gabe is batman

  • *Ivy cares about Oswald*
  • *Oswald just being cute*
  • *Poor Brucie suffering a lot*
  • *Mad Babs*
  • *Frank commits suicide*
  • *Jim suffering*
  • *Lee sufferring*
  • *Bruce suffering even more*
  • Me:
  • Me: BUT GABE
Let’s Talk #Gotham: These Delicate and Dark Obsessions

This week’s episode does not feature Edward but expands on the Court, Bruce’s situation, and the start of a new friendship.

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For a review of “These Delicate and Dark Obsessions”, feel free to keep reading. There will be spoilers.

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Preference #8, IM5: You Wake Up Beside Him


Cole always went for a shower in the morning before you woke up, but today he lay there like a board. You laughed at his position, getting up and laying on his back and rubbing the heel of his foot with your feet. He groaned, rolling over and grabbing your hips to keep you still. You now sat on his lap, and as he looked up at you; you blushed. He waggled his eyebrows at you and uttered a saucy;

”Good morning, doll face. How you doin’?” with a horrible New Jersian accent. He smirked, pulling you down for a passionate kiss. You giggled into the kiss, and you both pulled away. 

“So, what do you want to do today, my prince?" You said, giving him a wink.

He sat up, giving you a hug when he got settled. ” Anything you want.“ He said, his nose trailing up your neck. You giggled at how ticklish it was, and you poked his face. He laughed, running a hand up your spine, and when you shivered, his face got red because he was laughing so hard. ” I love you, you know that. Right, Y/N?“ He said once he had calmed down. You nodded, kissing his forehead.



"Good morning, beautiful!" Dana said excitedly as you rolled over to face him. You were both entangled in the blankets together in the events from the past couple days, but you needed to be closer. Dana saw you struggling to move closer, so he took a hold of your waist and pulled you on top of him. You giggled, kissing his nose.

"Superman, Oh superman, how can you be so strong?"You sung, laughing in between words. Dana laughed, giving you a light kiss. 

"Because. Superman is in love, and love is the strongest power of all." You blushed, punching him lightly in the arm; 

"Such a dork, Dana." You said to him with a smirk.

He stood up, you attached to him like a koala; and he held you tightly as you both descended down the stairs. He placed you on the kitchen counter, then walked to the fridge to grab the milk. He stood in front of you, drinking the milk straight of the carton; which he knew you hated. You raised an eyebrow, and crossed your arms.

“You’re so lucky I love you, Dana.” You said, cracking a small smile. He put the carton down, and pulled the back of your knee up and put the other on your back.

"I know. You cant resist me." He smirked.


It was peaceful, sunshine peering in through your lilac coloured curtains, the birds chirping outside. Except for the loud snoring coming from the man beside you. You rub the sleep out of your eyes, and stretch over to clasp his nose with two fingers. He shudders, opening his dark eyes to glare at you. You move your fingers away, giggling as you curl close to him.

"Good morning, David…" You mumble into his chest, afterwards leaving a trail of kisses up to his neck. You begin to nuzzle him, and you can feel your eyes closing again.

 "I thought we were waking up." He whispered into your ear before carrying you to the living room. You were placed on David’s lap,  his one arm around you, and the other playing with the remote. “Fuck!” He said, hitting the remote against the coffee table. You giggled, wrapping your arms around him and pressing your head to his chest. His heartbeat was slow, but soothing. Some nights, that’s what put you to sleep. You smiled slightly before falling asleep again, your last sight being the Spiderman logo on the TV.


All the batman cartoons always played on Saturday mornings, and unfortunately for you, there was a TV at the foot of your bed. Gabe had the remote on his side, like usual, and when you awoke, he was struggling to find it. 

"Where’s the remote!? The Dark Knight is on and I’m missing it!" He screeched, patting down the bed sheets and covers frantically. You rubbed your eyes and rolled over, feeling a cold object beside you. It was the remote. You tapped his shoulder and held out the remote for him.

A huge smiled appeared on his face when he saw you, and in an instant, you were on his lap. Batman, the brave and the bold was on, and Gabe’s head was on your shoulder. He was focused on the TV, and you were happy he was enjoying himself. But, you didn’t really like Batman all that much. So, you positioned yourself to where your head was in his lap, and he was leaning back against the head board. You fell asleep in a matter of seconds. You fell asleep again..“ Gabe said quietly, returning his gaze from you to the TV with a small smile.


