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nelson-and-murdock said:In the bb!verse, when and how did Cas get interested in bees? P.S. I’m not much of a Supernatural fan, but I think this is adorable! :)

Thank you so much, aaah ♥3♥ Glad you like my self-indulgent flailing, haha ♥

Cas was drawn to them ever since he was tiiiiny. He had bees chilling on his shoulder, hair or outstretched hands as soon as he became more interested in his environment (as opposed to just being viscerally terrified all the time). Dean nearly had a conniption the first few times it happened, but after Cas crying heart-brokenly thrice after Dean had carefully shooed the bee away he reluctantly started to leave them, haha. 

Gabe has a healthy respect (and distaste) for the insects ever since they chased his screaming, candy-covered self for three whole blocks, Sam bellowing at him to ‘STAND STILL GABE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD’ and he gets the heebiejeebies every time Cas starts picking up (injured) bees. But as a Protective And Dutiful Older Brother he never steps TOO far away. You never know what might happen, right?