond hopes that I managed to portray everyone accurately enough. Brett’s ink sleeves were way too detailed to do right here. Also noticed I left Colby’s right arm uncolored in the bottom-right panel
Will fix that at home.

EDIT: Rescanned!

Day 249 - I’m Okay

I’m O.K.
I finally found the person I’ve been searching for
I’m alright
I’m feeling good about myself and that’s for sure

‘Cause I believed them when they said I must do things their way
Tried to cast me in their mold but I just had to say

That I’m O.K.
I’m O.K. this way, yes, I’m O.K Styx, I’m O.K.

I found this song a while ago when listening to the stack of vinyl albums I picked up for cheap at a yard sale. Styx’s Pieces of Eight is now among my personal favourite platters, in particular for this song. It’s like Lady Gaga’s Born This Way but with a more subtle self-affirmation…and a pipe organ solo.

I know I have a tendency to get down on myself, and be my own worst critic, so this is an important message to repeat to myself. Am I the person I want to be? Not quite, not yet - but I’m getting closer each day.

It’s a bit of a rushjob, but that thumbs-up on the right may be the best I’ve ever committed to paper. Hooray for references!

EDIT: Rescanned.

Day 227 - Taikowned

I admit, I have a fondness for the Taiko no Tatsujin arcade games that you frequently see in Japan. I’ve played them four times, and already moved into the high-Medium/low-Hard territory. I think it’s because my Rock Band 3 skills are quasi-transferable.

That said, after comparing how the Japanese children play the game here in Tokyo to how Nick and I attack the drums, I was inspired to draw this comic. The mascots aren’t so cute after that kind of punishment.

This was another quick one because I got back to the hotel late. Heading home tomorrow!

EDIT: Rescanned.

Day 265 - Where’s the Kaboom?

I’m not angry, just terribly hurt. Marvin the Martian, Mad as a Mars Hare

I admit, I have a soft spot for Marvin. Maybe the only competent villain in the Looney Tune-iverse, and doubly so once you factor in the underrated Duck Dodgers TV series. He’s the epitome of “tread softly and carry a big stick.” Or in his case, an Illudium Q-36 explosive space modulator.

Oh hey, look who finally got his mitts on some pencil crayons! This is a test run picture before I start to colour in the Super Mario Paradise picture that I posted a while ago. I do like how it came out, and especially through using the black marker to shade Marvin’s face.

Ending with a bad beer joke.
Q: What kind of beer do aliens serve at parties?
A: Märzens.

EDIT: Rescanned.

Day 162 - Blue Bomber Time!

I want to be the one who fights for justice, I want to be the one
(I’ve got to be the [CENSORED] one)
I want to be the one who fights against you, Dr. Wily
(although I like your mustache) Brentalfloss and the Megas, Gotta Run/Be The One (Mega Man 2 Wily Level)

Nintendo’s E3 presentation hit YouTube today, and this may very well be the one thing that convinces me to invest in a Wii U or 3DS. Mega Man’s in the new Super Smash Bros game.

Despite not having a major console release in 15 years (although MM9 and MM10 are canonical, they’re downloads), Mega Man has suddenly sprung back into relevance with the simple “yes” from Capcom to let him be in the game. Ain’t fandom something?

I really like how this came out - it helped that there are plenty of high-quality reference pics of the SSB design right now. Mega Man was another of those characters that I could never get quite right, and I think this is most of the way there.

EDIT: Rescanned.

Day 90 - Keep Swingin’

You always get a special kick on opening day, no matter how many you go through. You look forward to it like a birthday party when you’re a kid. You think something wonderful is going to happen. - Joe DiMaggio

The baseball season has already started, with the Houston Astros and Texas Rangers tangling tonight, most of the league playing tomorrow, and my hometown Blue Jays starting their season on Tuesday.

I am grinning with excitement, and I can only hope that work is flexible enough to let me attend. I do have a ticket, so the tricky part’s taken care of, at least.

I was going to keep it at just stick figures, but the last one looked a little familiar. After doing some researching for poses, I realized that I had drawn my favourite Blue Jay player, Edwin Encarnacion (again). Aside from the thickness of the facial lines (stupid black marker), I adore how that pose came out.

And in just under 44 hours, I get to see it in person. :D

Day 323 - I CAME IN LIKE A-

I came in like a wrecking ball
I never hit so hard in love
All I wanted was to break your walls
All you ever did was wreck me Miley Cyrus, Wrecking Ball

Can I plead insanity? Pretty sure I’ve mentioned before that my brain comes up with weird stuff when I’m short on sleep and time to draw. My original idea for today has been shifted to Thursday (story is better left unsaid for now), so this was the best I came up with on short notice.

