gabe newall

Valve sort of scare me, but make me ultimately happy.

Valve Corporation, better known as the Guys Who Made Steam, I’ve recently noticed are a ridiculously profitable company that have no big bosses to agree to. They’re their own publishers!

They currently employ just over 250 people, have profits per year around the $800 million mark, and the company is valued at around $2-4 billion…. wow. It essentially means they’re more profitable per employee compared to other tech companies such as Apple and Google - that’s incredible.

So on the one hand they have a HUGE chunk of the gaming market at their fingertips and a huge influence on the market, which is sort of terrifying. Reports have it the head man, Gabe Newall, is nearly a billionaire! That sort of power is scary.

But on the other hand, I’m very glad they’re the “good guys” in the industry, they’re like a super-successful indie company. They have no higher bosses, half of their products started off as independent mods, and they don’t act like they have money hats - unlike say, EA or Activision.

In conclusion, yeah, Valve: You’re lovely, please don’t turn evil.