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jack trying to woo gabe with his treasures tho but they're all like. garbage. the most precious one gabe got was a really ornate rusted metal flower.

; - ; hes trying;; that poor fish boy……
gabe’s trying not to be rude and he’s accepting all of them and keep them on his shelves in his ship because cmon its a gift man u can’t turn down a gift especially if its from a meRMAID

gabe polishes the flower probably and shows it to jack who’s just WHOOoOA AHOooO

please remember that gabe’s owner is not ok with people making, selling, or buying merchandise about gabe. 

the “depressed doges for depressed dudes” facebook page announced they removed their gabe designs, but keep an eye out for anyone else selling bootleg gabes

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I noticed there’s this trend where people write Gabe like he’s this antisocial workaholic self-proclaimed psychopath who can’t play nice with anyone, but simultaneously as The Most Experienced whenever things are heating up, and I always just think like… Who is sleeping with this guy? Are vampire babes just spawning in his bedroom when he huffs off to hole up away from everyone? How did he rack up all these Sexperience points?

Also I totally just realized I drew the doors opening backwards. I guess that’s what happens when bikers draw cars without refs. (but really I have no excuse)


top image: *”Something There” plays softly in the background* winter skin ideas for Gabe ‘n’ Jack (…I didn’t originally intend a Beauty and the Beast ref, but my initial dea for Gabe’s wound up reminding me of Belle’s outfit from that scene and it wasn’t hard to make a winter outfit that looked both v. Jack and reminiscent of Beast’s outfit and gently drift further in Belle’s outfit’s direction for Gabe ssooooo) (maybe should have given Jack a little capelet though)

bottom image: revived/whatever Overwatch Blackwatch commanders Genji ‘n’ Jesse skin ideas

to do: revived/whatever Overwatch Strike Commander Fareeha + 2iC??? Winston?? hm