“I CAME IN LIKE A” would have been a Draw With Me December topic, too. You participants consider yourself lucky.

Strangely enough, that may have been one of the better Wario faces I’ve drawn. A shame that it’s affixed to Miley’s haircut.

This one goes in the books as one of the weirder pictures I’ve done. “ert” is right, Waluigi.

EDIT: Rescanned.

Day 238 - Scumbag Ragweed

I used to wake up at 4 A.M. and start sneezing, sometimes for five hours. I tried to find out what sort of allergy I had but finally came to the conclusion that it must be an allergy to consciousness. James Thurber

Aaaaaaargh, why must ragweed pollen season coincide with my return from Japan? Reactine’s not helping, I’m hoping Aerius does, and I’m probably pooched if it doesn’t.

First ground frost, you can’t get here fast enough.

This is a parody of the well-known Scumbag Steve image meme (link is not safe for kids), complete with a simplified version of the iconic hat.

Quite pleased with how the ragweed itself came out - simplifying it made for an easier drawing, but it’s still clear what the plant is.

EDIT: Rescanned.

Day 68 - Super Fordio Brothers

“I’m sorry, Rob, but your gravy is in another castle.” - My friend Russ

I’ve begun to think of the Mayor of Toronto and his councilor brother as the Super Mario Brothers as of late. Hear me out on this one.

Although Doug is the older of the two, Rob is the one in the spotlight more, and the one who seems to hit it off with the people more. He’s also the more rotund of the two. Doug, on the other hand, sticks to the background and was pushed into the spotlight when he ran for his brother’s old council seat.

I don’t think I captured the Fords too well here. Spiky blond hair is tricky. At least Rob’s got his usual splotchy face, and the logo looks good.

Day 37 - The Dream Police

‘Cause they’re waiting for me,
They’re looking for me
Ev'ry sin-gle night!
They’re driving me insane
Those men inside my brain. - Cheap TrickDream Police

This is another instance of a song getting stuck in my head for a few days and my inability to get it out without putting pencil to paper. It’s pure cheese, but such a damn good song.

This was about half an hour of effort; I based the uniforms on Cheap Trick’s own designs (and yes, they were all-white). I quite like how this one came out too.

(and hallooooo new followers! who knew my drawing of a subway train would be so darn popular?)

Day 358 - A Secret to Everyone

Although she knows how to travel through time, she does not know how to determine what time period she will go to. Therefore, speculation has it that Boo is the one planting the easter eggs throughout all the Pixar movies because she has been accidentally going through different time periods. The Pixar Theory

This picture comes with musical accompaniment.

I remembered this site earlier today - interesting how they adjusted things once Monsters University came out, and I anticipate further changes once The Good Dinosaur hits theatres next year. Regardless of whether you agree with the idea that all Pixar movies share a universe and that Boo (who would be the Witch from Brave) is the linchpin of it all, you have to admire the research and creativity needed to come up with the concept. And yes, Pixar has denied the theory on one occasion.

I know this is stretching the theme a bit, but my thinking is that if this was true, it would be one of the biggest secrets in film. Still, I like the idea that some of the greatest animated films made (and the Cars films) hinge around one girl’s quest to reunite with her dear friend. Her companion. Her Kitty.

I really like how this one came out - just on the outer edge of top15 territory, maybe. Sully looks good, although I couldn’t figure out the length of his tail before colouring. The shadow-Boo within the witch looks great and gets the point across.

Day 316 - Hail to the King (of Ice)

Now finally I can kill you! Oh, wait. Wait, wait… I am so stupid. Silly billy. I came by to tell you the good news. I’m getting married to someone who wants to marry me. The Ice King, Adventure Time: When Wedding Bells Thaw

I caught a few episodes of Adventure Time on Teletoon on yesterday’s plane ride, and opted to draw one of the characters from that here. Ice King has grown increasingly complex, from a simple antagonist from the pilot episode to an occasional ally and sordid backstory. I like how his development has gone.

I tried to get Ice King into a floating or hovering pose, and I’m not sure I did such a good job. Fodder for future days to try and get better. Still, it’s a good drawing, I think.

EDIT: Rescanned.

Day 288 - Oh, Bother

“Well,” said Pooh, “what I like best—” and then he had to stop and think. Because although Eating Honey was a very good thing to do, there was a moment just before you began to eat it which was better than when you were, but he didn’t know what it was called. A.A. Milne, The House on Pooh Corner

Quick one because of a dwindling amount of time before bed. Winnie the Pooh may not be one of my favourite Disney characters (I’m more of a Tigger than anything), but he is remarkably easy to draw.

It’ll do for a quasi-rushjob. Hope to have more time tomorrow night. :s

EDIT: Rescanned.