gabe and tycho

I’ve been mentally screaming for the past week because someone pointed out that these two reminded them or Markiplier and Jacksepticeye.
I was trying to inspire their appearance more on Gabe and Tycho from Penny Arcade, but I can’t unsee it now.
I accidently created a Septiplier in disguise.
Please forgive me!

But I still love these two characters, so they ain’t going anywhere.
I might get rid of Derek’s gotea since Nicholas already has one, and it seems kinda pointless for them both to have the same facial hair

Undertale trivia “Did you know gaming” under tale facts
  • Several characters from undertale are based on pre-existing works. For example, the characters Sans and Papyrus are based on the titular protagonist from the webcomic “Helvetica”. The snarky, cynical gamer duo Grabe and Blycho are based on Gabe and Tycho from the webcomic “Penny Arcade”. And the recurring enemy Schmarth Schmader, known for his complex breathing apparatus, face obscuring black mask, and bright red laser sword, is based on an a friend of toby fox named boby.
  • Undertale started life as an attempt to remake the original 2D Grand Theft Auto games in the RPG Maker VX engine, but over time the scope of the project changed considerably. In a 2015 interview with Kotaku, Toby Fox discussed the reasons for the change: “Mucho Dinero! Mwa! [kisses fingertips] Its money folks! Gotta getta da green!”
  • The name “Undyne” sounds like “undying”. Eh? Eh???
  • Toby Fox got the idea for the genocide/pacifist mechanic from seeing a homeless guy saying “Duhhh, duhhh, I’m stupid”, and thinking “Hey, I should adapt that into a mechanic for my game.” Don’t message me
  • Every audio track featured in Undertale was illegally ripped from the B side of indie rock band Fun.’s 2012 album, Some Nights, but no one noticed, and even after me saying this no one is going to care enough to check.
  • If you pet the lesser dog 50 times a $20 bill comes out your disc drive and text comes up on the screen reading “keep the change”
  • The original “canonical” name for the protagonist was “Me, toby fox, the famous creator of Undertale”. This was later shortened to “It’s me, toby fox”, then “tobyfox_undertale”, then “TOBY FOX”, then “Frisk”, and finally “Bungus”
  • Im serious about this undyne thing though. Say it out loud. Sounds just like “un dying”, yeah? I swear to god i’m not making this up
  • If you press up down left left z on the title screen a message comes up saying “Fuck”. my 12 year old cousin did this by accident and seeing the cuss word next to all the friendly undertale characters drove him insane and now he smells like hard cheddar and looks like a tiny version of the guy from Hatred
  • For more undertale facts check out this website

Anyway Gabe and Tycho are trash, SXSW is garbage, and Penny Arcade has always been a shitty comic by two people more interested in petulant whining than actually producing worthwhile material.

Game Grumps: Quantifying Awesome...-ness.

It’s been a while since a youtube show has really captured my attention before Game Grumps. I mean, I’ve always liked Egoraptor’s work, even if it times it can be described as manic (Not a terrible trait, but one that turns a lot of people away I imagine). So really I’ve just been trying to pin down why it actually got me interested. Usually I’m not so interested in such a mundane thing as a peak of interest, but I’ve been looking into fandom for a bit now while here at Tumblr and trying to understand it. Fame has always interested me, but I suppose that’s beside my main point.

Basically, I like game grumps because it feels HONEST. Like, much of the time, the jokes they make can’t be qualified as literally funny. They’re odd bits of humor that have good timing, and to be sure it makes me laugh my ass off a lot of the time (especially the insanity of Sonic ‘06). But really, it just feels very *real* I guess, as if I were watching two friends play a game and really having fun with it, even if the game isn’t all that much fun.

I like identifying what it is that I like about it so much because really I don’t quite get the appeal or why I like it, besides the idea of just experiencing the joy of two intelligent and witty individuals playing games together. Normally that wouldn’t really matter to me so much. I still recall watching Gabe and Tycho playing D&D with Whil Wheaton and a couple of other folks, and it was awesome too. Perhaps the idea that these are people I’ve come to know in some small way, that I’ve come to expect good things from and like as individuals, are sitting down to do something purely for entertaining an audience is just… magical somehow.

Plus, having an awesome and creative fan-base makes me a proud member of it. Honestly, I’ve never paid much attention to fanimations or that sort of stuff, but this Game Grumps stuff that’s being created? It really is well done in many cases! Especially some of the music, lord. Sure, you have to be a fan to like it, because otherwise the entire context of it is gone, and much of the appeal is lost, but… I think anyone can see the work put into it.

I dunno. I just felt like blogging, and after watching the Magfest video like twice, along with both Egoraptor’s panel and a couple of episodes they mentioned, it really was on my mind as to why I like the show. It just… works somehow.