Will normally woke up early, but today was the first day off that he had in two months. And when he got the time to sleep, he slept all day. So, when you woke up to his light breathing, you smiled. He looked so peaceful, so happy. You giggled noticing that he wasn’t wearing any clothes due to the heat, and was only covered by the blanket you both shared. You pushed it over to him, and adjusted his pillow; before creeping out of the room. You made yourself a cup of tea and sat down in his chair adjacent from the TV. Doctor Who was on, which you didn’t like, but you wanted to stay comfortable.

After the episode was over, you put your empty cup in the sink, and when you trailed back, you saw Will coming down the stairs, wrapped inside in a blanket cocoon. 

"Baby?" He asked quietly, shuffling over to where you had been standing. He kissed your forehead, mumbling; “I woke up and you weren’t there.” You laughed, leading him over to the couch. After three more episodes of Doctor Who, Will had fallen asleep with his head in your lap.

Robin War #1 - “With the Greatest of Ease” (2015)
pencil by Khary Randolph, Alain Mauricet, Jorge Corona, Andres Guinaldo, Rob Hayes
ink by Khary Randolph, Alain Mauricet, Jorge Corona, & Walden Wong
color by Emilio Lopez, Chris Sotomayor, Gabe Eltaeb, & Sandra Molina
Preference #49: The Pet/s You Two Get

Will: You both look around the pet store. Moving from one pet to another. “I don’t want a cat or a dog, those are typical animals,” you said passing up the dogs, scratching on the window to get your attention. Will sighed, “It’s your birthday, so choose anything you want,” he said, rubbing your forearms. You thought for a bit, “Oh! I know!” you exclaimed, moving from his arms, and making your way over to the tank. “Aren’t they cute?” you asked Will, he smiled while nodding. “Can I get them?” you asked him like a little kid. Will chuckled and kissed the top of your head. “Sure, I like turtles,” he said, going to get an employee.

Cole: You both stared at each other in defeat. You didn’t think looking for a pet would be this hard. Cole wanted a kitten, and you wanted a puppy. “Babe, a kitten is much cuter, and cats do really funny things,” Cole tried convincing you. “The puppy is cuter, and cuddly,” you said back. Cole sighed again, and you pouted a bit. “Can we please get the puppy?” you asked batting your eyelashes at him. He tried to avoid your gaze knowing that if he saw that look you were giving him, he’d give you anything. “How about we get both?” Cole suggested, finding a compromise. You smiled, “I like that idea,” you said, kissing his cheek as he let out a sigh of relief.

Dana: He wasn’t too keen on the idea. Dana was worried about them being too loud, and that it might create a problem when he got back from tour, and needed rest. You reassured him that they’d be nowhere around him when he came back from tour, and that the landlord said the walls were soundproof, so the noise wouldn’t be a problem. After much convincing, Dana finally decided to agree.  "How bad can three parakeets be,“ he said to himself as he watched you leave to find an employee.

Gabe: Since he already had Batman and Robin, you didn’t want to get any more dogs. "Aw look at them, they’re so cute,” you said playing with a bunch of the kittens. You noticed Gabe wasn’t near you, and looked around. “I bet he’s by the dogs,” you muttered. You stood up and was making your way to the dogs when you noticed him bending down looking through a cage. “Babe, come here,” he said, looking over his shoulder, and waving you over. You walked over, “What?” you asked, bending down next to him. You awed at the bunnies, “We should get that one, she’s so adorable,” he said. You giggled a bit, “How do you know it’s a she?” you asked, he pointed to the sign on the cage. “Light brown bunny, her name is Maggie,” he muttered. “Let’s get her then,” you said, making him light up with joy.

David: The both of you were spending your Friday curled up on the couch, watching movies. It wasn’t dark out, just around noon, but the both of you had a day off. You had paused the movie to use the bathroom. David was looking through his phone when he heard whimpering from outside. He looked up, and went towards the patio door. “Hello?” he shouted, once the door was open. When he didn’t hear anything, he closed the door. He stopped abruptly when he turned around, startled by the puppy staring back at him. “BABE!?” he shouted. You walked into the living room also stopping. “I’m pretty sure we don’t have a dog,” you said. “Hi, cutie,” you cooed, picking the dog up. “I didn’t even notice him walk in,” David said confused, looking back outside. “He doesn’t have a collar,” you said inspecting the dog. After much thought, and no response from the flyers, you both decided to adopt the puppy.