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Chubbies: Epilogue (Community Story)

Written by Gainer Stories

Gabe opened his eyes to an elegant sunlit room. He stepped out of bed and walked to the bathroom, the floor creaking under his weight. He took a shit, and stepped into a state of the art marble shower. It had been two years since he moved in with Eryk and he hadn’t regretted the decision once. 

The two cohabitated quite well, and always knew when to give the other some personal space. Plus, Eryk’s house was large enough that it was easy to isolate oneself. If they got in an argument, the couple could sleep in separate bedrooms until things cooled off and they could talk it out. 

Gabe was getting accustomed to an affluent lifestyle and greatly enjoyed the living space. Eryk’s design sense was impeccably modern without being too cold or institutional. Plus, they had the latest state of the art appliances, including a bidet that was especially useful for someone of Gabe’s size. Such a comfortable lifestyle came with it’s fair share of boredom, however, so Gabe started up an online vintage store catering exclusively to plus sized individuals. In the six months since launching, he accrued a decent amount of traffic. Now, when Gabe wasn’t lazing around the house snacking and playing video games, he could be seen at any of the local thrift stores scouring the racks for the perfect find. 

Eryk had been out of town for a couple weeks looking into a potential business venture, and was due to return in the evening. Gabe dried himself off from the shower and stepped on the scale. He peeked over the prodigious belly that hung from his abdomen to see the numbers “342.” He was a little disappointed at the results. After several months of maintaining, he was back on the gain train again with a goal of 360. 

Not long after moving in, Gabe came out to Eryk as a gainer and encourager. Eryk was nonplussed, and supported Gabe “in any fetish his dick desired.” Eryk conceded that he would entertain packing on some weight if that’s what Gabe wanted, but that he wasn’t interested in getting too massive. Gabe, however, immediately took full advantage of his new lifestyle and Eryk’s words of encouragement. Gabe now had the money to order in any cuisine he desired, plus Eryk frequently cooked expansive Polish meals full of hardy fattening foods. Gabe ate often and he ate well, piling on 120 pounds in a couple years. 

He was in love with his newfound girth. Stretch marksran across his supple love handles, belly, and inner thighs. The latter had succumbed to chub rub any time he walked more than a few minutes. Plus, they had done a number on almost every pair of pants he bought, rubbing gaping holes in the crotch. Gabe was now covered in a layer of gooey fat and he felt like a cuddly and warm marshmallow at all times. Car rides left his entire body jiggling with every bump and swaying at each sharp turn. When he sat down after a long day of waddling, he felt pinned to the couch by his girth. This only encouraged his already lazy living habits. 

His fat pad now obscured the majority of his dick, which ended up being a blessing in disguise. All the new weight left him with a constant boner that stayed hidden underneath doughy rolls of flesh. When he hit 300 his face really started to blow up and he grew a double chin that obscured his once prominent Adam’s apple. The hottest changes were those which Gabe had least expected. In the last few weeks he noticed that his hands and feet had become puffy with fat, and rolls had formed on the back of his once slender neck. 

Gabe’s most proud possession was his belly. He was elated that the majority of the last twenty pounds found its way to his stomach, which rested somewhere between an apron belly and a ball gut, squishy but not too soft, rounded but not too firm, and altogether susceptible to grabbing and bouncing.  Gabe had still not grown accustomed to just how much space he took up. He constantly knocked over small objects and inadvertently brushed against people in crowded areas. Sometimes too-small shirts would leave a crescent of belly exposed and he wouldn’t notice until he saw his reflection or somebody pointed it out. Gabe relished these and all other uncomfortable or embarrassing moments of being a fat guy. 

Around five o'clock there was a knock at the door. It was a catering service with an expansive spread. Apparently, Eryk had planned a special evening. About ten minutes later the Polish hunk arrived in a straining button-up he knew would drive Gabe crazy. 

He was right. Gabe’s pupils dilated when he opened the door and looked from Eryk’s face to his beer gut. In the last two years Eryk packed a solid forty pounds onto his frame, achieving the look of a husky athlete who had begun to round out in middle age. Most of the weight went to his gut and love handles, giving the impression of a healthy beer habit (which wasn’t far from the truth). Eryk had even developed tiny stretch marks on the underside of his belly, which he wasn’t thrilled about even though they drove Gabe wild. Eryk’s thighs and ass had plumped up as well, leaving his lower half dimpled with sumptuous cellulite. Overall, Eryk carried the weight well. Despite having a BMI that was well into the overweight range, he still attracted lots of attention from both men and women. When the couple would go out together Gabe relished the quizzical and irritated stares of strangers when they would realize that Eryk’s partner was a proper tub of lard. 

“The food arrive?” Eryk asked as he walked inside. 

“Yessir, the table is all set,” Gabe replied with a grin. 

“Perfect. Before we try the food though, I need a taste of what’s right in front of me,” Eryk purred as he slid a hand across Gabe’s belly before settling on his love handle and pulling him closer. 

The two men’s blubbery abdomens pressed into each other as they made out. Eryk softly bit Gabe’s scruffy double chin while his hands gripped the fat roll above Gabe’s love handles. Breathing heavily, he pulled his mouth away and looked Gabe in the eyes. 

“Let’s get to the bedroom chubs.”

ugh this was not how things were supposed to turn out……fuck

Request: Can you write one where the reader and Sam are playing video games and Gabe and Dean want to play so they make teams and it's brothers vs the reader and Gabe? The reader and Gabe could seriously kick some ass in video games!

“Shit. Shit. Shit.” You mutter, smashing the buttons on the controller.

You were playing Super Smash Bros. and Sam was killing you. You had chosen Link, you liked swords and you could button mash with him. Sam had chosen Kirby, and actually knew how to play.

Sam started laughing next to you, knowing the end was near. You kept jumping in your seat, twisting your body as you pressed the buttons. Sam jumped off his seat, fingers hitting buttons, full attention on the screen. Then, he killed you. Kirby opened his mouth and sucked you in, getting rid of what little health you had left.

“Jerk!” You shouted.

“Loser!” You yelled in reply. You kicked his butt and stuck his tongue out at you.

“What’s going on in here?” Dean asked, entering the room.

“Not much. I’m just kicking Y/N’s butt.” Sam stated, smirking at you.

“What are you playing?” Dean asked before you could tell Sam off.

“Super Smash Bros.” Sam answered, sitting back down.

“I wanna play.” He said.

“We could do teams.” You suggested.

“They wouldn’t be even.” Sam pointed out.

“No problem! Gabriel!” You shout. Gabriel was your best friend, and unlike the Winchesters you enjoyed his company.

“Y/N!” He shouted, appearing in the room.

“Wanna play?” You asked.

Gabriel glanced at the TV screen, then the controller, then smiled widely. “Hells yeah!”

“Awesome! You and me vs. Winchesters.” You stated, and Gabriel plopped on the couch next to you.

“Aren’t those teams unfair?” Dean asked, sitting next to Sam.

“Excuse me?” You asked, making the annoyance evident in your voice.

“Oh, come on! Gabriel’s probably never played, and I beat you everytime!” Sam exclaimed.

You opened your mouth to reply, but Gabriel places a hand over it. “Let’s make a bet, shall we?” He asked the boys, raising an eyebrow. “If we win, you have to conduct your next hunt wearig dresses.” You let out a huge laugh.

“That’s ridiculous!” Dean screamed.

“What? Scared you’ll lose?” You asked, smirking.

“No!” Dean shouted instantly.

“But if we win, you have to clean the entire bunker. And no using your angel powers.” Sam said, smiling.

Now, you definitely didn’t want to clean. And you knew you were going to lose, but Sam and Dean’s smirks made your blood boil. “Deal!” You shouted. Gabriel patted you on the back, an picked up his remote.

You quickly explained what the buttons did, and chose your players. You picked Zelda, Gabriel picked Yoshi, Dean picked Luigi, and Sam picked Kirby. The game started, and you narrowed your eyes, one hundred percent ready.

Sam and Dean both went after you, and you focused on Dean, as Gabriel attacked Sam from behind.

“Dude, I got Y/N.” Dean grumbled, elbowing Sam.

“No, you go after Gabriel.” He argued, hitting him back.

You and Gabriel just smiled, and kept attacking. You didn’t have to communicate. Ed go after Dean, and you’d go for Sam. Only one minute in, and you had killed Sam.

Taking care of Dean was easy after that, and soon you and Gabriel were high fiving. Sam and Dean looked annoyed, embarrassed, and dreadful, all at once.

“Dean, wear a green dress. It’ll make your eyes pop.” You teased.

“Do you need a new pair of high heels?” Gabriel asked.

You both burst out laughing. “Another round. All or nothing.” Sam suggested.

“No way!” You and Gabriel said in unison, not wanting to let Sam and Dean out of the bet. You were lucky you’d won for first round. You couldn’t wait to see Sam and Dean in dresses.

(I hope you like it! Sorry for any mistakes, I wrote this on my phone.)